Raw & SDLive Weekly Review

I think we got pretty dang spoiled this week, especially with main events. Now don’t get me wrong the product could still be better BUT it’s looking up at the moment. A few weeks ago, as I shared, I couldn’t get through an episode of Raw simply because I was bored. That wasn’t the case this week.

Let me give you run down of my thoughts from this week, match by match.

Monday Night Raw.

  1. John Cena vs Jason Jordan was incredible. It was a slow start and looked to be completely different territory for Mr. Cena. But then the action picked up and by the end, even with the loss, Cena helped to make Jason Jordan looks outstanding. Since coming to Raw and revealing himself as Angles kid, things haven’t gone great for Jordan in the ring, or with the crowd. The guy is just oozing with talent and I’m glad to see he had a chance to show it in that match with John. Hope he continues to do it. The Aftermath with Roman and John was outstanding. Almost as good as last week. The two of them play very well off one another and it’s nice to see a feud being built like this because I feel like not many feuds are built properly anymore. It’s also great to see the crowd and the internet figure out who the hell they’re suppose to root for because both men have such a huge fan base of haters. For me personally? I love both guys. But John is on his way out the door, at least as a full time guy, and even though Roman already has that win over Taker under his belt, I think the win here goes to Reigns. Either way, the match should be fantastic, as the build up has been awesome.
  2. Health Slater and Rhyno vs Cesaro and Sheamus AND Dean and Seth vs Karl and Luke were decent matches. I’m REALLY looking forward to the next match between Dean and Seth vs Cesaro and Sheamus. Summerslam was unbelievably great, I can’t image what kind of a treat we are in for at No Mercy.
  3. The Miz vs Jeff Hardy was a match I’d been anxiously waiting for all week long. I adore Jeff Hardy and at match for the IC Title against Miz sounded amazing. And it was. While the ref got ride of the rest of ringside, that still left Maryse. I thought for sure she’d get involved way more than she did. Considering what she could do, the fact she only shook her husband to make him realize Hardy was about to fly, was basically nothing. It was ALMOST a totally clean win by the Miz which was shocking to me. But nonetheless, It still amazes me the way Hardy can move around the ring, and i dont mean that because of his age alone, I mean that because he’s been moving around the ring and jumping and flying off things for a million years and his body is still capable of it. Really great match between the two and I really would love to see it again…. maybe at No Mercy?
  4. I really loved Finn promo to Bray in the ring tonight. He’s just all around good no matter what it is he’s doing and I think he’s doing good things for Bray. I think a lot of people decided to stop caring about Wyatt after so long and I honestly think this feud with Balor made them interested in him again if only because of the feud, but still.
  5. I’ll be honest, I missed the entire cruiserweight match. And I unfortunately I didn’t bother to watch it back.
  6. Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax and Emma. This match was really great. I was rooting for Nia and Emma 100% because I wanted that Fatal four way so badly. Emma got some really great work in, all of them did. It was a nice change of pace because the womens matches have been SO ridiculously short as of late. This fatal four way has me very excited for No Mercy.
  7. That God damn steel cage match. my gosh. I almost can’t find the words. I have always been a fan of The Big Show. I just was also drawn to him, even with his countless back and forth heel/turns. So to see him in a match like this, moving the way he was, and just doing so amazing, almost made me like tear up. I’m not even kidding. Braun looked like a legit monster. It’s still surreal to see what he’s truly turned into. Amazing main event.

Smackdown live.

  1. The Opening of Smackdown was insane. Shane and KO have this incredible chemistry together and that was lit of fire last night. Very interesting where they’re going with this Shane is suspended thing, very interesting to see KO in this vindictive state, very interesting to see how Daniel reacted to it, and VERY interesting to see how Mr. McMahon hands things next week! All very exciting.
  2. Natalya vs Carmella was great. I still get serious goosebumps whenever I see Nattie holding that title. Some crazy drama happening with Mella and James. I was so hyped when Carmella told James to basically go to hell. AND then she went back on it. which made me very much not hyped. I’m super hyped for Naomi vs Nattie next week but I also have this terrible feeling that Carmellas cash in is coming.
  3. I still can’t figure out where this thing with Dolph is going but it was super entertaining this week. But again… can’t figure out where this is going.
  4. Sami Zayn vs Aiden English. Well I got up to go into the kitchen, I came back and English had beaten Zayn.. So I don’t have much to say on this except WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH SAMI.
  5. Tye Dillinger vs Baron Corbin was pretty dang good. I understand WWE Clearly has no idea what to do with Dillinger but at least he’s getting some good matches out of this randomness. I am certainly looking forward to Styles vs Dillinger next week on SDLive though.
  6. Now again with the outstanding main event. Randy Orton vs Nakamura was outstanding. I’m not sure the last time I saw Orton truly engaged in a match? you know like he always shows up, it’s always pretty good, but something about this match was different. Really great to see Nakamura get the win as well, oh and that counter from an RKO to an arm bar… Nakamura is amazing.

Until next week.





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