Raw and SDLive 4/17 4/18 review!


Changing it up again! I decided to add in to my reviews A top 3,4,5 6, ( it could change depending on the week) list of the superstars that I thought really stood out in that week. Give a little more of my thoughts on them besides just reviewing what I think of the matches and so on. So this week my top 6 performers this week are:

  1. Braun. – I’ve said it a million times and i’ll say it again, for a guy that I couldn’t have given a single crap about a few months ago he has now become the guy I look forward to watching. They’re doing things right with him and honest to god I hope to see him holding gold by the end of the year.  His match with Big Show to main even Raw as great. Their last match was great too, they just work really well together and even if you knew the the ring break was going to happen, Braun being able to stand up on his own and easily walk away from it really said something about him.
  2. Baron Corbin– I’ve been high on Corbin since his early early NXT days, he was green but something about him drew him to me and i’ve never looked back. I’ve watched him from day one and to see how he started to where he is now, in the ring, on the mic, his character ext… he has done an outstanding job. The way they’re booking him has been fantastic and I see him hopefully holding gold by years end.
  3. Naomi– This week she showed that she’s a fighting champion. Miss 4x Raw womens champion comes out demanding a shot and instead of backing away from it Naomi jumped right into it, now I certainly hope that it doesn’t come back to bit her because personally all the love I have for Charlotte does not equal the fact that I want her to hold the SD womens title yet… not at all. But you have to respect that Naomi jumped right in at the challenge and the two of them had one hell of a fantastic match on tuesday night. It took a long time but Naomi is finally right where she belongs… in the spotlight.
  4. Kevin Owens– He had a squash match for the US title open challenge and only sat on commentary for the main event but I put him in my list this week because he’s just that damn good. This guy… this canadian guy comes out holding the US title… and his tron says ” Kevin Owens, the face of america.” it is pompous and obnoxious and absolutely perfect.
  5. TJ Perkins– I’ve noticed on Social Media that you either love TJ or you hate him there isn’t much in between. I for one am a huge fan, have been since the CWC but i’d be kidding myself if i didn’t admit that TJ became kind of lost after winning the title at the CWC and then losing it so quickly to Kendrick. I think this “heel turn” of sorts was exactly what he needed to do to spruce things up.
  6. The Women of Monday Night Raw. The fatal four way match was outstanding. Jax, James, Sasha and Bliss left it all in that ring and gave us quite the show. Seeing the small solo interactions between all four women made me personally excited for the new feud opportunities. The match was easily five stars and while I hope that Alexa doesn’t win against Bayley only because I think it’s too soon, it was great to see her win that match against all four incredibly talented ladies. Fox had a segment with Dana backstage and they were joined by Emma and it was nice to see that they remembered Foxy isn’t just a valet on 205live, and i’d really like to see her mixing it up in the ring with the rest of the raw women soon, and seeds are being planted for Dana and Emma to go at it which I think could be really good. It’s nice to see the Raw women not feel stale anymore.


Monday Night Raw Review.


  1. Samoa Joe vs Chris Jericho will always be good because both performers are amazing. I am really loving the feud with Seth and Joe. It went from being all about business, to becoming real personal and they’re doing a great job to solidify that. There payback match should be a good one.
  2. Gallows and Anderson vs Enzo and Cass is stale. It keeps happening because the tag team division is kind of lost for whatever reason and honestly we were suppose to get G and A vs The golden Truth before Braun beat them up and I would have rather’d that because it would have been different.
  3. Miz TV with Dean. A lot of people seem to be annoyed that these two just brought their feud over from SDLive and it’s not different or exciting and they’re right. But at the same time these two work extremely well together. Dean doesn’t have the look of a champion, but Miz does. They’re too completely different people and that helps this tremendously. I keep getting the feeling that Dean only got the title because they wanted it off of Miz while he feuded with John Cena and Nikki Bella and now this feud is a way to give it back to him making Dean just a place holder and that would really really suck. It’s almost like Ambrose is the go to guy when you need him to be but they don’t have any real big plans for him and that’s a shame.
  4. TJ Perkins vs Jack is always an outstanding match. Neville and Austin surprise appearances were a nice tough and those two also have been working outstandingly well together. The cruiserweight division has outstanding talent that I wish were showcased more on TV and not just 205live because i’m starting to think that 205live is hurting them more than helping them.
  5. Banks vs Jax vs Bliss vs James. I touched on this a little before but that might have been the best Raw womens match in a while, especially one that only involved one of the four horsewomen. Like i mentioned before it gave a little glimmer of how all four women would work together should any solo feuds arise and it was exciting.
  6. It’s clear that they’re going easy on Balor leading up to his soon to be huge feud with Bray and that’s fine with me. I’ll deal with the silly little matches until then.
  7. I still get a kick out of the fact that Bray and Randy are fighting for the world title which is on SDLive, on a Raw PPV basically to fill the hole left by Brock who can’t be bother to show up. We still have no idea what a house of horrors match is, and we all already know Bray isn’t winning so while the match has some appeal… it’s not the match everyone is looking forward too.
  8. Jeff Hardy vs Cesaro in Jeffs first WWE singles match in eight years was great. It was said to be a dream match for Cesaro and many could agree with that. They worked beautifully together and I think their match for the Tag Titles at the PPV is going to be a good one.
  9. Big Show vs Braun. I can’t understand why anyone could still think Braun is awful or that these two big men don’t work great together because Braun is fantastic and they do work amazingly together. Big Show has never been anyones top guy but i’ve always liked him and to see him in such great shape, going toe to toe with a guy like Braun is great to see, and like I mentioned before the ring breaking and Braun getting up from it on his own and walking out really showed something more about him.



Smackdown Live Review.


  1. While I hope she does not win the title anytime soon, it only makes sense for Charlotte the “queen” to go right for it and “demand” she get it. It’s who her character is and for her to not do so wouldn’t fit. But like I said I hope that she doesn’t win it next week. I hope Tamina, Natalya and/or Carmella interfere and stop her from winning. Her match with Naomi was outstanding like I mentioned for and i’m glad they had Naomi walk right into the challenge instead of running away from it.
  2. The Six pack #1 contenders match for the World Title. It’s been almost 24 hours and i still cannot believe Jinder Mahal is the guy who came out on top to win that match and that he is the guy who is going to face Randy Orton in a month for the title at backlash in CHICAGO. Do they know they’re going to chicago and the crowd is going to eat them alive? I’m curious really. I would have prefered to see ANY of the other give men, including Mojo win that match. I dont’ even care that Jinder had help to win, I just cannot believe in 2017 its Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal for the WWE World Title… I just can’t.
  3. Primo and Epico “The Colons” vs American Alpha. We’ll I was AGAIN in disbelief that the colons picked up a victory over American Alpha but at least I can admit that while I don’t really like them, they are talented in the ring, but still what are they doing with American Alpha man? I mean really. I’m worried.
  4. KO open challenge was silly, I actually thought he was going to face, Tye, or Nakamura or well honestly anyone on the actual roster but nonethelesss I think this “face of america” thing is brilliant.
  5. Baron vs Styles was a fantastic match. It is crazy to see Baron Corbin work SO WELL in the ring with a veteran like AJ Styles and it makes me so happy to see it. Baron is working his way to being one of the biggest stars WWE has and he’s only going to get better. Count out wins usually suck but it was a good way to give Styles to momentum of a win going into this match for the US title but also doesn’t give Baron a real loss.


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