WWE Backlash 2017 predictions. 

Let’s jump right into it shall we? 

Preshow: Dillinger vs English. 

  • I can appreciate how wonderfully smooth Aidens transition from tag competitor back to a singles competitor has been, and I don’t mind  his character so far. With that said, I don’t see him getting the win over Dillinger here. Dillinger is serious money with the talent and following he has, it would be crazy to give him a loss here. So winner: Tye Dillinger 

Luke Harper vs Erik Rowen 

  • I was surprised when they had Rowen get a clean singles win over Harper but it was a good surprise. There’s no question to me that Harper is the bigger star out of the two but Rowen is still no slouch. But tonight? Harper is the potential Main event starts IMO and he takes home the win tonight. 

Nakamura vs Dolph Ziggler. 

  • While Dolph has basically carried this entire feud how do you have Nakamura lose such a highly anticipated match? You absolutely do not. Winner: Nakamura but Ziggler gives a post match beat down to continue the feud. 

Baron vs Sami 

  • This is a tough one. How do you have a guy like Baron lose to Zayn when it really counts after all the beat downs and trash talk? But on the other hand how do you have Sami take the loss AGAIN? Winner: Personally I go with Corbin getting the win but I wouldn’t rule out the ultimate underdog striking again. 

Breezango vs The Usos 

  • I want this so badly for Fandango and Tyler, especially Tyler! The reasons I’m afraid they won’t get it? 1. They’ve done a great job transitioning into actual contenders but does that mean the bosses believe in them? They never have before and they clearly believe in the Usos and they’ve done a wonderful job with this heel turn. 2. Second reason? The New Day. They’re coming. And New day vs The Heel Usos, for the titles, would be PERFECT. Do you hold off on that or jump right in as soon as the New Day arrives ? Winners: I’ll be rooting my heart out for Breezango but I think the Usos retain. 

Women’s tag team match. 

  • If nothing else I expect Charlotte’s face turn to end tonight. Whether her team loses and she beats them down or they win and she beats Naomi down anyways to send a message. I think if the welcoming committee losses it makes everything they’ve done thus far useless. So Winner: The welcoming committee with a Charlotte turn. 

Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal

  • First thing, Baron should be in Jinders place. While the anger and ambition from Jinder has been nice, it hasn’t been enough for me to ever look at him as a believeable champion. On the other hand Randy never needed this additional title reign which leads me back to the fact that Baron should be in his place. Either way, Winner: Orton retains. 

Owens vs Styles 

  • This is my real main event. KOs heel run being the face of America is fantastic and to halt that already would be counter productive. So Winner: KO wins probably cheating to continue his feud with AJ. 

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