Raw & SDLive Review!

Well I’ll be honest. I unexpectedly fell asleep before the main event of Raw and I missed the last hour of SDLive again because the prison break finale was WAY more important to me💁 well turns out I actually missed a couple of great main events so thank goodness for youtube & now im all caught up! 

So for my favorite parts of wrestling this week? 

  1. SDLive women! I was looking forward to the fatal five way but that INSANE brawl we had instead was even better. And then the MITB ladder match historic announcement? These ladies are on fireee🔥🔥 
  2. Roman vs Seth on Raw for the main event was OUTSTANDING. my god. I will never understand how anyone says Roman cant wrestle or anything related to the phrase because he ALWAYS has good matches. I knew Seth vs Roman would be good because of there fantastic chemistry but they even managed to exceed my expectations. 
  3. SDLive tag team match opener between Nakamura & Sami vs Corbin & KO was fantastic. When these guys meet up for MITB with Styles and Ziggler man, that match is going to be INSANE. 
  4. Speaking of Ziggler and Styles. Theyre main event match on SD was incredible. They matched SO well with each other AND Ziggler got the win which is even more incredible.
  5. Finn vs Joe vs Bray was an excellent match! I didnt expect Joe to win so that was a nice surprise. 
  6. Swann vs Noam on Raw was a great cruiserweight match. I love that they’ve added to this with Swann and Sasha. Great stuff. 


And now for the rest of Monday Night Raw. 

  • I could not have been more excited to see Ambrose team with the Hardys. It was one of those thing that i didnt know I needed until it happened. Really fantastic and fun tag team match to open Raw. 
  • Weird angle with Corey Graves and Kurt. But also intriguing. Im interested but at the same time it means in some way that Stephanie is coming back to TV and that is the LAST time I want. Raw is hard enough to get through, and she will definitely make it worse. 
  • When I saw Elias was fighting a local guy I was bummed because he had such a great debut but then it turned out not to be a total squash and I wasnt as bummed. I actually am super interested in this guy. 
  • I said before that Finn vs Joe Vs Bray was outstanding but let me just say it again. It was outstanding. Anf none of these guys deserve to be fed to Brock just to lose. 
  • Seths promo backstage was great. This guy can really do it all. 
  • Swann vs Noam i also already touched on but let me say again how much i love both these guys. And even though its on the pre show im looking forward to the mixed tag on sunday at Extreme Rules. 
  • It wad super great to see the Revival backstage, i cannot wait til theyre able to get back on the ring. 
  • Kalisto vs Titus did nothing for me. Not a damn thing. 
  • And lets talk about this Alexa/Bayley segement. It was awful. It was cringeworthy. It was so freaking terrible. Absolutely not to the fault of Alexa or Bayley. Bliss tried SO HARD to make it work but there is absolutely NOTHING that could have saved that mess. Whoevers idea that was deserve a good ole smack in the mouth. 
  • Enzo got knocked out again. And honestly I really do believe that its Big Cass whos doing it. Im okay with them splitting up but i wish they had a tag team championship run first. My god they should have had one in NXT. Nonetheless its clear Cass will be the star i just hope Enzo can survive alone. 
  • For the hundreth time we saw Aries and Jack vs TJP & Neville and of course it was good but like I said we saw it a hundred million times already. Were over it. 
  • As I mentioned before Seth vs Roman was outstanding. One of the best matches on Raw in a while. & i dont see how anyone can honestly disagree with that. 

On to Smackdown Live

  • I think its funny how KO is keeping up with this highlight reel business. Like I mentioned the tag match to kick off SDLive was outstanding. 
  • Im beyond happy that the New Day are back on TV and im really looking forward to the Usos vs New Day match at MITB. Im not sure i want New Day to win though, considering they just got here but the match itself im certainly excited for. 
  • Oh sweet fashion files. Breezango really makes comedy in wrestling fantastic. Theyre match against the colons was good and im glad they didnt just completely push Breezango to the back after the Uso lost.
  • And oh the differences between the Raw and SDLive women is widely shown again. The SD ladies are making history in the first ever MITB ladder match. Im so excited for this! The brawl this week was incredible. Carmella and Becky destroying each other near the barricade. Charlottes moonsault onto Tamina and Nattie and then Nattie going through the announce table! Oh I have chills! 
  • You know im one of those people who doesnt like Mahal as the WWE Champion because I simply dont like the guy. BUT i need to say that at least this Champion shows up ever week. Yes Brock Lesnar im throwing SERIOUS shade right at you. 😎 
  • Dolph vs AJ as I said before was a great main event. I love that Dolph got the win over AJ, I certainly wasnt expecting that at all! Im glad Zigglers got a little pep in his step again especially heading into this MITB match on June 18th. 

Regardless of how little I truly paid attention to wrestling this week… It wasnt all bad. I mean Raw was pretty bad except for a few things but SD was pretty great. Even with Raw being less than great I am looking forward to extreme rules because its got some great matches lined up. I could have those predictions up as soon as Friday Night… Well maybe 😉 until next time ✌ 

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