Ah Meatless Monday❤ 

Over the last few months I’ve become obsessed with cooking. Im not the best at it but certaibly not the worst either. Ive learned how important it is to cook your own food, most importantly being, you know exactly what you’re eating! Ive kind of become slightly obsessed with reading labels more than I have before. I decided that if I cant pronounce or unerstand what an ingredient is why the heck would I want it in my body?! I feel like a lot of people feel this way too! But thats another post for another day. Ive also learned over the last few months that cooking doesnt have to be complicated. Sometimes ill find a recipe to try and it might have all theses herbs and spices that I just dont have so ill try to make it and substitue with what I do have and most of the time it works out just fine! 

Here are just a couple of SUPER easy little Vegetarian meals ive thrown together in the last few weeks! 

1. “chicken” and cheese enchiladas.

  • This was a serious cheat meal and so worth it! Ive made and talked about the regular vegetarian cheese enchiladas that ive made but this time I had some leftover Gardein strips in the freezer so I added them in and ah, even better than the plain cheese, plus protein!! 

2. Veggie wrap! 

  • This was an excellent, quick and easy saturday afternoon lunch. Romaine lettuce( I will never eat iceberg lettuce again), tomatoes, american cheese, and cucumbers. Plus some honey mustard dressing! Oh yum! I could have easily made a salad but I was pretty hungry so I wanted/needed some carbs! Could also switch it up with some hummus in place of the honey mustard dressing. 

3. Bok Choy with Teriyaki Strips. 

  • Mmm Bok Choy my new favorite veggie! (See past meatless monday post all about it and how i learned to cook it). I cut and cooked up some Bok Choy and mushrooms in one pan, and cooked up my gardein teriyaki strips in another. After the strips had marinated by themselves in the sauce for a few minutes I added in the veggies and let the flavors mix together and oh my gosh SO GOOD! & all together, prep included maybe took 20-30 minutes! 

4. Lettuce Boats! 

  • I dont know if lettuce boats are already a thing BUT I made them one! And it actually turned out super yummy. Romaine lettuce, gardein beefless crumble and shredded cheese. THATS IT. cook up your beefless beef, add it to your stalk? Of lettuce and sprinkle on  some cheese. The romaine lettuce is crunchy so it gives you ALMOST the idea youre eating a crunchy taco 💁 

All those Vegetarian Meals were so easy and can simply be made vegan by swapping out the cheese and using vegan substitutes! Im always experimenting and usually making a mess, but thats how you figure shit out right? Let me know if you have any new recipe suggestions for me, im all ears! 



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