My thoughts on Trump backing out of the Paris Agreement.

I’ve made it clear in the few posts I’ve written involving politics and our so called president that I’ve never been a political person. I will admit I barely paid attention until this last year. This last election I paid CLOSE attention and I was quick to figure out that Mr. Trump would be the WORST thing for America. Many people said to give him a chance, he’s had his chance, MANY chances and he has failed me personally EVERY single time. But today, today is different. Today I’m not angry because I don’t like our so called president, I’m not angry because I’m a liberal or a democrat, no Today I’m angry because I’m an environmentalist and above all, I’m a freaking human being.

Today Trump announced the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. My heart raced and my blood pressure raised as I had to listen to his excuse. He actually had the nerve to say he LOVED THE ENVIRONMENT as he announced our countries withdrawal from one of the most positive charges against climate change that we’ve been able to put together not only as a country but collectively as a planet. Over 147 countries agreed to the Paris Accord, Syria and Nicaragua being the only two UN member countries to refuse. This Paris agreement was the beginning of taking charge against Climate Change. To save our planet. We have SO much work to do to save our ONE AND ONLY home and we have to work together to make the most of the short window we have. Trump is all about putting America first… well I can tell you that that’s nice and all but there won’t be an America to put first if we have leaders in our government such as Trump who continue to believe that Climate Change isn’t real. That it’s not our problem.

I promise you, Climate Change is Real. & It is a BIG fucking problem.

I’m not a scientist, I don’t have a college degree or any piece of paper that proves I know what I’m talking about BUT there are numerous scientists, that will tell you, like me, how REAL climate change is. I would also bet money they’d tell you how catastrophic it is for Trump to be pulling out of the Paris agreement. I’m not a scientist, but my passion for the environment is huge. So huge that hearing Trump act like this isn’t a problem, it’s not real, that the Paris agreement is bad for us, not only makes me extremely angry, it also severely breaks my heart. My heart physically hurts.

You can ask anyone who truly knows me and they’ll probably tell you “im crazy” about the environment, I like to call it being passionate. Not everyone gets it, most of the time I feel as though I’m talking to a wall when I talk to friends or family about this but just because you don’t understand something doesn’t make it any less real. I was over the moon when the paris agreement was being put into place because it showed the entire world was coming together to fight our BIGGEST enemy together. YES. Climate Change is our biggest enemy. There’s no army we can send, or missile we can launch that will get global warming to back off. It doesn’t work like that. And that’s what makes it so scary.

Mr. Trump wants to tell you all about Jobs, creating jobs, what he wont tell you is that in 2016 the U.S Solar industry employment rate went up 25%! It now employs over 260,000 people, it’s been reported that, that’s more than the oil and gas extraction and coal mining combined! Mr. Trump is so far into the Big Oils pockets he probably can’t even see clearly, but he doesn’t want you to know that. I wont sit here and pretend that I understand everything about politics or Mr. Trumps dealings both for the country and of course for himself but I will tell you that Mr. Trump will always put himself before the american people regardless of any lies he tries to spit out to all of you. Backing out of the Paris Agreement is a step forward in making sure his friends stay in business. He does not care that in 50 years his own great grand children will be suffering, he doesn’t care that YOUR great grand children will be suffering, hell at our rate, maybe even your grand children will suffer, and quite honestly maybe your current young children will suffer.

You see it every day, the weather patterns, the sea levels rising, the ice melting, the incline of severe storms, the incline of droughts. The effects of Climate Change are all laid out for everyone to see, if you’d just open your eyes.

Yes, I’m passionate about the environment and yes I am beyond angry as I write this. So many will say why are we so worried about something that wont effect us? Then picture this…. Picture your great grand child being able to look to you and say You know about this? You knew the Earth was being destroyed, you knew I’d have to face the effects of it head on with no way to fix it, and you did nothing. You sat down and watched it happen, and you did nothing when you had the chance.” What would you say to them? How would you justify sitting on your ass and watching the earth crumble?”

For year now it’s been so important to stand up and fight, to act on climate. Today, and every day since Mr. Trump entered office, it has become EVEN MORE important to stand up and act on climate. We don’t have a government to aid us, and honestly we’re going against our current government in doing this but we have to KEEP FIGHTING. Resist this nonsense this administration is trying to feed you. Resist that people who tell you that you can’t do anything to stop it. Resist the people that tell you your voice means nothing. It means everything.

So Mr. Trump, you can pull out of this agreement, you can deny the problem, you can put people in charge of the EPA who shockingly actually share the same thoughts as you. You can do all of that and more but you’ll never be able to silence the MILLIONS of people who know you’re dead wrong. The millions of people who know that Climate Change is REAL. The millions of people who know how deadly this problem can be. The millions of people who GIVE A SHIT about the world and our planet. You can do whatever you want Mr. Trump but I can promise you, we’ll never stop resisting, and we’ll never stop fighting.

p.s. Media outlets, please refrain from using the headline “US backs out of the Paris Agreement” The US did not, Trump did. Please and Thank you.

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