NXTTakeover Chicago post PPV thoughts! 


Just wow. 

As I mentioned in my predictions I’m not fully caught up with NXT, I’m quite awful, but that didn’t even matter for me to be able to watch Takeover tonight. 

I think what so many of us love about Takeover Events is that there’s a story like all other WWE shows BUT NXT seems to have more pure wrestling and true storytelling than Raw or SDLive events and THAT is what makes them more exciting and what makes them ALWAYS deliver. Tonight was no different. 

During Bate vs Dunne. I couldn’t even sit down. I was standing on my feet with legitimate chills on my arms. It was like falling in love with wrestling all over again. It was one of the most incredible matches I’ve ever seen. Easy MOTY candidate, if not winner already. I can not say enough about this match but I’ll end my thoughts with this, Both wrestlers laid it ALL out there, fought like hell, and put on an OUTSTANDING match. Couldn’t be prouder of both men, and congratulations to Tyler Bate for one hell of a run & congratulations to Pete Dunne for becoming the NEW UK Champion! 

Strong vs Young told quite a story. So many have tried to beat young, and best Sanity and Strong finally was the one to do so. It was him vs “the world” and he came out on top and the crowd was all for it. Very fun opening match for sure. 

Asuka vs Ruby vs Nikki was a great match. Maybe its because I haven’t watched them much yet and I wasn’t invested in a winner or what but while it was of course good, I thought it could have been better. I do know that I’ll be over the moon happy for whoever ends up being the one to dethrown Asuka because she’s been champion literally FOREVER. I’m sure Ember getting hurt threw a wrench into their plans and the double cover was interesting but not needed, a double cover is for dominance and honestly Asuka doesn’t need any help with that. I still stick with my statement I made FOREVER ago that Billie Kay is my girl to dethrown Asuka but maybe no one else shares that thought. 

Roode vs Itami. A dream match so many people have had that we finally got to see. Such a story to be told for Itami. Finally getting that chance after so many injuries and set backs and Roode determined to stay on top. Itami is the underdog here and who would have ever though he’d be in that position right? Itami and Roode pulled out everything they could and even with Itami not coming out on top he should still be so proud of himself for overcoming all the setbacks to get to this match to begin with. Who knows who will be the one to dethrown Roode…. 

DIY vs AOP. First of all, the tag team championships MAIN EVENTING a PPV. that’s huge, at least for me. I love Tag Team Wrestling so to see this main event was really exciting for me. And it certainly didn’t disappoint. What a PHYSICAL match this was. I was actually scared for them at least a dozen times, but it was also thrilling. I was really rooting for DIY to win those titles back because there reign wasn’t very long BUT I hope that now that they didn’t recapture the gold they will make their way to the main roster. Personally I hope they land on SDLive….. 

OKAY so I wrote that ⬆ right after the match ended and THEN Tommaso TURNED on Johnny and I so WASNT ready for it! Seems on twitter many people saw it coming but since I’m so far behind this was totally unexpected for me and this STINGS 😯  I LOVE DIY as a team and its gonna be crazy having them split up! Oh I’m not okay with this. 💔 

All in all. Takeover of course was amazing. Chicago is a tough crowd but NXT delivered as always and Chicago let them know it! Looking forward to how WWE does with Backlash tomorrow, especially being in a rowdy place like Chicago. Those predictions will be up sometime before the PPV tomorrow 😊 

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