Raw and SDLive review 5/1 & 5/2

This week of wrestling was actually pretty great on both shows! I thought Raw was actually fantastic this week! With that said, let’s get into my top stars of the week!


  1. Jericho-  From having an outstanding match with KO at Payback to another outstanding match with KO on Tuesday night, regardless of the quick loss, his final days of this WWE run were amazing. and the sell on the injury from KO after the match last night? great acting. over dramatic but perfect at the same time. He’s certainly going to be missed while on hiatus.
  2. Ambrose. Rollins. Miz. Balor.- I put them all into one group because they all worked so well of of one another. Ambrose going through the interviews before the triple threat. Coming out at the beginning and saying nope this is about my title not Lesnars. Rollins, Miz and Finn put on one of the most incredible monday night raw main events I’ve seen in a while. It was pure wrestling and a story telling and it was phenomenal.
  3. Raw and SDLive women. In both cases I believe Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch really stood out. Alexa for the obvious reasons, but Becky because I think she needed this kick start of fire to jump start her again. I wouldn’t say she had gone stale but she needed some kind of fire lite under her and this pick a side business did that for her. All the women had a match and they all got to shine, i’ll detail more of this after. But the women on both shows truly shined this week.
  4.  Cesaro and Sheamus. I figured I was going to love this heel turn and I was so right. It’s only been a week but I honestly love it. Cesaro has been a face for so long and Sheamus just works so well as a heel. They’re going to do great things together.



Monday Night Raw.

  • Alexas Coronation and the eight woman tag team match. First all a half hour of the women to kick off Raw? oh hell yes. yeah, there were two commericals, but let’s be glad there were only two. The women did outstanding in the opening. Alexa in the beginning, my god, She’s so good. Bayley played off the loss wonderfully as well. The eight woman tag was great, I especially loved how much in ring time Foxy got becuase it’s been a while. We’ve been waiting so long for Raws womans division to get it’s shit together and I believe it finally has.
  • I’m very much over the Enzo Cass Karl and Gallows thing. They all need to never ever have to face each other in a team or singles action for a very LONGGGG time. Please and Thank you. With that being said though Enzo did put on a great match with Gallows so I shouldn’t take away from that.
  • The entire Ambrose. Rollins. Miz and Balor segment was fantastic. I absolutely loved all the shade thrown at Lesnar. I loved Ambrose being the fighting champion, looking for the fight, telling the guys hey Lesnars not here, but I am so come at me. His antics with the interviews leading up to the triple threat were also really fun to watch.
  • Gallagher Swann and Tozawa vs Noam Nese and Kendrick was pretty good. Loved seeing Jack get the win. I would REALLY like to see them maybe get rid of 205live? I think the cruiserweights would thrive more by being exposed on Raw and/or SDlive than they are being on 205live with no real story line.
  • I mentioned Cesaro and Sheamus before. It’s great stuff. The jackets were a lovely addition. Whether they’re going to continue with the Hardyz or not, that heel turn is good for them.
  • I still don’t know how I feel about the Apollo with Titus thing but Crews needs something to match his in ring ability so I’m not going to ride it off just yet.
  • Bray interaction with Kurt Angle was OUTSTANDING. I couldn’t look away from the TV. I was so engaged with everything he was saying. I do hope now that this chapter with Randy is done, he can be… reborn? yeah reborn again
  • Aries vs TJP.  What a freaking match. They are both insanely talented and worked great with each other. Great hell tactics from Perkins again. This is seriously working for him. now if we could just get him to stop dabbing we’d be all set.
  • That main event. I already talked about it. But man, easily MOTY candidate, possible winner. Not even the interference at the end bothered me all that much. I don’t know where else Joe and Rollins is headed but I like it and I LOVE the Wyatt and Balor business oh so very much, I’m very excited for that. Miz and Dean again? we’ll I don’t mind it too much, I know other do. I think they work great together but after this round of their story I hope they back off one another for a while.


Smackdown Live

  • Nice Opening with Shane, Jericho, AJ and Owens. I’m certainly looking forward to more AJ and KO.
  • I hate Mahal. I truly do. It’s not even that I dislike his character but i can like his wrestling but i just don’t like him all together. I cannot get behind him.
  • Aiden English vs Dillinger. I’m hoping that Tye gets into a real feud with Aiden or someone else because I don’t want him to end up being a star with no direction. And the whole English crying after the match thing? I hope that’s more towards the whole he’s the dramatic king thing.
  • Nattie and Carmella vs Naomi in a handicap until Charlotte makes her way out was a great match. It’s an adjust to seeing Charlotte getting her shit handed to her in a beat down but it’s kind of nice? I love charlotte but it was getting crazy hard to defend her. This shake up is really going to help that. I think Becky did an AMAZING job. Like i said before she needed something to light a fire under her and this pick a side thing has helped to do that. Does it totally make sense for her to team with Charlotte again after all the times she’s screwed her? no. But it also makes no sense to team with Nattie either. Becky is good, and so she’s on the team with the good guys. Great segment with everyone.
  • Sin Cara vs Dolph was random. Sin Cara had interesting new gear? yeah interesting is the word. I honestly didn’t pay much attention
  • The Fashion Files. Man, this was so well done. From the work on wall, to the language used, It was just so well done. I love Breezango and I’m loving that they’re getting some serious spot light right now.
  • Chris and KO for the US title was, as always, great. The two of them work amazing together so we expected nothing less. The post beat down worked perfect for KO as a character and for Jerichos exit, Jerichos dramatics in terms of facial expressions and noise during that said beat down were a great addition. Excited to see how Mr. face of america fairs against AJ Styles in this next feud for sure.


To end this, here’s the video of Jerichos new song, with his band, Fozzy, called Judas. Because this song is SO good, it makes me a little less sad he’s taking a hiatus.

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