Top 10 Favorite Things In WWE Right Now! June 2017.

I made a list like this back in march right before wrestlemania and I thought, considering it can be hard to find the good in WWE sometimes, it’d be a good idea to do another one!

  1. SDLive women. Every single one of them. They’ve been SO amazing. Of course it’s all about the good writing and stories but also just the six of them as wrestlers, they’re fantastic. Charlotte, Nattie, Becky, Naomi, Carmella and Tamina work incredibly well together whether it’s on the mic or in the ring. I might hate the welcoming committe name but I adore Carmella, Nattie and Tamina as much as I adore Naomi Becky and Charlotte. I couldn’t be happier they get to be apart of the first ever womens MITB match and make history together, they all deserve it so much.          009_SD_06062017rf_0262__368a8d24ebcdbce19b5474e6cda521f0.0
  2. Neville. This guy has always been FULL of talent but since his call up from NXT it was almost as if no one knew exactly what to do with him. Well turning him heel and giving him this king of the cruiserweights gimmick is EXACTLY what he needed. He pulls it off perfectly and I couldn’t be happier to see him hold that cruiserweight title for as long as he has!  e49b26aca361efe61eec5e8affc59ee2
  3. No Stephanie. I know this won’t last, and this whole Kurt Angle/Corey Graves thing is leading to her return but I have seriously enjoyed her not being on TV every five seconds or at all. I don’t believe the show needs her, I don’t think she’s been missed at all, and I would honestly love it if her character never came back, if im being honest. dfsafdsfdsfdsfasdfsadfadsfsda
  4. Heel Usos. I love the Usos face or heel but this Heel turn is seriously working for them. They were getting slightly stale and this was exactly what they needed. Whether they’re pulling stunts in the ring, telling everyone it’s not paranoia or they’re just spitting trash talk this might just be one of my favorite Uso runs ever. fsdafasfdsa
  5. Alexa Bliss. She was the first on my list last time I did this and she still very much has her place here in this one. Since moving to Raw she became the first woman to win both the SDLive and Raw womens championships and she’s done a damn good job as champion on both sides. Raw’s women have been through some rough moments but through everyone of them they girls have strives to make the best out of it and I think Alexa has done that exceptionally well. She’s just so good.  iuytrdel.gif
  6. Breezango. Oh man, I’ve loved both Fandango and Breeze for years but over the last few months they have really soared, mostly because WWE has let them. They are an incredible team and incredible in and out of the ring. They have managed to make comedy in wrestling a GOOD thing, an actually entertaining thing and I think that’s hard to do these days. I was really rooting for them to get those SDLive tag team titles but they’re time will come I hope, until then I hope this Fashion Files business keeps up because it’s quite entertaining.  tenor
  7. Kevin Owens. KO was also front and center on my list last time and it’s shouldn’t be a surprise that he’s on this one too. This guy can do everything. I actually saw him live recently, recently like last saturday night and it was just a live show, no tv camera, and the guy was as cocky as ever. His attitude, his facial expressions, EVERYTHING about this guy is fantastic, and as I watched him live to was reminded of how truly great he is, as if I could actually forget though. No matter who he’s working with, whether hes US Champ or Universal Champ, you get more than your moneys worth and your time with this guy. ko.gif
  8. Heel Cesaro and Sheamus. I was so skeptical of this pairing in the beginning, and I honestly didn’t like it. As much as I loved Cesaro I just couldn’t get behind it… but then both guys changed my mind. They actually worked fantastic together and now with this fantastic heel turn they’re even better.  tumblr_opaxlqp9qV1u1ljrzo1_500.gif
  9. Baron Corbin. It’s obvious I’m a big Baron Corbin fan and I get more and more excited the more they give him and the better he gets at it. He’s my pick for this years Mr. MITB and I think it would ADD so much to him. This character and the spot he’s in right now is great for him and he can only get better from here.  tumblr_olr8jjXXeC1u1ljrzo3_500
  10. Luke Harper. Now he hasn’t done all that much, especially in the last few weeks BUT I love the development he’s already made since getting away from Bray and the Wyatt family. I’ve been such a big fan of this guy for years and I just know that if WWE gave him the ball he’d take it and run with it. I hope he gets the chance. ;lk,;lk.gif


Honorable mentions? 

  • Goldust– It hasn’t fully happened yet but just the start of this new run of Goldust makes me super excited. I’ve always loved Goldust but this gives me the feel of what the old school Goldust was like, except probably more PG13 than Rated R, but I didn’t grow up with that Goldust and while i’ve obviously seen video, I’m excited to see what he does with this run.
  • Seth and Bray Wyatt feud. It certainly looks like this is the feud we’re getting next and I’m all for it. We’ve had the solo Ambrose/Bray feud and we’ve had the solo Reigns/Bray feud, I’m ready for Seth vs Bray. I think they’re going to have great chemistry with each other, some we’ve already seen lately as well as back in the Shield/Wyatt family days. Hopefully they don’t switch this up because I’m honestly looking forward to this.
  • Samoa Joe. I’ve never been his biggest fan, but I’ve always appreciated his talent. This last week with his work with Heyman showed how bright of a future he has and that while aligning him with HHH to bring him to the main roster made sense, he doesn’t need them.
  • UK guys. Pete Dunne and Tyler Bates specifically. I just really REALLY love those guys and I’m thrilled Dunne is getting a championship run.
  • Liv Morgan. I know it’s all about Asuka right now in the NXT womens division and I know that Morgan has a ways to go BUT I also know her look and her personality are perfect to connect with the crowd, and it’s just fun, plus she’s pretty good in the ring too and will only get better.


until next time!




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