Climate March!

Today, thousands of people are walking through the streets of Washington D.C and New York to remind any denier that climate change is real. They’re walking to tell Mr. Trump that he can deny the realness of this problem all he wants, but it wont change the scientific facts. He can shut down organizations, and delete facts from websites but he can’t shut the people down. Today people are using their voices and their feet to fight to bring more recognition to our Earths biggest threat. Climate Change and Global Warming is quite honestly, the biggest threat we face, and with scientific facts to back up our claims it’s outstanding to know that people still do not believe this is a problem. They don’t believe it’s a cause worth fighting for. Some people are still acting like it’s not a big deal, as if we have another planet to move to, we don’t. This is it. Earth is our HOME, our one and only, and we should be doing EVERYTHING we possibly can to protect it and to save it.


I can’t be there in D.C or New York today, but that’s not to mean I’m not fighting along everyone in spirit. Because I cannot be there on the ground I chose to do what i’ve been doing for a while and use the internet, and social media to help get the word out, spread the facts that many people, politicians included would like to see erased for good.  I for one, refuse to let that happen. So here are eight facts on how climate change is effecting us.

  1. 2014 was the hottest year on Earth since modern record keeping began in 1880. That is, until 2015 and then that was replaced by the hottest year on record 2016.
  2. Average sea level is expected to rise 1 – 6 feet before the end of this century
  3. Rain forest destruction contributes to climate change. That’s because trees store carbon dioxide as they grow. Clearing and burning forests releases large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  4. The world’s coral reefs are in the midst of a global mass die off. As of 2015, coral bleaching is impacted 40% of the world’s coral reefs, killing over 4,630 square miles of reefs.
  5. Hurricanes, droughts and coral deaths are few of the natural disasters  caused due to climate change.
  6. The oceans have absorbed much of this heat, with the top 700 meters( 2300 feet) of ocean showing a warming of 0.302 degrees since 1969.
  7. Between 2002-2006, Greenland lost 150-250 cubic kilometers and Antarctica lost about 152.
  8. Climate change is rapidly causing coastal flooding and displacement of people. Floods further cause major damages by injuring and killing people. They can even cause deadly diseases by spreading infection and vector borne diseases.



What we can do to reduce our carbon footprint.

I touched on some of what i’m about to list already in my Earth Day post which you can find right here on the blog as well.


  1. Change your diet. As you might know, I live a plant based green life. I don’t eat meat, and i’m in the process of transitioning away from any dairy as well.Three ways a plant based diet helps the planet are:
  • More than 70 percent of the earth’s fresh water is used in agriculture of plants and animals: it takes 100 to 200 times more water to produce a pound of beef than it does to grow a pound of plant foods.
  • Cows release a lot of methane in their farts and nitrous oxide in their manure, and these emissions are largely connected to climate change. A report by the UN concluded that animal agriculture is a larger contributor to greenhouse gas than all forms of transportation.
  • more than 700 million tons of human-grade food goes into animal agriculture each year, which could instead be used to eradicate hunger.

I’m not one to dictate how anyone lives there lives, BUT if I was to give one suggestion to anyone who eats meat and believes they could never do a plant based diet ( which is RIDICULOUSLY easy these days by the way! ) then i’d tell you to eat more chicken and less beef. That alone could make a huge difference.


2. Anytime you can use your car/truck less do so. Use public transportation, a bike or walk whenever it is possible. Don’t leave your car idling and try to do all your errands at once.

3. Reducing how much air conditioning and heat we use as well as buying appliances with the Energy Star label on them, not only will it aid the planet but you’ll save money too!

4. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. You’ve been hearing it since probably forever and that’s because it is SO important. A little research is all that’s needed to figure out how to reuse everyday products, what you can recycle, and how you can reduce your waste.


And one last suggestion, National Geographic airs a series called “years of living dangerously” which I highly recommend to anyone hoping to learn more or for anyone thinking about seeing what everyone is talking about. They touch on a number of areas that climate change and global warming effect, from the oceans, the rain forest, developing countries and more. The likes of Ian Somerhalder, Nikki Reed, Jack Black, and Giselle Bundchen are some of the correspondences on the show.


Leonardo DiCaprio also made a documentary called “Before the Flood.” This documentary is one of the most eye opening and powerful documentaries I’ve ever seen, and it was beautifully done. It aired on National Geographic and can now be found on DVD, I know Target specifically sells it, you can find it on as well.


We’re not destroyed yet, there’s still some time to turn this around, give our planet more time, but we have to act now, we have to act fast and we have to act together. We have to come together and fight. Make the politicians and denier listen, make them understand that it is SCIENTIFIC fact that climate change and global warming are real and it’s the biggest threat we face. Just because this planet might now be destroyed in your lifetime doesn’t mean its not our responsibility to stop it from being destroyed for our children and our childrens children. one of my favorite quotes ever is ” We did not inherit this planet from our ancestors, we’re borrowing it from our children” and that couldn’t ring more true.






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