As I continue to do this blogging thing, and trying to find anytime I can do get some writing in, I’m finding myself thinking of topics or ideas at the randomness of times. That’s how todays post came to be.

It’s all about Balance.

In the world of Sophia Petrillo( who if you don’t know, youtube her, and get your laugh on),

Picture it, My bedroom, Last week.

One night I’m sitting up watching The defenders on Netflix eating kale chips and having my Bai drink and the following day I’m sitting up watching The defenders on Netflix eating a cheese calzone and having a twisted tea.

 It’s all about balance.

It’s not possible for me to be perfect. And I’m glad I’ve finally come to that conclusion.

There will be weeks I’ll hit the gym 5 out 7 days. There are days I’ll stay for an hour in a half, there are days I’ll only get in 30-40 minutes. There are weeks I’m lucky if I make it in the gym 3 or 7 days and there are weeks where I convince myself that yoga in the living room is more than okay. Do I know I need to be in the gym practically daily in order to get my weight where I want it/ need it to be? Yes. But do I also know if I push myself over the top I’ll get crazy frustrated, my anxiety will rise and I’ll shut down and give up? Yes. Is my room completely clean 24/7? Absolutely not. Is the bathroom spotless? I have a sixteen year old brother so no absolutely not. And that’s okay.

 It is all about balance.

It took me such a long time to realize that one set back doesn’t make the entire thing a failure. And that goes for my writing, my workouts, my meals, my life as a whole. The older I get, (I’m only 24 BTW!) the more I realize that as long as I’m happy it doesn’t matter if I’m eating kale chips one day and a cheese calzone the next. It doesn’t matter if I didn’t finish the book I told myself I’d finish by the end of the week or I didn’t get as many blog posts up this week as I’d planned to do, or no I didn’t get to the gym today because I was too dang busy doing other things. I learned that being perfect, or trying to be, isn’t worth it if you’re miserable all the time. I’ve actually embraced NOT being perfect. Like hell yes I’m not perfect, and I don’t wish to be.  At 24 I have a lot to do. I play a huge role in making sure my brother and sister get to where they need to be daily, whether it’s work, the store, school or football practice. I make sure the house is picked up and dishes are done. I make sure meals are set for the week and everyone is relatively happy with it and honestly a plethora of other things, that would probably bore you too much for me to list.  I have a lot more responsibilities at 24 for someone who isn’t married, isn’t in college and doesn’t have any biological kids of her own. It’s insanely stressful sometimes. My days off aren’t actually days off 9 out of 10 times, and yeah I get angry and I complain. But at the same time, I like feeling useful, until of course I’m totally overwhelmed and about to cry but again, it’s all about Balance. Realizing that no I don’t need to do that all today, I can get to the laundry mat today, and help do the grocery shopping tomorrow. Realizing that yeah, I have this, this and this to do so yeah Dinner is going to be a little later than usual.  Uh yeah the dishes need to get done but it’s not super important right this second so continue sitting on the couch reading that dang good book. While I don’t care about not being perfect that doesn’t stop me from having crazy anxiety about EVERYTHING ( that’s a post for another day ) so i’ll make a list in order of what is the most important thing that has to get done that day, or if I have to do a bunch of stuff, but also get my brother to practice on time, or my sister to work on time, I’ll literally write it all out, because I’m a very visual person and it helps make me calm down a little. If you find yourself losing your mind over all the things you feel need your attention right there and right then or the world will stop, try just writing it all down, and you’ll probably realize you’ve got more than enough time to get it done, or you’ll realize that maybe a few things can wait. Either way, the world will keep on turning.

So, as I’m sitting there watching the defenders, eating that totally bad for me calzone, enjoying my much wanted twisted tea, I start laughing, because in that moment I’m the happiest I’d been all day. I had, had a shit day that day, and all I wanted was carbs and booze. The day before I had the day off, and time to cook up those kale chips. Two very different days, two very different moods.

It’s all about balance.

So yeah, You can eat those kale chips, or you can eat that calzone, you can only do 30 minutes of cardio, or miss the gym all together, you can take longer to finish that book, you can say listen I’m only one person two of these sixteen things aren’t getting done today, and like I said before, the world will keep on turning.

It’s all about balance, and balance is important no matter how old you are, or what you’re doing in life. Keeping the balance, keeps you happy, and that, to me, is most important.




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I’m the girl who is as passionate about the environment as she is about wrestling. I’m the girl who eats plant-based snacks while screaming at the TV during football. I’m the girl who would rather sit and read a book than go out to a party. I’m the girl that feels most herself when she’s out in nature. I’m the girl who loves to get engulfed in a good TV series. I’m the girl who’s in love with superhero movies as much as she is chick flicks. I’m the girl who uses music to escape, I’m the girl that lives with anxiety every single day, but is always fighting. I believe that climate change is real, I believe in protecting the environment and all animals, domestic and wild. I believe that my vegetarian diet makes a difference in the world. I believe that a pencil can change the world. If any single bit of the above speaks to you, you've come to the right place. I'm still getting the hang of this blog thing, so bear with me. If I'm not blogging, you can find me on twitter at @amandaraee_x3 go follow and say hey :)

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