SummerSlam 2017!

I should definitely be more excited for a PPV like Summer Slam than I am. The match card looks great, the talent is of course stacked, it just impossible to trust the execution. I also think SIX hours ( including preshow ) is so damn long. And that’s coming from me, someone who can get up, and head to the bathroom and get food anytime I want too and be back to the action in seconds. But I guess if you’re there live, you make the shit work right?

Let’s talk Pre show shall we?

Usos vs New Day, Hardys and Jason Jordan vs Miz and his groupies, and Neville vs Tozawa in a Cruiserweight Championship match. Many of if not all of these guys don’t belong on a regular pre show, and anyone who’s mad about their favs being on the pre show are right to be mad, I mean personally for me, Usos and New day don’t belong there, the hardys and the IC Champion don’t belong there, and my gosh, can we get the cruiserweight a spot on the regular show?! But then I decided to look at it differently. To me, Usos vs New Day is going to get me in my seat at the beginning of this six hour long haul and why? because they’re outstanding alone, and they’re outstanding together. It can almost be seen as a compliment. They knew they can put the butts in the seat early. And yeah maybe that’s not the way they were thinking but it’s the way I’m choosing to look at it.


And with that being said let’s get to the predictions.


  1. Usos vs The New Day: I am a lover of both teams. So whoever wins here, I’ll be happy. I honestly can’t predict a winner, Will the New Day have a super short run because they had such a long run on Raw? Will they retain the titles in some kind of controversy and keep this feud with the Usos going even longer? Will they simply retain and more on to a new opponent?  honestly don’t know. honestly have no idea. honestly don’t know if I care because regardless of who wins, we’re going to get a hell of a match.
  2. Jason Jordan and The Hardys vs Miz and The Miztourage: Yes it seriously sucks that the Revival is injured yet again, and yes it sucks that the IC Championship isn’t being defended but this is the best I think was possible considering the Revival injury to still get The Hardys somewehre on the show, AND get your IC Champion & Kurt Angles new baby boy on the show considering I hear the crowds, nor the internet world were getting behind the forced push of Jason Jordan. And since it’s not an IC Title match, I say Hardys and JJ take it home tonight.
  3. Tozawa vs Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship: Totally bummed I missed watching Tozawa win the title live, and kind of totally ticked they did it on Raw and didn’t just let him have his moment at Summer slam, but besides that, I’m just glad he’s champion and I’m going to be super pissed if Neville just gets it right back. Winner: Tozawa

Monday Night Raw Side:

  1. Alexa vs Sasha: I think we all know that we’re bummed Bayley is missing out on this, and while I wish Sasha wasn’t the one automatically put in this spot ( yes the triple threats were all a show I guarantee you it took them three seconds to decide Sasha would take Bayleys place) but we know that they’re going to thrown down and have a great match though and that’s what matters most to me. OH AND that Alexa Bliss walks out STILL the Raw womens champion of course.
  2. Big Show vs Big Cass with Enzo suspended above the ring in a shark cage: Big Show and Big Cass are talented guys but the fact that Enzo is above the ring takes away from what could be billed as a big match. I just don’t have a good vibe for it. I guess I hope Big Cass wins thought? he needs it more than Big Show.
  3. Cesaro and Sheamus vs Dean and Seth. I think this match is going to be crazy good. As far as the outcome goes? I’m not sure. I of course am rooting for Seth and Dean to get the win… BUT is it too soon? Will they draw this out more? The drama between Seth and Dean draws eyes sow ill they just let them kiss and make up so easily or throw abother wrench into it? maybe. maybe not. A win here for Cesaro and Sheamus would add a HUGE amount of heat for them. I guess we’ll have to see.
  4. Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt: I wish that they didn’t have them fight each other on Raw. Finn Balor could have brought out the Demon for summerslam without Wyatt dropping blood on him in the middle of the ring, hell they could have done it backstage in another brawl or something. BUT anyways, I’ve always loved what the demon balor brings to Finn and whatever match he’s in so I’m definitely looking forward to him having a reason to bring him out again. My winner? Balor.
  5. Roman vs Joe vs Brock vs Braun. So I hate Brock Lesnar, any one who reads anything of mine wrestling related knows this. That being said his matches are always more entertaining to me when they aren’t one on one, probably because muli person matches take away from him so you don’t realize how little he’s actually doing and that fact he is barely doing anything doesn’t ruin the match or the person he’s fighting. I’d really love to see Braun or Joe walk out with the title. Probably Joe over Braun too. I read a crazy rumor that Undertaker took a flight to NY and people are expecting him to cost Roman the match… well… I will say that would be quite interesting, and payback is always a bitch, but sometimes a lovely one and I’d certainly love to see it, even being a Roman fan. The only negative about it is if this led to another match between the two because I’m just now getting over the fact he’s technically in ring retired and I dont’ wanna have to go through that again… or more importantly watch him have to struggle though a match.


Smackdown Live Side.

  1. Naomi vs Natalya: There is no question that I have my entire heart set on Natalya winning this match and winning that Smackdown live womens championship. I have zero faith in WWE to let her have this run. I have zero faith for WWE to let her win and have a good run and I have zero faith in WWE not to have her win and snatch it away with seconds with Carmella cashing in. So I’m super nervous for this match. I love that Carmella has the briefcase but I think it’s still too soon for her to cash in and be the champion. So here’s to hoping a miracle occurs and my girl natalya gets what she deserves… that SDLive womens championship.
  2. Randy vs Rusev. This is such a random match. But I’m still intrigued because it’s something I haven’t seen before. I’d like to see Rusev win only because he needs the big win over Randy way more than Randy needs the win over him
  3. AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens: Shane McMahon being the special guest ref is definitely something to watch. Whatever does happen, I fully expect it to lead to KO vs Shane probably at Hell in a Cell if that ends up being a SDLive PPV.  I always enjoyed KO as champion more than Styles BUT I do hope that Styles keeps it, because if not then the whole KO vs Shane thing won’t really work out.
  4. John Cena vs Baron Corbin: I didn’t watch SDLive this past week but I do know Corbin failed to cash in and yeah that ticks me off. BUT instead of dwelling on that I figured that, because Cena screwed up his cash in, it’ll mean this match will be more of a fight than we even expected and I also hope it means that Corbin gets the solid win over Cena as well.
  5. Jinder Mahal vs Nakamura: CLEARLY I am 100% team Nakamura tonight. That is not even a question. I think this match is going to be pretty good, it’s so very different which to me is always good. But seriously Nakamura MUST win.


It was actually almost exhausting writing all of that, and thinking about it all was exhausting, I really REALLY hope the length of the PPV doesn’t ruin it. I hope Brooklyn can manage to stay awake and into the PPV through out the whole thing so no match suffers because the crowd just can’t take it anymore. Here’s to trying to stay positive and hope for the best for summer slam tonight!

I hope to have a post PPV reaction post up right after the show, or first thing monday morning!

until then!


🌻✌❤ 💪

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