Raw and SDLive review 5/15 & 5/16 !


This weeks top stars has actually turned into top matches

and why? well because I can 😉


  1. Foxxy vs Sasha. Not so much the match, which was good, but more because Foxxy got the win. The internet didn’t seem to happy about it but I was. Alicia has certainly been thrown into the back in the recent years so for her to get a win over someone like Sasha who is so highly liked by fans and company alike that’s big for her and I was happy about it.
  2. Balor vs Roman put on an OUTSTANDING match. For two guys who are so incredibly different they meshed quite well together. I THINK this was better than there first match but maybe that’s just because this one is so fresh in my mind. Either way, outstanding match by BOTH GUYS.
  3. Carmella beat Naomi. Yes, she beat her because Naomi was distracted but a win over the champion is a win over the champion. Carmella has really come into her own. She’s embraced her character and she does it so well, from her outfits, to her jewelry, to her hair, to her walk, she’s got everything worked out. She’s getting better and better in the ring and that super kick of hers is pretty great too! I think she deserves a little more recognition for that stuff.
  4. Corbin vs Orton had a great smackdown main event match. I think I say this weekly but seeing Baron Corbin in this position is so great to see, and to add to that, to see him in the ring with a guy like Randy Orton, have him hold himself so wonderfully and have him put on such a great match with him as well. Both men had there moments to shine in the match without taking anything away from the other.



Monday Night Raw.


  • First of all I must comment on how much it sucks that Braun is actually injured right now. He had SO much momentum and was doing so well and I’m praying he doesn’t loose all that after he’s been away for six months, because it’d be a damn shame.
  • I will say that the fatal five way at Extreme Rules is a good idea. It has the potential to be fantastic if the powers at be don’t fuck it up for them. I have this feeling that Roman will win it anyways, and the other four will go on to continue feuding with each other which is annoying but because it’s annoying, that’s probably the road we’re headed towards.
  • Sheamus vs Jeff was of course a good match, the ending was the most memorable I guess.
  • I talked about Sasha vs Alicia already, I hope to see more of this and more of Alicia
  • Miz vs Dean. The only reason I didn’t put this on my top list was because the ending had me angry. The match was so good. I know we’ve seen Miz vs Dean a million times but regardless, they ALWAYS deliver. I just hated the ending. I want this feud to be over, no matter who is holding the title, I want them feuding with other people. If this was all about them fighting at extreme rules with some kind of stipulation they could have just made one without the extra match monday night.
  • Alexa Bliss was as good as always and Bayley was better. I like them going the route of Bayley not being able to get extreme because it doesn’t fit her and that makes sense. what I hate? and I mean HATE, is this kendo stick on a pole match… THAT IS SO DUMB. Let them have a no DQ match, let kendos be legal in the match, whatever, but a Kendo stick on a pole match… lazy and dumb and I actually hate it.
  • The cruiserweight match was good. It’s always good. But seeing ONLY the same four guys every time is getting old. I know 205live is its own thing, but the crowd is QUICKLY turning and I can see why. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good the match is if its overly repetitive.
  • Like I mentioned above Roman vs Balor was amazing and let me stress AGAIN it was amazing because Both guys worked there asses off in that ring.
  • Goldust turning on truth, well I think we knew it was happening. I just hope it turns into something for Goldust. Yes, he’s been around awhile but that guy can still GO! and R-Truth is better than people realize.
  • Big Cass vs Titus… well it happened and that’s all I have to say about it.
  • Seth vs Bray. It was a decent match but I couldn’t shake the feeling it could have been better. I will say I am so SICK of the same ending of Joe attacking Rollins after every single match. I get it, he hates him, blah, blah, but when it happens EVERY SINGLE MATCH, it gets annoying and old pretty quick.


Smackdown Live.


  • Nice touch KO doing the Owens highlight reel. I like that they didn’t just completely drop the Jericho/KO thing and it’ll fizzle out naturally.
  • Styles vs Jinder, I only half paid attention because Jinder doesn’t capture my attention, and everytime I watch him I just want to change the channel even when he’s facing a guy like AJ unfortunatly. And Jinder getting a win over AJ. wow .
  • Fashion Police segment was creative as always. Their match against Primo and Epico was good and I loved the Usos promo afterwards. Usos have been my number one team literally since day one but I’ll be really disappointed if Breezango doesn’t come away with the tag team titles on sunday.
  • And now we hit the 9 O’clock hour and Prison Break came on and it’s been SO good I cannot make myself wait til it comes on demand,  so I didn’t watch much of the following live, I caught up with wwe. com clips but I truly don’t think I missed much doing it this way anyways. 
  • Womens contract signing was just a regular old contract sighing. Not much to think or say about it
  • Naomi vs Carmella was a great match I thought. I love Carmellas super kick and everything about her look as I mentioned before. I am looking forward to Naomis next feud with will probably be with Charlotte again but still… looking forward to it.
  • Dolph did some thing backstage talking about how good he is and mentioned everything he’s accomplished, which by the way is SO MUCH…. and well I’m just looking forward to this actual match with Nakamura because if it flops after all this anticipation, so many people are doing to be mad.
  • Corbin vs Orton as I talked about already was so good. I’m looking forward to Corbins match with Sami on Sunday for sure, and as far as Orton vs Jinder goes… well with the expectation that Jinder is going to win… to don’t even want to have to witness that. But I guess we’ll have to see.



NXT Takeover Chicago predictions will be up on Saturday Morning and Backlash predictions will be up Sunday Morning! Until then! 🙂

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