Superstar shakeup! 

Here’s my thoughts on this superstar shake up! I decided that I have a love/hate relationship with it! On one hand I think its brilliant to shake things up. Give us new feuds, new interactions, change can be good! On the other hand ? I love SDLive SO MUCH especially it’s women’s division and I’m so scared that this shake up might ruin that! As far who I’d like to see go where? 

Charlotte to SDLive and Alexa Bliss to Raw. I think that’d be a great shake up for both women’s division!  the problem? I don’t want to see Charlotte lunged straight to the top and become SD women’s champ a million times and I don’t Alexa to get lost in Sasha and Bayley. She’s too good to get pushed back. It will also keep Charlotte and Sasha on separate brands. 

The New Day to SDLive and American Alpha to Raw. I chose the New Day to Go to SDLive because they’ve done all they can do on Raw and being on SDLive would be a great change for them, with Kofi now out with Ankle surgery I’m a little worried Big E and Xavier are going to be split up now…. But I’m not sure if its the worst thing either. I chose AA to go to Raw simply because I don’t think they’re getting the exposure they should be on SD and they’d take the top fave spot if New Day moves to SD. 

Rollins to SDLive and Styles to Raw. I think this makes the lost sense. They both fought their authority figures, both came out on top in doing so. Get Rollins away from HHH and Stephanie and take Styles from Shane. And they’d both counter each other so neither brand loses a top guy. 

Sami Zayn to SD. zayn has had a few different feuds all wrapped into one with Owens, Joe and Braun. He’s established himself as the underdog. He’s said before that maybe SDLive is the better place for him and I couldn’t agree more! 

Aiden English to Raw. With Simon Gotch gone, I’d say the best thing to do is move him to Raw and package him as a gentleman singles competitor. I think hell do great. 

Enzo and Cass to SDLive. We’ve seen them mix it up with Cesaro and Sheamus as well as Gallows and Anderson for months and months and so a change would be good. I also think that Enzo and Cass can help bring the SDlive tag division alive more and be great counterparts to the Usos. 

The Miz & Maryse to Raw and Lana and Rusev to SDLive. I know Rusev is out right now BUT when he returns I think SDLive is the place for him to be. I think the Miz has shined so bright on SD and its time for him to move on and mix it up with different talent. I also think that if Lana was to wrestle full time the SDLive women’s division is where she should start… After NXT of course. 
Those are just a few of my thoughts for this shake up! I’m mostly worried about the SDLive women’s division getting messed with than anything else. I guess we’ll see tonight! 


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