NXT Takeover Chicago Predictions! 

Oh I love Takeover Days! The wrestling is so amazing every single time. I still have been absolutely awful with having time to watch NXT or to catch up but I’m still excited for this because I know they ALWAYS deliver even if I’m not totally caught up! 

So here’s my predictions anyways! 
NXT Championship. Bobby Roode vs Hideo Itami 

  • I have to go with Itami simply because that guy has had some awful luck lately and he should have been healthy enough to already be NXT Champion. So I want to see him get some glory! Plus he’s ridiculously talented and it’d be intresting to see Roode chasing the title again. 

NXT Womens Championship Asuka vs Ruby Riot vs Nikki Cross. 

  • If Ember Moon was still in this I’d pick her hands down but unfortunately since she’s injured I’m not even sure who I want to see win SO in that case I’m just going to sit back and enjoy what should be an AMAZING women’s championship match! 

    NXT Tag Team Championship Ladder match. DIY vs AOP

    • Oh DIY all the way. They’re my guys! Im super excited for this match because AOP really impressed me last time! Adding in the ladder match stipulation makes it even more exciting! 

      UK Championship. Tyler Bates vs Pete Dunne 

      • Man, oh man, if there’s a match besides the ladder match I’m most excited for its this one. I haven’t even watched the special from Friday but I already know this is going to be SO good. Both guys are SO deserving. Bates has held it for a while so many its time for a new champ! 

      Roderick Strong vs Eric Young. 

      • I’m not invested enough in this to pick a winner but again both guys are insanely talented and the match is going to be great.  

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