WWEPayback review! 

I’ll be honest I didn’t watch Enzo and Cass vs Gallows and Anderson for two reasons…. 1. We’ve seen it a million times and 2. Because harry potter was on 💁 
I did tune in for Miz TV though only because Balor was his guest. Its good to know Balor intends to go after his title although it also infuriates me that he’s sitting around jumping from tag team to tag team when Lesnars at home sitting on the title…. But there’s a rant I don’t have time to write right now. Maybe this will start Finn vs Miz.. It would be different for sure. 

On to the actual show. 

  1. I was honestly SHOCKED to see Jericho win the championship and there seemed to be a little confusion as to where Owens will go now. While it’s always good to see Jericho hold gold, we all knew he’d leaving for the Fozzy tour so how does this work? I guess well have to see. Either Owens is still gonna be on SDLive and will win his rematch or somebody else challenges him on tuesday and he loses that way. Either way OUTSTANDING match as usual between the two. 
  2. Aries vs Neville. Many seemed to be pissed at the ending and normally o hate DQ wins especially at PPVs and after amazing matches like that one BUT in this case it was actually a great ending. It works with Neville being the ultimate heel and Aries continuing the chase. I love it. 
  3. Cesaro and Sheamus vs The Hardy Boyz. Another outstanding match up. Both teams gave it everything including their teeth and blood…. 😅😰 I said in my prediction that Cesaro and Sheamus would turn and they did and I’m looking forward to it! 
  4. I quickly said I didn’t want Alexa winning the belt yet. Much like I didn’t want Charlotte to win. But she did and I’ve found I’m good with it, I’m not a huge bayley fan as it is. I also love that someone that isn’t a four horsewoman has made history as Alexa is the first and only woman to hold both the Raw and SDLive women’s titles. And that’s huge for her and she absolutely deserves that honor because she’s really kicked ass since coming on the main roster. Bayley and Alexa put on a wonderful match that they both should be proud of. 
  5. Oh the house of horrors match… The beginning felt like a makeshift horror movie… But those dolls were definitely creepy! I feel like there should have been like axes and gardening tools hanging from the celiling or something right? I don’t know. Then it ends up in the ring after Bray takes his “limo” ride back and then the ending was just a mess. I hate that Bray had to win with the help of a guy like Jinder and his goons. I hate everything about that mess. I hope Bray has a chance to redeem this mess on Raw with future feuds. 
  6. Seth vs Samoa Joe was quite a fight just like I assumed it would. I had no clue how’d it end or who would win and I loved the way they did it. Sometimes all you need is just a little bit of luck and that’s what Seth had tonight. It was a great match and I’m looking forward to what’s next. 
  7. Roman vs Braun was crazy. It was a GREAT match and I can’t imagine how anyone could think otherwise. The ending was a bit hard to watch with all the blood (whether it was real or not) and the fans chanting. You know I get it you guys hate him. You really really hate him. But I honestly think they’re too hard on him, especially tonight. It was great to see Braun main eventing and even better to see him WIN that main event. They really made something of this guy and its a treat to watch. 

All in all the matches tonight besides the house of horrors were great. All the talent should be proud of what they managed to do tonight. A lot for the time the PPV right after Mania is a major fail and at the start it looked to be but the wrestling on the show fixed that. Like I said before if you can focus on the wrestling more than the story sometimes it helps! 

Until next time 🙄 

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