Raw and SDLive weekly review!


Well once again I didn’t watch Monday Night Raw live. I know this isn’t a good trend when you have a blog post to write about that particular show, but I promise you thanks to youtube it’s almost obnoxiously easy to catch up and well sadly, I don’t feel I missed a dang thing. That being said, This Monday Night Raw felt like a repeat of last night, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or Raw or a bad thing for a PPV. Yeah, there were some “exciting” things that happened, but most of them were things that people expected to happen last night, such as Big Show confronting Cass, Goldust and R-Truth fighting and Balor and Elias having a match. But it wasn’t all mediocre, there were a few things I liked, so let’s talk about that!


  1. The revival returns! They are by far my favorite tag team right now. I love the energy they have, I love how well they mesh together and I love just watching them fight. Tag Team Gold BETTER be in their future.
  2. Samoa Joe. Again this week Samoa Joe did good buisness on the mic! It didn’t feel the slightest bit scripted and considering it was a segment with Brock, he knocked it out of the park.
  3. The Cruiserweights. I know not many will share this same feeling but I liked the CW match a lot. It brought incredible energy. All four guys are insanely talented, and Tozawa walked away with a pin over the champion, meaning he’ll get another title shot, and again I’ll hope it means he’ll be the one to dethrone Neville.

And we must talk about the rest of the show, I must warn you my positivity begins to dimish here…

  1. The Big Cass promo wasn’t bad, in any way, but it almost felt too scripted, sorta, I dunno, maybe it’s just me. I like that he’s got hopes and dreams all tall as he is, and it’d be great to see someone like him, who honestly no one expects, get to those hopes and dreams… but we’ll have to see… I do like the idea of a Big Cass and Big Show feud. For Cass’s first solo feud, (Enzo not included) I like it.
  2. Hardys vs Luke and Karl was a decent match, great to see Luke and Karl get the win because that rarely ever happens. And like I said YAY REVIVAL IS BACK. 😉
  3. Oh the Mizzies. ugh. It sounded like a waste of time, and turns out? it was a waste of time. and WHY IS AMBROSE STILL IN THIS FEUD. This could have been a good way to get someone else to confront him and his ego but nope. I’ll admit the Rollins save was nice though, but that’s just my inner Shield fangirl coming to light.
  4. Sasha and Bayley vs Nia and Alexa was a repeat of last week, just with Bayley pinning Alexa instead of Sasha. Meaning that Sasha and Bayley will “argue” over who should be number one contender? because Sasha won the match but didn’t count because Alexas got herself counted out, but Bayley just pinned the champ. got it. I cannot get into either one of them being champion again. Keep it on Alexa or let’s get Emma in there shall we?
  5. Finn vs Elias. first of all, like I said I watched it on youtube, the clip was like 3:60, 2 minutes of it was Elias “Singing” and then they showed the match… maybe it really was that short? which okay, otherwise why waste a clip on Elias making noise. Decent match from the one minute clip I saw. I feel like these two could have a great match like Elias did with Ambrose, if given the time and opportunity.
  6. Goldust vs R-Truth was disappointing. They just weren’t given the platform I was hoping for, and probably the one they were hoping for as well. It was a fun little match with Goldie getting the win but I wanted something extra. oh well I guess.
  7. As most things go, I’m sure Kurts exposed secret will be something ridiculous, something that makes no sense, be a complete disappointment, or won’t even happen. But oddly enough I’m still slightly intrigued.
  8. I mentioned already how much I liked Samoa Joe again this week, but as far as the rest of the segment… ugh. There’s a reason why Brock has Heyman, so he doesn’t have to talk, and I wish he’d keep it that way, it makes me care even less about him when he talks because his voice is literally pathetic. I can’t believe they didn’t just strip Roman of the number one contendership, it really would have made since to have happen like that, butttt whatever.
  9. Rollins vs Bray. Again. I really hate when they have rematches the night after a PPV, it actually makes me angry. It’s just dumb, i’d rather a tag team match or something instead. Bray getting the win again was nice for him but what was the point? And again I liked Dean coming in for the save after the miztourage swarm, but again, just my shield loving heart being shown.

Basically, I completely stand by my decision to not watch Raw live and binge watch some more Arrow instead.

Oh and Side note before I get into SDLive, I cannot stand this new always showing fan reaction in the middle of a match.. at the end of a match sure, that I understand, but constantly doing it in the middle of the match is honestly off putting. I WISH they’d stop.


Anyways, On to SDLive! Always better than Raw, I’m serious. It’s almost mind blowing that they’re both run by the same company, because one is much more put together than the other. There were a couple parts of the show that really stood out to me….

  1. Nakamura and Baron Corbin pre-match brawl. I’m really loving the work from these two. That brawl was intense, and that style of fighting really fits the both of them. They both can throw down, and throw down hard and that’s what’s going to make their matches so fantastic. If they could manage to drag this out until SummerSlam without overdoing it, that’d be quite a match!
  2. The Main event tag team match. Really good, fun, back and forth bout. All super talented guys, both teams coming together to fight a common enemy and putting on a great show at the same time. Good stuff.

The rest of SDLive was pretty good too. I don’t have many complains honestly, I rarely do 😉

  1. I will say that Rusev running in to aid Owens against Cena and Styles would have been a better way for him to return to the ring than the way they did it last week. I didn’t like it, and a flag match? come on now.
  2. Xavier Woods vs Jey Uso. wonderful match. I love when Woods gets to have singles matches ( and I loved that the rest of new day and jimmy were sent away from ringside) because he gets to shine in the ring. I think a lot of people still sleep on his in ring abilities and they should wake up because he’s dang good.
  3. The fashion files/ sexy fashion rangers, it should all be annoying by now, but and maybe i’m alone in this, it’s not. It’s still funny, they’re still doing an excellent job combining wrestling and comedy in these skits.
  4. Mahal vs Dillinger, well I was terrified about his to start with because I thought it was going to be a total squash of Tye, and while he obviously didn’t pick up the win, it wasn’t a total squash either, he got some good offense in, considering, and still looked good. I do hope they find a real feud for him soon though so he doesn’t get lost.
  5. Love hurts. And so does a vase across the back of your neck. I hope this is leading to a feud, in the ring, between Sami and Mike because those matches could prove to be outstanding.
  6. Charlotte and Becky vs Nattie and Tamina was a great match. I loved the ending. Lana distracting charlotte so Nattie makes the tag to Tamina without her realizing it and they’re able to steal the win, good stuff. I also like the Battleground five way elimination match set to determine Naomis summerslam opponent. As long as they don’t do something nuts and have Lana win the dang thing.


SDLive is just a more fun show to watch, it has less nonsense. Raw on the other hand is full of nonsense. SDLive really does have a totally different feel to it and I don’t feel completely drained after watching it, as I sometimes do watching Raw. With Summerslam approaching I do hope Raw picks it up a little and gets more serious. I also hope they can keep up with SDLive because as usual the matches coming from that side always look better on paper than the ones that Raw comes out with for these both brand PPVs. Fingers crossed!

Until next time 🙂

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