Payback 2017 predictions! 

Does it feel like there’s a PPV today to anyone? I don’t feel it. I haven’t felt “it” you know that PPV feel in quite a while, but even less so now. But nonetheless the talent that is involved in this PPV is fantastic. I think that should always be remembered. No matter what kind of terrible storyline, or awful booking that may be happening, at the end of the day it’s talent of the wrestlers thats most important to me, and i think it should be the most important thing in general. 

But lets move on to my predictions shall we? 

  1.  Bayley vs Alexa Bliss. 
  • Im expecting a great match from these two. I also expect Sasha to be the reason Bayley retains. That’ll set up Alexa vs Sasha and probably Bayley vs Nia Jax will be started soon after. Im not Bayleys biggest fan, but much like how I didnt want Charlotte to switch sides and automatically get the title, i dont want Alexa to do that either. So I hope Bayley wins.

2. Randy vs Bray 

  • First of all, i heard that this isnt for the title… Which is why Jinder “stole” it to end SD this past week. Im also glad it isnt for the title anymore because it’d be too obvious as to who the winner would be. I believe that Bray needs this win WAYYYY more than Randy does. Give Bray the momentum going into whatever new feud he will enter with a win over Randy in his own kind of match. This house of horrors thing is weird and i doubt itll work out the right way, but nonetheless it should be a good match. 

3. Owens vs Jericho. 

  • This match is quite bittersweet. I’ve said it many times, i dont want Jericho to leave and i truly think Raw will suffer even more because of it. But besides that Owens and Jericho have had one hell of a run together. They’ve come ful circle which not a lot of feuds have the chance to do. Owens come out on top in a fantastic 10/10 match up. 

4. Sheamus and Cesaro vs The Hardy Boyz. 

  • I see The Hardyz retaining and Sheamus and Cesaro turning heel which has been teased for weeks. The match should be quite a fight and if im right about a Cesaro and Sheamus heel turn im excited to see that explored. 

5. Aries vs Neville. 

  • I expect to see TJP get involved. Im unsure of how it will go though. Two options… TJP gets involved making Neville lose to Aries and showing he was playing Neville all along & to begin a singles feud between TJP and Neville for the title OR TJP gets involved helping Neville to win and then go on to have a singles feud with Aries as another cruiserweight aims to take down Neville. 

6. Seth vs Joe. 

  • I most certainly want Seth to come out on top i just have no clue how this is going to play out. I have absolutely no ideas. As long as nothing involved HHH then im good with it. Im focusing more on how Seth and Joe do in the ring than I am what the ending is. Seth and Joe are great talents and they will tear it up in this match no doubt. 

7. Braun vs Roman 

  • This is another match where I dont know who will come out on top.I still love Reigns unlike most, but Braun has certainly grown on me. I can’t even come up with a half assed prediction for this besides its going to be a Brawl instead of just a wrestling match. 

8. Preshow. Cass&Enzo vs Karl&Anderson 

  • Is this like the 6 millionth time we’ve seen this? I think so. I hope Enzo and Cass win because I like them more but that is all the stake I have in this match. 

9. MizTV with Finn. 

  • First of all why isn’t Miz vs Dean happening on this PPV? it makes zero sense. They could have Finn in something? How about you find someone to tag with Miz to face Dean and Finn in a tag match or something? Just MizTV isn’t necessary for a PPV. keep that for Raw. 

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