Raw and SDLive review! June 19th & 20th.

Well coming off a disappointing MITB PPV I was less than looking forward to Raw. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t the worst either… I guess. I feel like that a running theme, it’s basically okay. Like I’m still going to watch but at the same time if something came up or if Monday Night Football was on or some other show I’d probably change the channel an easy 30 million times. For SDLive I found myself almost afraid to watch it because of how angry I was about MITB but then I remembered me being ticked off doesn’t change a damn thing 😉

Breezango got some merch and I couldn’t be happier! And it’s perfect.

There were some really good moments this week though, a few of my favorites were:

  1. Roman vs Samoa Joe. They’re first encounter was a great one but this match was OUTSTANDING. Seriously I enjoyed every second of it. Both of them just killed it out there. I was only concerned with how it would end. I would have hated to see Joe lose after all the momemtum he had last week, but figured there was no way Reigns loses clean right? Well just another reason to be excited that Braun Strowman is back.
  2. Carmella. I was extremely vocal about how much I hated how they booked MITB to go down but that wasn’t Carmellas fault and as much I’d like to completely blame Ellsworth, it’s not totally his fault either. So with that being said, her Promo to open smackdown was fantastic. I mean it was incredible. It was well written and she executed to wonderfully. Could not be more proud of her.
  3. Big Cass. Man, the end of Raw broke my heart. But it was also AMAZING. Big Cass delivered one HELL of a wrath of words on Enzo and I was both intrigued and heart broken. While I think it was the perfect move for Big Cass I do with the two could have held gold together. I do see Cass as the bigger star but Enzo could certainly benefit as well if done correctly. Really HUGE moment for Cass last night and he did excellent.
  4. Seth Rollins. First of all I couldn’t be happier to see him get the cover of 2k18. With all the older guys getting the cover the last few years it’s fantastic to see them put the faith in a young guy, especially someone like Rollins. I’ve always thought Rollins was incredible and he just keeps getting better and better. His current program with Bray is making him even better and I’m excited for more.
  5.  Ziggler vs Nakamura. What a match! Holy crap. Definitely one of the major highlights of the show. I was hoping to see Nakamura go after KO and his title but that doesn’t seem to be the direction there going just yet and if it means more incredible matches like this one, i’m good with it.


Monday Night Raw.

  • Romans big announcement being that after Joe, heading into Summerslam, regardless of the winner, he’s the number one contender because he said so. uh okay? That bothers me only because it’s annoying, I hate when they just have the guys come out and be like yeah I’m next with no reason, they do it with Cena all the time and it’s annoying. Great comeback sass from Joe though. He’s really been on fire in recent weeks.
  • Matt and Jeff vs Karl and Luke was an excellent opening tag team match. Even though they still lost it was nice to see Karl and Luke in a real actual match that lasted longer than five minutes.
  • Balor interrupting Elias seemed almost as random as him fighting Bo Dallas, and seriously what was up with that? But when Elias then attacked Balor later on backstage it literally scared the crap out of me that I jumped almost off my bed. I’m not sure what they’re doing with Elias or with Finn especially but I hope they figure it out because throwing Finn in random matches with no story is a HUGE waste.
  • As I mentioned, So happy Seth is on the cover of 2k18. I love this Bray and Seth program, the mic work is amazing, and the matches will be too.
  • Tozawa vs TJP. I freaking LOVE Tozawa. I really do. And TJP is nothing to sleep on so these two going one of one was something I was excited for and I’m happy that it lasted longer than three seconds and they got to have an actual match, even if I did have to listen to Titus at ringside. The match was actually fantastic. The elements of the in ring action, plus Titus and then also Neville watching from the stage added a lot to the match. I really wish the crowds would be more into the matches though.
  • As I mentioned, Reigns vs Joe was AMAZING. someday people will realize that Reigns is actually talented and has been putting on great matches for years ESPECIALLY  as of late. Oh and Braun not only returning but returning from an ambulance… great stuff.
  • Miz TV and his apology to Maryse. What a mess. And Miz new entourage, I’m kind of interested in it which I’m surprised about that feeling myself. I didn’t understand the whole Maryse leaving Miz thing until I read on twitter a few rumors that WWE didn’t want them together anymore because it’s too much like what they’re doing with Mike and Maria on SDLive… we’ll they’re right but I don’t see it as a bad thing, if anything they should be on the same brand and have a feud but maybe that’s just me. Either way Miz finally got the upperhand on Ambrose, wonder how he’ll respond to that.
  • Sheamus and Cesaro vs Apollo and Titus. It was a decent match but it didn’t really do anything for me. It made me slightly interested in Apollo and Titus as an actual tag team but that’s about it.
  • It’s 10:50 and we are all convinced that WWE is seriously about to leave their women off a three hour freaking show. We were given out womens action with Nia vs Sasha which was pretty decent until Emma came out to attack Alexa who was on commentary. I loved that because I want Emma chasing the shit out of that title! Then Mickie and Dana come down and then Bayley joins them and they’re all fighting each other in the ring. And while all the women made it on TV and that’s great, they didn’t actually accomplish anything. It was more like we have to put them on but we dont’ know what we’re doing with you guys yet so just go brawl with each other for few minutes, that’s lazy and sloppy and you can do better WWE. get it together.
  • I mentioned about the main event with the Enzo and Cass break up already but let me add how happy I am that The Revival are back at it! They’re both healthy and ready to go and I’m thrilled. Oh and shout out to Enzo Amore for that single man tear he accomplished while Big Cass was layin in to him, good work, heartbreaking moment.


