Raw and SDLive review! 

  Raw and SmackdownLive Review 5/9 & 5/10 ! 

For some reason I had it in my head that when WWE does Raw and SDLive in London that the shows were amazing, but boy was I wrong, and that’s a shame because you’d think that with them only being over there once a year they’d make it really count for their fans over there but maybe they enjoyed it more being there Live than we did on TV? who knows.

Deciding this weeks top anything was rough but here’s what I came up with:

  1. Dean Ambrose- I’ve been reading things on social media about Dean and I’ve been shocked to learn some people actually don’t like him, think he’s stale and not as good as the rest of the world thinks…. well everyone can have their opinions BUT how do you over look that this guy can make anything work. He’s a jack of all trades, he is amazing in the ring, and he still continues to be different from all the rest. I think he’s been given the short end of the stick every since his Brock feud honestly, and yes I know he’s been champion after that, and that was great, but I feel like they gypped him there too, but no matter what he’s made it work. I think he deserves all the credit for that.
  2. Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks. We all know how I feel about Sasha BUT I really think that with more time Sasha vs Alicia could be a great feud. There brawl last week got everyones attention and with a little more time their match this week could have been great. A lot of people push Alicia to the side and I think that’s a mistake because still all these years later she’s still great, especially when we get “Crazy” foxy.
  3. Sami Zayn- I put him here for two reasons. One because he really is just jam packed full of talent and two, his backstage segment with Randy and AJ made me laugh. It was like he had about 5 too many espressos and was just so wired but it was entertaining to watch and considering how most of this week of wrestling went, that was a nice change.
  4. Baron Corbin- He has taken full advantage of this main event spot and I couldn’t be happier for him. He’s in there mixing it up with KO, Randy Orton, AJ Styles ext… and he’s doing a damn good job with it. You have to to see his progression and how far he’s come, it’s great.



The rest of Monday Night Raw.

  • The Opening was great. Miz and Dean always play so well of one another and this time was no different. Ridiculously bravo of Kalisto to come out and address Strowman as well. I still think Kalisto would do better if he stuck with the 205live guys though.
  • Miz vs Finn was a fantastic match that we haven’t seen before. My only grip with it is how after the great match, Miz gets the ref to DQ Finn then it restarts and Finn wins anyways. I guess it progresses Dean vs Miz but I didn’t really like it
  • Bliss vs Mickie. I love the alliance of Bliss and Nia Jax, they’re both using each other but thinks the other one is clueless. They make an interesting team to say the least. The match with Mickie was really good. I still don’t understand how James gets barely any reaction, but I guess that’ll stay a mystery.
  • Strowman vs Kalisto was well just a ploy for Roman to come back but it was nice to see him back and kicking ass nonetheless. I read that Braun is actually hurt so for Roman to come back and make it look like he’s the one who hurt him adds to their feud. If this goes til extreme rules I’m actually a little worried about what these two are going to get into.
  • Tag Team Turmoil. While every pair had a great short match against each other, It’s also annoying because it was just a show to make it look like they weren’t just keeping Cesaro and Sheamus in the feud with the Hardyz. I like this feud but still. I do like that they had Goldust and R-Truth come out looking strong for a while before they’re defeat. I wish they did more with those two though. Eventually a break up has to happen right?
  • Rollins vs Samoa Joe. This night was full of DQ endings and such and it was really annoying. This match was no different. yes did the DQ of Joe add to his I do things my way kind of thing by not listening to the ref? yeah but again I didn’t like it. Much like Roman and Braun if these two make it to extreme rules, that match will be a hell of a fight.
  • TJP vs Jack. I really hate how this TJP thing has stuck. They dont’ have him Perkins or TJ its just TJP and it’s annoying after a while, is it just me? probably. Nonetheless Perkins mean streak goes strong and I still love it.
  • Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks. Like i mentioned earlier, if these two had had more time this match really could have been fantastic. I’d like to see them keep it up with these two, it’s different but they work good together.
  • Dean vs Bray with Miz on commentary. Bray and Dean also put on an excellent match together, they always have and they delivered on Monday. I’ll admit I was barely paying attention to Raw, it was more of background noise this week, but for this match I was paying attention to the TV. They deserve praise for that.



The rest of Smackdown Live.

  • The beginning was your typical pre six man tag team action moment. It was nothing special honestly.
  • Nattie vs Becky. I WISH they’d stop calling Natties group the welcoming committee, it’s just awful and generic and they could do better. The match of course was great, it always is. I like that they through Charlotte in with Becky and Naomi but she’s still walking around like she’s great but also knows she needs a little help against Carmella, Tamina and Nattie.
  • Fashion Files. Almost as good as last week. I hope they keep running with this until backlash and then hopefully even after
  • Harper vs Rowen. Great match, with the shock but a good shock of Rowen getting the win. Once he finds his groove so to say Rowen will be great. Harper is the guy i think deserves to be in the main event spot and I can’t understand why he’s no where near it.
  • Dolph calls out Nakamura. I’ll be honest Prison Break was on at 9 so I switched during this. i did catch the end tough to see they’re getting a match at backlash. I think it’s smart to keep Nakamuras first main roster match until a PPV it hypes him up even more.
  • I also missed Fandango and Breeze vs The Ascension, but not on purpose. I did see the Usos come out and spit there 12 days promo. I love this aggression from the Usos, I just wish we got to see more of it. I’m really looking forward tot his backlash tag team championship match though.
  • Corbin, KO, and Jinder vs Randy, Sami and AJ. Again, Prison Break was on and I didn’t want to wait to watch it on demand but this morning I went back and re watched this main event and it wasn’t half bad. I can’t help but notice that Jinder still doesn’t look like he belongs there but i don’t think i’ll ever think he does.

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