WWE GBOF Post PPV Thoughts! 

Okay lets just get right to it! 

1. Neville vs Tozawa ! 

  • I hate that the cruiserweights were on the kickoff but hey at least we get a great match to start us off! And thats what this definitely was, and yeah the ending kinda sucks cause he lost cause he had his nuts all tied up but you know I said I wasnt going to focus on that. Hope that Titus and the Titus brand get Tozawa another shot. 

2. Bray vs Seth 

  • Oh such a good match! These two were outstanding, as i assume everyone expected it to be! And Bray won with his heelish tactics which I approved of, my sister and mom on the otherhand, not so much. 

3. Enzo Amore vs Big Cass

  • Another Enzo promo that blew me away, its very apparent to me that when he lets the emotion in Enzo is on fire on the mic. Cass music? Well i guess it could have been worse. The match? Well it went longer than a minute and i was honestly expecting it not too. Big Cass winning not surprised, but i do wish Enzo got a little more offense. Otherwise Promo was better than the match. 

    4. 30 min iron man tag team match. Cesaro/Sheamus vs Hardyz. 

    • A broge kick in 30 seconds oh man. And the suspense went on from there. It wasnt the greatest 30 min match ever but it was still damn good! The suspense was fantastic, so congrats to Cesaro and Sheamus and I cant wait to see what happens next.  

    5. Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks. 

    • Wow. Really an incredible match up between both women. Powerful match too! I loved it, the ending was smart and cunning and wonderful too. And the whole knees off the announce table most match by Sasha, incredible. Easy 10/10. 

      6. The Miz vs Dean Ambrose. 

      • Whelp. While I liked the addition of the Miztourage at first, I realized watching this match that maybe they add TOO much interference. It was a completely chaotic match BUT it should also be the end of this feud which is all I personally wanted. 

      7. Braun vs Roman 

      • This was an excellent match but what an ending. Roman literally unintentionally throwing himself into the Ambo. And holy crap Roman driving the ambo backwards into the truck, holyyy fuck. Quite a great match with a holy fuck ending. Good stuff. They throw on Slater vs Hawkins in what is meant to be seen as an impromptu match. And Slater wins it but we’re not watching because the fire department is trying to get Braun out with the jaws of life. And when Braun got out he was FUCKED UP. I basically have no words. Just wow. 

      8. Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar. 

      • Nice touch having Samoa go all after Brock right at the beginning.but other than that the Ambulance Match should have ended the PPV. Yeah Joe got some offense in, but otherwise, meh. 

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