Smackdown Live.

  • I mentioned it already but again, Carmella’s opening promo was AMAZZZZZZING. I’m excited for her future.
  • Big E vs Jimmy in singles action was a great match. I always love when Big E gets singles match because the guy is honestly so crazy talented. I’m glad this New Day/Uso program is continuing, they’re going to give us some really great stuff going forward.
  • Naomi and Lana backstage confrontation… well I love Naomi to pieces and her promos are great, as to why Lana is getting another title match next week… I don’t know how I feel about that. If it wasn’t for the title I’d be okay with it, but back to back basically like this just doesn’t make sense, and you can’t keep justifying it as Naomi is a fighting champion.
  • I honestly believed that Randy was gonna go away for a bit after his lose to Jinder at MITB, but after his interview with Tom turns out he’s just more fired up, which makes since since he got Randys father involved. Interested to see how he makes him suffer for it.
  • Holy Crap. Nakamura vs Ziggler had the more insane match. They really vibe incredibly well together and it was a serious joy to watch this match. I don’t know when Ziggler will be waking up after that kick to end it but damn what a match.
  • Finally American Alpha show up! More specifically Chad Gable in SINGLES action against Kevin Owens. I didn’t know I’d want this match until I saw it. It was pretty darn good, I want more American Alpha ASAP! Also seems as if Styles is still chasing KO and his US title… I guess I’m good with it.
  • And Now Daniel Bryan must make a choice. All the ladies out and Daniel getting all sassy with James. Daniel decides Carmella will be handing over that briefcase and next week on SDLive they’ll be having a re-do. While this sucks for Carmella, I LOVE THE RE-DO idea. Make things right. A part of me even hopes maybe Carmella will still win, but on her own, who knows. I’m on vacation next week, but you better believe I’ll find a way to get back to the hotel by 8pm to watch that match, because even on vacation, I’d never miss this.
  • Jinder Mahal vs Luke Harper. Oh I need more Luke Harper. He deserves all the chances. Nice fake out with Corbin and the briefcase, I knew there was no way they didn’t put the guy on the show for a least a second. I WISH it resulted in harper getting a MAJOR win but not with those brothers. And seriously those brothers will never ever learn, stop going at Randy, he’s going to break you, just stop trying man.


oh and here’s the insanely incredible video package for Rollins Cover. #BeLikeNoOne I love that and I freaking love this video.


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