Raw and SDLive Review 4/24/ 4/25


Another week of wrestling means about review. This week? I’m feeling a little negative on both shows. I don’t feel like the writing on either one was very good, but there were still some superstars that stood out to me.

  1. Breezango– I’ve been high on Breeze and Fandango as a team basically since the beginning and I’ve always been a fan of both of them separately so to see them get this number one contendership is exciting. I would LOVE to see them actually become the champions too.
  2. Erick Rowan.- He had a match with WWE Champion Randy Orton, a no DQ match mind you and it was actually fantastic. Rowan is a talented guy he just need to come into his own. I hope with Bray on Raw and Harper on his own as well that Rowan will get more chances to show who he can be as an individual.
  3. Alexa Bliss. – Bliss is amazing every week. Seriously she is. I just really loved her Promo time against Bayley and her facial expressions with Sasha were great. The writing for the promo could have been better but she has nothing to do with that. It was similar to what Charlotte always said to Bayley but honestly I think she delivered it better.
  4. Smackdown Live Women. First of all, very cool to see Naomi get that main event spot, especially as the champion, and although it was because of a DQ that she retained, she still did, and she did it in the main event of SDLive. I read a lot of negative things about Nattie, Carmella and Tamina taking out Charlotte as a team but I didn’t mind it. There are only six women on SDLive so throwing three of them into a stable isn’t a smart idea but for this reason, to take down the “queen” I liked it and as a Natalya fan, to hear her music close the show, that was cool.
  5. Dean Ambrose– I put him on this because of the jacket. No seriously, that’s why. It just seems like no matter what Ambrose has to do, in the ring, the Ambrose Asylum, on the mic, anything, he manages to make it all work and most of the time you get a little laugh out of it.


The rest of Monday Night Raw. 

  1. I mentioned Dean already but the opening segment was pretty decent. Anytime anything involves Jericho it manages to be good right? I’m seriously going to miss him, as much as I love his music, I wish he wasn’t leaving again. Miz was great as always.
  2. Matt Hardy vs Sheamus was pretty good, i’m more looking forward to their tag team championship match at Payback though.
  3. The whole Perkins/Neville/Aries/Jack buisness has been entertaining. As I’ve said weeks prior, I like this Perkins heel but I hope they start to show more of the cruiserweights on Raw too because I think more variety will make more people watch 205live because it’ll be more familiar.
  4. The dumpster match was stupid, or let me rephrase, the idea of it was stupid. But the match wasn’t as AWFUL as I was expecting, and having Kalisto win was a nice touch. But I think the ended dragged on a little long. We all knew that whether he lost or own Braun was going to destroy Kalisto after.
  5. I was real nice to see that WWE remembered that Alicia Fox can actually wrestle but her match with Dana was WAY to short and the whole thing was just so Emma could come out and congratulate her? at least they could have had the match go five minutes. Women can have long meaningful matches even when a title isn’t involved. But at the same time, I don’t think Dana could handle it… but Alicia definitely could have.
  6. I have to feel a little bad for Enzo. It’s CLEAR that WWE sees more in Cass in the long run than they do with Enzo and eventually Vince is going to split them and push Cass to the moon, it’s very obvious. The team of Rollins Cass and Finn was pretty awesome though, and it is a big deal for Big Cass to be teaming with those top guys, so good for him.  The tag match was pretty good too.
  7. I touched on this a little bit when I talked about Alexa in my top 5 but I’ll say it again, Bliss is fabulous. I can’t believe that Bayley isn’t better on the mic. It’s like she can talk just fine, but the way she does it, the tone of it, erks me. I really can’t stand it. I also cannot stand that Sasha keeps coming to her rescue for every segment. She doesn’t need that, and Sasha doesn’t need to be on TV all the time, sticking up for Bayley and putting her nose where it doesn’t need to be. If you’re going to turn Sasha against Bayley figure it out. I’ve never been a big Sasha fan, she’s an outstanding wrestler but that’s as far as my appreciation for her goes.
  8. Apollo Crews. I want such big things for him. He’s so talented and athletic and the moment he finds himself, as a TV character to match is athletic ability he’ll be great, I just need him to find himself… like real soon, and please not alongside Titus…
  9. Jericho and Dean vs Miz and who? I honestly thought it was going to be Owens and I think it should have been. Bray didn’t make sense. I thought he was going into something with Finn, which I understand why they haven’t started because they want to wait til this thing with Randy is over. But having show up at the end was just messy and weird.



The rest of Smackdown Live.

  1. I don’t know why they’re calling Nakamura the Artists known as… but I’ll go with it, whatever. I like the Nakamura/Ziggler pairing but whoever wrote Zigglers material, and decided to compare Nakamura to Michael Jackson… with all due respect I’d like to punch them in the face. Just silly and unappealing.
  2. Styles and Baron had a fantastic match. They really work great together, considering their size and wrestling style differences. Loved seeing Owens be able to stand tall at the end even with Sami coming out to be the equalizer.
  3. Bringing back the beat the clock matches was a different way to determine the number one contender for the tag team titles. I’m thankful that American Alpha didn’t have to lose to the Colons two weeks in a row but as I touched on already, I’m beyond happy that Breezango became number one contenders.
  4. I also mentioned on the fact that I loved Rowan vs Ortons match. So I’ll just add that I’m glad it actually felt like a No DQ match. There wasn’t just one random outside object used, or one interference, there was a number of objects used which always makes the No DQ stipulation actually mean something.  I also cannot stand this Jinder Mahal push. I also hate this anti american thing he’s got going on. He could just be a badass and not add in the whole you hate me because of how I look and you’re ignorant crap because honestly I don’t care how you look, or where you’re from, I just don’t like you.
  5. It’s good to know that Rusev will be back soon, specifically for MITB in July but this whole I don’t wanna be here, give me a championship or I’m leaving the country thing is kind of weird. I mean he absolutely deserves a WWE Championship title run, but this is just a strange way to go about it.
  6. I said before that I loved the ending to SDLive even if some people hated it. I loved that Naomi walked in and out of that main even the champion. I love the Carmella, Nattie and Tamina beat down on Charlotte. It does seem like they’re looking to turn Charlotte a face which would be a nice change, except it might be a little hard to believe considering how serious and long this royal queen thing has been going on, but if Becky is by her side, it’ll help I think.



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