Raw and SDLive review 5/22 & 5/23 !

Raw and SDLive review 5/22 and 5/23


This weeks top performers!

  1. Elias Sampson: This guy finally debuted on Raw and it was a hell of a match with Dean. I really love how they brought him up, just kind of “drifting” around, all the puns intended, and then his debut match was fantastic. I was kind of afraid it was going to be a squash, or really quick because Miz would interfere right away, but I’m glad that didn’t happen.
  2. Breezango vs The Usos: They have had incredible chemistry together. I’ve really, really enjoyed this feud. I love the exposure Breezango has gotten for sure, they deserve it, because they are so good, and tyler and fandango have done wonders together.
  3. SDLive main event: This tag team match was fantastic. I thought it was a million times better than Raws tag team main event. They guys worked incredible together, the pairing of Nakamura and Styles was incredible to witness, I cannot wait until we get a feud, I mean I hope we will, that’d be a damn shame if we didn’t.




Monday Night Raw. 


  • Wyatt vs Roman was good. It’s always good, but I’ve seen it a MILLION times so I wasn’t all that into it.
  • Tozawa vs Davari. I wish this match was longer because I love Tozawa matches! That senton was incredible. I need more of him every week.
  • Elias Sampson vs Dean Ambrose. I mentioned it already but it was an incredible match. I loved how Elias attacked Dean after the Miz did instead of just leaving. Regardless of character it looks like this drifter really can wrestle.
  • Balor vs Karl. This match was incredible. I just have one MAJOR problem… why in the world would you just randomly have this match? This should have been a MAJOR feud or something building to the inevitable match. I think they dropped the ball doing it just randomly.
  • Alicia vs Sasha. I like that they did a rubber match, I wish that Sasha didn’t have to win it, but nonetheless, it was a decent match. I loved Alicias post match attack with the scissor kick.
  • Kalisto vs Apollo. I don’t have much to say about this. I feel like this could have been an incredible match if there wasn’t so much of Titus screaming and more time of course.
  • Matt Hardy vs Sheamus was a really great win. I was honestly expecting Matt to pick a TLC match for the stipulation but of course not because WWE is dumb. A steel cage is a good replacement though. I’m definitely looking forward to the match.
  • Tony Nese vs Austin Aries. Decent match, loved the submissions in it foreshadowing the extreme rules match between Aries and Neville. I’m REALLY looking forward to that one.
  • Alexa vs Mickie. Decent match between the two and what a nasty hit Alexa gave Mickie with that Kendo. I still hate the kendo on a pole thing, can we just make it a kendo stick match instead? please and thank you.
  • Bray and Joe vs Seth and Roman. Decent match. much like the rest of Raws matches. I’m looking forward to the fatal five way at Extreme rules but at the same time I feel bad for the winner because they’re going to get thrusted into a crappy match, because we all know Brock doesn’t put in much effort, and then lose. Not cool.



Smackdown Live.


  • I’m pretty happy with the MITB contenders. A part of me wishes it was made up of guys who aren’t already in the main even spot light BUT at the same time I’m happy with it. AND I’m most definitely rooting for Baron to win this, it’s PERFECT for him.
  • Natalya and Carmella vs Becky and Charlotte. Such a great tag team match. I loved the split screen thing they did with the commerical! I hope that stays a thing. SD women always work incredibly well together no matter the pairing. Shane announced that fatal five way next week to determine Naomis next opponent and I was kind of bummed because I was looking forward to the rumor of a womens MITB match BUT i guess that could still happen if things go a little crazy next week. I also love how all five women have legitimate reasons to be in the match, they’ve all done something to deserve it.
  • Baron Corbin vs Sami Zayn. Zayn pinning Baron in three seconds was shocking but that beat down afterwards? oh my god. I seriously LOVE this Baron, and I’m not totally mad this Zayn and Corbin feud isn’t over yet.
  • Jinder Celebration. I watched the start of it, with the music and everything, and I love how they went all out with that, but then when Jinder came out, it was 9 o’clock and Prison Break was on so I changed the channel.
  • Breezango and The Usos singles matches and tag team matches were great. I already mentioned it but I seriously love this. I just wish Breezango won, but for real, the match was SO GOOD. I want more.
  • Styles and Nakamura vs Dolph and Kevin was a fantastic main event. Both teams worked so well together, and everyone looked fantastic. That MITB match is going to be incredible.

Should be interesting how the five and six tops guys of both brands are all in one match at their next PPVs, which means that the under card will be great.


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