Post Summer Slam PPV thoughts! 

Summer Slam 2017! 

What a night! I don’t know about you but I enjoyed Summer Slam 1,000 times more than I thought I would. Yes, six hours was a LOT. And as I write this, I’m super tired & my eyes hurt but here we are. NXT Takeover Brooklyn was beyond outstanding. Not a bad moment to be found. It sucks to compare the two but it’s also super hard not too. But Summer Slam did it’s job of holding up, like I said it exceeded my expectations. Except for the Big Show vs Big Cass match of course. Unfortunately I’m not sure anything could have saved it, could have made it better but Enzo being above the ring in the cage certainly made things worse. That was the one dud of the night. But for everything else….

  1. It really, really sucks that they had their IC Champion wrestle in front of literally 20 people, and it sucks that it seemed most people didn’t even have the chance to get inside and decide if they wanted to watch or not because they were still stuck outside. I don’t think that was a good idea for anyone. Call it bad timing but it just was a bad choice. I wasn’t all that into the match but still. At least Miz got the win I guess.
  2. Tozawa vs Neville was an excellent match. I don’t understand the point of having Neville drop the title on Raw just to regain it. I hate when they do that. I was hoping to see Tozawa get a real chance at being the champion, but apparently Neville is still the only cruiserweight that WWE has any faith in, and that’s a shame.
  3. Luckily the arena filled up quite nicely by the time the Usos vs The New Day match happened and thank goodness, because if I had still been stuck outside and missed any of this match I would have been beyond pissed off. This watch is easily a MOTY candidate, no question in my mind. Those men put it ALL out there. They always have good matches with each other but this one was something else. truly something else, and it was incredible, seriously incredible. I was rooting for the New day to retain but maybe the Usos winning the titles back should mean that this feud hangs on a little longer and I am certainly all for that!
  4. John Cena vs Baron Corbin opening the show was definitely surprising, has Cena ever opened a major PPV before? I mean probably, I just can’t remember. The match was pretty good, for some reason I thought it might have been a little better, and I DEFINITELY thought that it was Barons time to get the win over Cena. But a loss of the Briefcase and a loss to Cena, you have to think that Baron has seriously pissed someone off and that’s a shame. Baron Corbin in my opinion is world title material in the near future and I hope that is still a possibility down the road.
  5. Naomi vs Natalya. FINALLY NATALYA IS CHAMPION ONCE AGAIN. Naomi and Nattie had a great match, as they always do. Seriously Natalya has done everything and anything that company has asked of her, and she finally gets the time to shine herself! I could not be more proud of Nattie. I was SO worried that WWE was going to screw her as they often do, and do a Carmella cash in and im beyond thankful that, that didn’t happen. Who knows how this reign will go for the Queen of Harts but man am I excited for it! Congrats Nattie, no one deserves it more.
  6. Randy Orton vs Rusev happened so fast I have NO idea why it happened at all. I assume it was just to get the two guys on the show in some form but you could have done more than a little brawl into a crazy RKO and BAM DONE. Just seemed like a total waste, especially for Rusev.
  7. Sasha vs Alexa was an incredible match. Absolutely fantastic. Of course I would have liked a better outcome but we can’t have everything we want can we? Regardless of that, the two ladies put on a hell of a showing, and both should be crazy proud of themselves.
  8. Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt. Talk about a 10/10 match up. and Balor Demon entrance? is there anything better? the answer is no. It’s insanely mesmerizing, no matter how many times we get to see it. It brings so much to him and to the matches. And Bray is nothing to scoff at either. Both guys put on a great show, and it is certainly a match to be remembered.
  9. Dean and Seth vs Cesaro and Sheamus. Ah Dean and Seth are not only on the same page but they’re champion together again, everything feels right in the world. And yes, my shield loving heart was exploding! But besides that these two teams had one HELL of a fight. Besides the Usos vs New Day earlier, one of the best tag team matches I’ve seen in a long time, especially on the Raw side of things. And Cesaro is my new hero for going into that crowd and ripping apart that beach ball. WHY in the world would you be fucking around with a beach ball during this match?! or any match? you paid to see the show didn’t you? then watch the dang show man. Raw on monday should definitely be interesting, and I absolutely have no thought that in a long time.
  10. AJ vs Kevin Owens was show stealer for sure. As expected those two went to town on each other AND angst was planted between Shane and KO for what I expect to be a soon to be match, probably Hell in a Cell if I had to take an early guess. Even with those shenanigans, nothing was taken away from the US Title or the clinic the two men were putting on to fight for it. absolutely incredible.
  11. Jinder Mahal vs Nakamura. I really did have my heart set on Nakamura winning. This match was actually pretty good, which I haven’t been able to say about many of Mahals matches. I don’t know if I’d be able to accept Mahal getting a clean win over a guy like Nakamura but I certainly hated the interference too. Maybe this feud will continue because of it? if not them who’s next?!
  12. Brock vs Joe vs Braun vs Roman. WOW Braun Stroman looked like an absolute ROCK STAR in this match. He looked incredible. I couldn’t have been happier to see him kicking ass and more importantly dragging Lesnar around like a rag doll! He didn’t win this match and it almost didn’t matter because in a way he still did. Joe had a great performance, as did Roman. All of them did an excellent job, it’s probably the best the Universal Title has looked since Brock snatched it up. I truly wished Brock was leaving for UFC and I’d be rid of him but I’m not getting what I want, BUT regardless of that, I did get a great Universal Championship, Summer Slam main event with no real shenanigans ( I was truly terrified that HHH and Stephanie would fuck something up) So honestly I’m pretty happy with this PPV.

Like I said Cass vs Big Show could have been SO much better, but other than that, I call this PPV a HUGE success. I don’t trust WWE to deliver much anymore, but they did good for themselves tonight. Lots of title changes, incredible matches, and basically no stupid nonsense. And considering how it’s been lately, all in all, I call this an outstanding PPV.

It has me looking forward to Raw, which like I said, Hasn’t happened in quite a long time, and SDLive shall be greatly interesting as well. I think between Takeover Brooklyn putting on one hell of a show and Summer Slam being pretty dang great, my faith has been SLIGHTLY restored, let’s see if they can manage to keep it up.

until my Raw and SDLive reviews!



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