Meatless Monday: Bok Choy!

 Hello Meatless Mondaaayyyyy!

I have been much more explorative with my food choices lately! I’ve found fruits and veggies that I love now that I either never used to like or just never even tried like cauliflower, mangos, and mushrooms. I recently discovered Bok Choy. My mom actually was curious to try it and I’m glad I jumped on board with it. There was a huge mystery on how to cook it but with a little research and specifically Karen Roths you-tube video I figured it out!

Let me share with you how I learned to cook this delicious healthy veggie and what I paired it with!

How to prepare Bok Choy. 

  • Wash the vegetable. Bok Choy can be SUPER dirty so it’s important to make sure to really wash it and scrub the stems if necessary.
  • After washing, let the Bok Choy dry/ pat it down with a cloth to get rid of excess water.
  • You’re going to want to seperate your stems from your leaves and why? because the stems will take longer to cook, not much longer but you don’t want to risk overcooking your leaves!
  • You can cut up your stems and leaves however you wish, No particular length or width required.
  • Once your leaves and stems are separated. Put olive oil in a pan and let it heat up, I also chopped up some garlic for some more flavor, and then add in your stems. CONTINUOUSLY STIRRING. I found this to be super important AND the stems only need to cook for a few minutes because you want them to still remain crispy!
  • After a the stems have cooked alone for a few minutes add in your leaves. You want them to just wilt a little and get warm, stir them continuously as well and don’t let them overcook.

Shouldn’t take more than 7-10 minutes top to cook both the stems and leaves, and that’s it! You could use this as a side dish to just about ANYTHING. I personally used Quinoa.

I used my favorite roasted red pepper quinoa, I already had it prepared in the fridge but if you are making it from scratch start it before you start your Bok Choy because the Quinoa will take at least 20-30 minutes to cook, while the Bok Choy takes usually less than 10. I think the next time I make the Bok Choy I’ll have it with some tofu either scrambled or oven baked, maybe even just cook up more veggies for a vegetable stir fry, whichever I decide, the point is you can pair it with anything.

Perfect little dish of deliciousness! 😉

And did I mention how crazy health it is? I did a little research and I found that one cup of Bok Choy cooked is about 20 calories. Gives you a large sum of your Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Calcium, iron,  fiber and magnesium. There are also a bunch of other things as well that I don’t know enough about or understand to write about BUT look it up people, this is a powerful vegetable, and as I just explained super easy to cook up and simple enough to match with probably just about anything you need it too.

If you guys have any other methods of cooking the Bok Choy or any other ideas of what to pair with it PLEASE SHARE THEM with me, I’d love to hear it !

and here’s is the link to the wonderful lady Karen Roth’s youtube video, (which I was so bless to have found!) which quickly and easily taught me how to make this yummy Bok Choy!

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