Raw and SDLive after mania!

Monday Night Raw!

I must say, I don’t remember the last time I was thoroughly entertained throughout a monday night raw as much as I was this past week. I actually paid attention for more than one or two matches, I actually wanted to be watching it for more than just who might show up. Really good show this week, I wish this momentum would continue that’s for sure!


  • I couldn’t be happier to see The Revival come out to challenge the new day! They are hands down one of my favorite tag teams ever and certainly my top two right now! If done correctly these two are going to do AMAZING things in this main roster tag division! They had a GREAT match with New Day to kick that off on monday. It was also fantastic to finally see Emma back, and the real evil emma not that emmalina crap! This character works so well for Emma, I LOVED that her entrance included getting on the announce table as well! Bayley, Sasha and Dana vs Emma, Charlotte and Nia was a great match, everyone was able to get in there and throw down. As soon as Jericho got attacked backstage most of us immediately knew that Finn was coming and I was beyond excited. Having him team with Rollins was a little weird considering where they were at when Finn got hurt BUT they played into with facial expressions and such during the match from Finn so because of that it worked. It was so good to see Finn back and looking fantastic. I can’t wait to see what’s next for all four of those guys.


  • Let’s talk about the beginning of Raw shall we? Man. I almost don’t know what to say. I was so incredibly touched by the Taker chants that lasted so long and I’m so glad they let it last as long as they did. While I completely understand that Roman has become the mosted hated man in the WWE world but I still don’t hate him. Even after the Taker thing.. I still dont’ hate Roman, but man everyone else certainly does and if there was any confusion about that, it was all cleared up on monday. The funny thing is, that’s almost what Roman wanted, I mean i’m sure he didn’t want to be swore at and attacked exactly how he was WHICH BY THE WAY, i thought went way to far…. but i’ll get into that after. All he had to do was stand there and he was ripped apart, he gets more heat than Eva could have ever imagined to get! It breaks my heart because I think everyone is way to hard on Roman because in the end none of what he’s done is his FAULT, he’s just doing his job.
  • Gallows and Anderson vs The Hardyz rematch was great. I still can’t believe the Hardyz are back OR that Jeff can still pull off that swanton bomb so BEAUTIFULLY. The hardyz are in the position to really shake things up and i’m looking forward to it.


  • Neville vs Mustafa Ali was outstanding. This Mustafa Ali guys is SO GOOD. and i’ll repeat this as many times as I have to until everyone can see it and agree with me. He might just be my favorite cruiserweight to watch, and he’s definitely deserving of a championship run one day.


  • You all know I hate Brock Lesnar and I hate the idea of him with any championship. The only good thing about this segment was actually Braun. While I don’t want Braun to be discredited by being fed to Brock and just annihilated, I like the idea of someone like Braun stepping up to Brock.
  • Big Cass and Enzo vs Cesaro and Sheamus. I honestly expected Big Cass and Enzo to win this number one contenders match and as much as I love Cesaro and love Cesaro and Sheamus as a team I was slightly disappointed when they didn’t. This two are huge fan favorites, they never won the NXT tag team titles and it seems like anytime they get anywhere close to attaining that WWE gold it gets snatched away… so the question remains will they ever even get there? It’s got to be frustrating for them right? It is for me.
  • Sami vs Jinder was a good match. I’m really looking forward to what they do with Zayn next. He’s too good to be pushed aside but I don’t underestimate WWEs ability to do that.
  • Vince announcing Kurt Angle as the GM was amazing. It’ll be so good to see Angle on TV every week in this role. As we’ve seen just from monday he interacts with all the stars well. His segment with Enzo and Cass was really funny, and his segment with Zayn and Jinder was also great stuff. It would also be great if Stephanie just stayed off TV… but we’ll see.
  • Vince announcing the “superstar shake up” was quite vague. We’ve figured out that it’s not a full on draft, just a few stars moving around, which is fine, it’s nice to as he said shake things up, I just hope it ends up helping Raw but at the same time not destroying Smackdown.
  • I have such a love/hate relationship with the Raw after wrestlemania. I love that its a whole WM fall out, and that starts from NXT debut and things like that but… and this might be unpopular opinion, I hate the crowd. I HATE IT. WWE bills it like its a big deal and they love it but I feel like they’ve decided they have to say that they love it because theres nothing they can do to stop it. If i was at the Raw after WM I wouldn’t be throwing around a beach ball and doing the freaking wave i’d be watching the damn show that I paid money to see live. They had incredible matches to watch and they only cared about themselves. I get the whole they paid the money so they get to do what they want but if you paid to be at Raw watch the damn show, chant for whos in the ring whether you like them or not and don’t make it about yourselves because honestly it’s not about you and your beach balls and your wave abilities, it’s about the performers in the ring.


Smackdown Live

This was the first Live SD after mania and I was slightly worried everyone would be too burnt out for it to be really good, but I was wrong. It wasn’t the best SD they’ve had but with this shake up they couldn’t exactly start anything too new.


  • I’M SO HAPPY TYE DILLINGER IS ON THE MAIN ROSTER. and yes that deserved to be in all capital letters. Just from watching this guy in the ring and how he’s connected to crowd is enough reason for him to be on the main roster not to even mention that he’s been in WWE for over 10 years just fighting and getting better and trying to make it. He stuck it out that whole time and now to see where he is and the fan base he has, it’s an incredible thing for him and so heart warming to see. I think Tye has the ability to be a star, a champion, and i’m excited for his future. NAKAMURA. man. He brings something so exciting and refreshing with him. He’s just so different and wonderful that whoever he ends up working with the story will be incredible because it’s just the kind of talent Nakamura is.


  • Naomi vs Alexa rematch was a great match… something tells me with the quick rematch maybe Alexa is moving in this shake up? but that’s another discussion for another post. For a minute I was afraid she was going to get the Ryder after mania treatment but thankfully the Glow is still strong! I’m excited to see who will be stepping up to be her next challenger that’s for sure.
  • Dean vs Baron in the street fight is exactly the match the two of them should have had at wrestlemania. It was OUTSTANDING, they both did amazing and if Baron had that match at mania, with or without the win, I think it could have helped him even more! The title wasn’t on the line and Corbin got the win in a match that very much seems to be an Ambrose type of match, so that’s a huge credit to Baron as well.
  • In a way I understand they WWE made Randy the champion at wrestlemania…. Randy had a quest a LONG quest and capturing the championship ended that BUT at the same time I hate that Bray had such a short run. He deserved more, and I hope he gets another one. I have no idea what a house of horrors match is…. but coming from Bray Wyatt i’m scared. It was nice to see Rowen back and healthy and also great to see Harper get to be in the main even tagging alongside Randy.


  •  I question what is next for the Miz and Maryse. Now with Cena taking time off to film and Nikki needing to heal her new neck injury, dressing as them is just over and annoying now. But Miz has been on such a roll as of late I’d hate to see that derailed because of lack of direction for him.
  • I thought that Shane was going to clairify this superstar shake up a little more but he really didn’t, but that’s okay, the best part of that was the mutual respect given to one another between himself and Styles. Those two gave us one of the best matches of the entire night at wrestlemania and both should be recognized for that.

until next week! (:



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