Meatless Monday: A Good ‘Ole Veggie Burger!

As I’m sure it is with many plant based eaters, sometimes you just want to take a bun, toss some lettuce and tomato and whatever condiment you choose onto a delicious ass veggie burger right? ME TOO! The only problem with me is…  I am REALLY picky with my veggie burgers. Kind of ridiculously actually. Most of the usual brands that many love like the Bocca burger, Sonoma and Amys… oh and every single off brand veggie burger out there I just wasn’t a fan. It’s not that they were all necessarily gross, it’s just wasn’t something I’d willingly eat again, same would go for getting a veggie burger while out to eat. Don’t get me wrong places like Hard Rock Cafe and this cute little summer house place in Mass have delicious Veggie Burgers but to get those I’d have to travel quite a ways and so it makes those a luxury for me.  Morning Star and Gardein, which have always been my go to brands at first, have delicious veggie and even vegan burgers, although just because I think they taste great, my body might not be as happy with them.

So imagine how happy I was when I’m at the grocery store a few weeks ago and I see that Dr. Praegers veggie burgers were on sale…. TRILLED, beyond thrilled! They were also Vegan, & Gluten free too! Some of you might be thinking I eat those all the time, and I’m envious of you, but where I live, They’re somewhat expensive especially when you’re like me and on a SERIOUS budget. When I saw they were in sale, it was finally my time to try out these bad boys and…. Well count me impressed babes!

The Kale and California Veggie burgers were outstanding! I even got my mom to try them for lunch at work and she liked them so much we got more the following week! Huge score for me trying to get my family to eat a little more plant based!

I have become quite a “foodie” as they say, and I’ve become so much more into the food I put into my body. Being on a very tight budget does not make eating plant based very easy. It’s about getting the most of what you buy, for your wallet and your body. So yeah I find unexpected joy in finally finding a delicious vegan veggie burger!

because it’s about the little things right?

  So if you’re like me and still looking or a delicious, easy to prepare veggie burger, find Dr. Praegers!

Got any Veggie burger recipes or other yummy brands you recommend? PLEASE send ’em my way 😉

Until next week! 

Xoxo ✌🌻❤ 



  1. Yum! I’ve never heard of this brand before since I don’t eat a ton of premade foods, but I’ll have to give it a try. I’m really picky with my veggie burgers too!

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