Raw and SDLive review! July 3rd and 4th.

Another Week and some more wrassling 😉

Another week and some more pessimism. 

Another week and a little bit of optimism.

This weeks Top 5 are:

  1. Enzo. Man, oh man, Enzo Amore crushed it this week with that opening promo. He absolutely blew me away. It was incredible. He truly poured his entire heart and soul into that and it showed.
  2. Finn and Cesaro. Now I chose to go to bed early monday night and missed this match but as usual I caught up on youtube and it was just as good as I figured it would be. Both men are main event, world champion material and worked great together. I’d love to see it again.
  3. Mustafa Ali. Now he lost his match against Neville BUT since the beginning of all this 205live/cruiserweight buisness, I’ve loved this guy. I swear I could watch him in the ring forever. He’s so good. And I needed to just express that 😉
  4. Rap battle. Man. I had the lowest of low expectations for this one, I mean so low and Honestly I was laughing my ass off. Super entertaining and a great laugh.
  5. Chad Gable. While he didn’t win his match against AJ Styles, the match itself was great, and Gable is so talented and I’m not sure why they’ve decided to give Gable these singles matches but I’m liking it. Don’t get me wrong American Alpha is my team but they’re just as talented solo as they are together.


The Rest of Monday Night Raw.

  • While I loved Enzos in ring promo I also loved him attacking Cass backstage.
  • Sasha and Bayley vs Alexa and Nia. Now while the match was decent, I hated how it all went. I get we’re suppose to be leading up to Bayley and Sasha at SS BUT Sasha beating both Nia and Alexa basically in a handicap… seriously? Nia is your next big thing and Alexa is literally the BEST thing you have on your entire show. I just don’t agree with the booking one bit.
  • The Joe and Brock video I didn’t even watch. The only thing I want is Samoa Joe beating the shit out of Brock and taking the title off him and that’s all. I wont get that at the PPV so I don’t care about much else regarding them.
  • Cedric vs Noam with Alicia. I wish this was longer. Super talented guys, I do wish they were fighting over something other than a woman but that’s besides the point.
  • MizTV. I didn’t pay much attention. He bashed last weeks hot mess guests, he bashed Dean. You know the usual.
  • Miz vs Heath was actually really good. Slater is actually a great wrestler given the chance and he got a little chance to show it in that match.
  • More Golden Age business. I do love it. I just really, really hope that this all ends up paying off for him in the end.
  • Rollins vs Hawkins. Short quick and all for more promo stuff from Rollins and Bray. okay i’m just ready for their match now.
  • Apollo vs Braun. Well even though Apollo ended up getting his ass kicked he did get the big man down off his feet which seems to be a win on its own and he also got in some good moves, so what i’m saying is it wasn’t a total waste! Roman attacking him was well payback from last week, and it saved apollo from more asskicking so thanks for that.
  • Already touched on Ali vs Neville a little bit already but those two are just excellent. the end.
  • And I also already talked about Finn vs Cesaro but I will add that I did love how Matt Hardy really talked up Cesaro and Sheamus on commentary, that was nice to hear considering their opponents. Also I’ll say again, Cesaro and Finn were meant to be main event stars and world champions, the end.


The rest of Smackdown Live. 

  • Well John Cena is back and for me personally that’s great. I’ve always loved the energy he brings to the shows he’s on and he’ll always be my number one EVEN if I don’t always agree with how they use him, and so on. That being said I can think of about 500 different ways they could have brought Rusev back. I don’t think him responding to John was the best way to utilize him. He’s got too much potential.
  • Styles vs Gable. A wonderful treat we didn’t even know we were getting. Why we got it is kind of dumb but nonetheless. Great match, Loved seeing Gable in that kind of spotlight!
  • I really love that Daniel suspended Ellsworth. I wanna see what Carmella can do without James. I know she can do it, she can get the heat, win the matches, be just as great, and she’ll get that chance.
  • Naomi vs Lana for the womens title again. Well that lasted all of five seconds. Major problem?WHY do they always use Tamina as the bodyguard? as nothing more than muscle? It’s annoying. It’s always a thing. Stop making it a thing.
  • Okay so when they announced this rap battle last week i was not happy about it. I wasn’t looking forward to it. I thought it was going to be ridiculous. Well I must admit I was so wrong. That was entertaining as hell. I also didnt’ mind wale being apart of it because at least the guy legitimately follows wrestling and likes it and is a fan. Usos and New day went places I didn’t expect and it got so personal and that made it even better. Talk about exceeding my awful expectations.
  • Aiden English and Randy Orton going toe to toe. okay? sure. More like Randy just beats the shit out of him and gives him a nasty RKO. But they English had some nice tights💁
  • Independance Day Battle Royal. I obviously wanted Harper to win this more than anything. But I knew I wasnt going to get that. I also knew, as I assume everyone did that Mojo was gonna toss Zack. Thought for about 30 seconds we might get a KO opponent that we havent seen yet and then Styles won. Well okay. Bye. 

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