WWE GBOF PPV Predictions.

I go into just about every PPV these days, actually every WWE Show in general, with the mindset of focusing on the wrestling and not on the outcomes or drama that can and probably will unfold in between and after. I think if I focus too much on the terrible booking, and writing and so on, I’d never be able to watch it. This isn’t an easy thing to do, and yeah it still can easily tick me off. But wrestling is more fun when you stop worrying about all the technical stuff and just focus on the athleticism of the wrestling and wrestlers that are in the ring. Like I said it’s not easy, but it helps for the most part. That’s what I advised my mom and my sister to do while we’re watching the PPV tonight. They both are very much focused on the ending and the interference and if any of that goes astray, doesn’t go exactly how they wanted, well then, the entire match sucks, the PPV sucks and so on. Which I understand but for the sake of them being able to enjoy it more, I tell them constantly to try and focus on what a good match the two people are putting on and don’t let some idiots booking or writing ruin it.

With that being said, these predictions won’t just be my own, and my post PPV thoughts won’t just be my own either. I’ve asked both of them to give me their predictions and thoughts so I could put their thoughts as the casual ( for lack of a better word) wrestling fan, to me, someone who watches more closely, and just as a much different outlook on everything. So here we go.

  1. Neville vs Tozawa. CW Championship Match. ( quick note: This being on the kickoff, ticks me off)


  • I want to see Tozawa get the win here. While i’ve said it a million times that Neville is an outstanding champion, and his addition to the CW has not only done wonders for him but for the division as a whole. With that being said, what does it do for the division as a whole is Neville completely runs though the whole division? SOMEONE has to have his number and besides the fact I think Tozawa is one of the best CW there are, I think with this whole “Titus Brand” thing, it could do wonders there as well. It would give the CW a different champion, PLUS make the Titus brand actually mean something!
  • My mom and sister are the viewers that aren’t familiar with the cruiserweights, and don’t necessarily care about them, for that reason mom said she didn’t care who won, and my sister picked Neville because that’s who she’s familar with. It’s a shame because I know that SO many people feel this exact same way when it comes to the cruiser-weights, and someone like me who loves that kind of wrestling, I wish others’ did as well.

2. Ambrose vs The Miz for the IC Title.


  • My mom and my sister, HATE the Miz. Hate Maryse for her interference and get completely outraged when Miz uses them to constantly win. Because of that they obviously are picking Ambrose to win here, well that and because My sister is literally obsessed with him.
  • Me on the other hand, I love Ambrose, he’s always been one of my favorites but I also really enjoy the Miz and Maryse. yeah is it getting pretty old him using her and his now entourage in order to win, of course, but the Miz himself is SO GOOD, that I’ve learned to just love him. The more technical reason I hope Miz wins? Because I’m so over this feud. It’s been going on literally FOREVER. I want them both in different feuds and if Ambrose wins, that wont happen. So sorry Dean, but we gotta mix up the competition.

3. Big Cass vs Enzo 


  • My Sister would prefer to see Enzo get the win over cass here tonight, simply because she adores the guy. Yes, that is how she picks most of her winners.
  • My mom and I are rooting for Cass, but for slightly different reasons. My mom want’s Cass to win because she likes him more, his wrestling and so on. She doesn’t dislike Enzo so to say, just preferes cass more. Now for me, I want Cass to win because I think, as I believe most of us do, that he’s the guy that Vince has big plans for. Now I think Enzos great, and I think he’s been outstanding the last few weeks for sure, and yeah him getting the upset win would certainly be interesting, and I wouldn’t even be mad at it, but out of the two I’m more excited about Big Cass than I am Enzo.

4. Alexa vs Sasha. Womens Championship Match.


  • My mom is looking for Sasha to win here, mostly because she likes her more than she likes Alexa. that’s really the only reason.
  • My sister and I are rooting for Alexa. My sister says it’s because she can’t stand Sasha, well okay. For me, I’ve made it clear that Sasha isn’t my favorite in any way shape or form, and I’ve also made it clear that Alexa Bliss IS my favorite in every way shape and form, so it should be pretty obvious that I’m going to an Alexa retain here. Unfortunately I’m not convinced I’m going to get it.  I am fairly certain that I will be getting an excellent match though, so like I mentioned at the beginning, that’s what I’m focused on.

5. Roman vs Braun. Ambulance match.


  • My mom is a full fledge Roman fan. It’s actually adorable because she’s always like ugh why are they so mean to him, I think it really breaks her heart truthfully. Nonetheless, she’s definitely looking for the Roman Empire to rise up here.
  • My sister and I are also big Roman fans but we’re both going for a Braun win here. I personally just think that a win here for Braun does more for him.

6. Seth vs Bray.


  • My mom and Sister are 100% Seth on this one, I think it’s more because they’re tired of Bray and just like Seth more which I totally understand.
  • Me on the other hand it was quite a harder choice. Seth is easily a favorite of mine, always has been whether he was good or bad. BUT much like why I chose Braun over Roman, I think Bray needs this win a lot more. I can’t even remember the last time Bray had a feud that he actually won. So almost of out pity? I’m choosing Bray, but a Seth win wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all.

7. Hardys vs Sheamus and Cesaro. Tag Team 30 minute Iron Man Match.


  • My mom is going for a Sheamus and Cesaro, she just likes them more.
  • For me and my sister We’re going for the Hardys. BUT I believe for different reasons, since the moment the Hardys came back my sister jumped on their bandwagon REAL fast. For me, it was definitely some nostalgia no question, but for this match, it’s more technical, I read a few places that Sheamus and going to be in another movie, and for that reason only I was able to pick a winner in the Hardys here. But in reality I don’t really care who wins, but it’s still the match I’m most looking forward too tonight.

8. Brock vs Samoa Joe. Universal Championship match. 


  • All three of us have chosen Samoa Joe for our winner tonight, but all three of us are also aware the chances of that actually happening are slim to none. Now my dislike of Brock is very well documented, and my sister and mom share that dislike just not nearly as strongly. I’d be over the moon happy to see the upset of Samoa winning, and it’s a shame it wont happen. With that said, this match could go one of two ways. one? Brock only shows up to get paid and the match is a compete disaster as he’s done plenty of times. and two? Brock shows up to actually wrestle a match and it turns out relatively decent. Samoa Joe is too big of a star, and has way to much potential to be squashed by Brock, so I surely hope they don’t go in that direction.


A few side notes:

  • While the card is already pretty full I do wonder if Goldust vs R-Truth will be added to the pre-show? maybe, maybe not. If so obviously Goldust would be my chosen winner
  • Also no Finn on this card at all. I’m really worried about this because sometimes Vince gets these stars and has zero idea what to do with them. While I do not want Finn on the pre-show, I am suprised that some match with Sampson wasn’t made for this PPV.

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