WM33 thoughts and results!


Man, oh man, oh man. What a freaking night. It’s almost impossible to put it all into words. I’m going to go as far as to say that this Wrestlemania has been the best mania in at least the last five years… AT LEAST. The New Day were incredible hosts! They we’re on just enough where they didn’t take any time away, but they got to be there as well. great job. The announce teams were great, love that Lawler and JR got to be there and that JR seems to have signed a new deal! JoJo and Greg were outstanding ring annoucers as well. Congratulations to everyone for making this all come together! The card itself was outstanding and besides a bit of rushed feel at the end the show as a whole was outstanding. So much emotion, excitement and devastation. AND how about that stage?! the ramp was almost a little obnoxious it was so long, but the graphics where out of this world! HUGE props to whoever was in charge of all of that because man did they hit it out of the park. The whole look and feel of the event was exactly what it should have been, extravagant.

Now for my thoughts!

  1. Neville vs Aries for the Cruiserweight Title.
  • such a great match between two incredible stars. I honestly was expecting Aries to come out on top but at the same time I was so happy that Neville got the win because he’s been working so hard for so long. It couldn’t have been easy to open wrestlemania on the kick off like they did but they did an incredible job.


2. Andre the giant memorial battle royal.

  • I was shocked as fuck that Big Show got out as early as he did and I was EXTREMELY shocked with how quickly Braun got out. I thought for sure Braun was going to win. I know a lot of people don’t like MOJO  and while he’s not my favorite person I do like him, and seeing him get the win at the end was pretty cool. I hate Gronk, so I wasn’t a fan of him being involved but I understand why he was though. I still can’t get over the fact that Braun didn’t get very far though.

3.  Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin.

  • Man, I was SO PISSED when they shocked us with the fact that the IC Title was being defended on the kick off! It felt like a fuck you because we got the SD live women put back on the main show so I almost like felt bad that we made a riot about the women so Dean and Baron got put on it instead. I believe no title should be defended on a kick off ESPECIALLY wrestlemania… but regardless of the nonesenese Ambrose and Dean had a great match, I was expecting a little bit more, but it was still great. I LOVED the ended. The end of days reversal into Dirty Deeds… fantastic! Glad that Dean at least got his moment by retaining his championship as well.

4. AJ Styles vs Shane McMahon.

  • Shane FREAKING McMahon. He blew me away last night. I didn’t expect the match to be so fast paced, I didn’t expect for Shane to be able to keep up with Styles as well as he did and I didn’t expect Shane to hit the air as many times as he did! I was shocked they were the opening match of the main show but once the match got going I was no longer surprised. It made the crowd go crazy. Huge congratulations to Styles for getting that WM win and thank you Shane for giving us one hell of a fight to watch!

5. Jericho vs Owens.

  • Obviously Owens vs Jericho was good, but like the Dean and Baron match I felt like something was missing but I can’t quite figure out what that is exactly. Nonetheless, I loved the Giant ” list of jericho” on the stage, and I love that Owens won. It doesn’t make up for the fact that Kevin should have still been Universal Champion but a win at wrestlemania is still a win at wrestlemania.

6. Bayley vs Sasha vs Charlotte vs Nia Jax.

  • In my predictions I chose Bayley to win, although it was super hard for me to pick a winner. I picked Bayley because no one believed that she was going to be able to beat these three incredible women. I knew that Nia would be eliminated first but they did it in a way where they ganged up on her so it didn’t really damage her “powerful” demenor all that much. I was hoping it would come down to Charlotte and Bayley and it did, why did I want that? Well for me personally, a win over Charlotte at WM, to retain her title gives Bayley a higher lift up than a win over sasha would have. I fully expect Sasha to beat up Bayley tonight though. Congratulations Bayley on your wrestlemania moment!


7. Raw Tag Team Championship Ladder match.

  • Man, When the Hardy boyz came out, my stomach flipped like CRAZY. I said after NXT Takeover that The Revival and DIY are my favorite tag teams right now well when I first started watching, it was after the Hardys were basically gone, but I went back and watched so much wrestling to catch up when I first started up and thats how I fell in love with the Hardy Boyz. Hardyz vs Edge and Christian vs The Dudleys at TLC is still my favorite tag team match EVER. I was expecting Enzo and Cass to win before the Hardyz came back. I do hope that E and C are the next to get the title after the Hardyz reign. Really outstanding match.


8. Nikki and John vs Miz and Maryse. 

  • The match was kind of disappointing. Maryse didn’t even do much, which sucked. The ending is what was the best part. Not only did John and Nikki win but the man who preached over and over and over again about how he didn’t want to get married proposes to Nikki in the middle of the ring with a GORGEOUS RING. absolutely a precious moment that made me cry of course. I couldn’t be happier for Nikki. She accepted that he didn’t wanna get married again and stayed with him and it was all worth it.


9. Triple H vs Seth Rollins.

  • Triple H’s entrance with Stephanie was BADASS. The motorcycle, the outfits, fantastic. AND then Rollins comes out and manages to almost top it, when he had the torch and he “lite” the stage on “fire” that was absolutely amazing. Stephanie took that table spot like a champ and the match was fantastic. I’m so happy that Seth was able to make it to wrestlemania this year and do this fight. Hope he stays healthy!


10. Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt.

  • I hate when the champion comes out first, maybe it doesn’t to people so much anymore, but it bothers me. Anyways, having the snake graphic follow randy down the ramp, was amazing. very creative, very clever. The in ring graphics of the maggots and cockroaches was gross but still cool, but really gross. I didn’t expect Randy to win, and while I’m not angry at it, i’m upset that Bray had to lose though. Interested to see how this progresses.

11. Goldberg vs Lesnar.

  • First of all, super happy this didn’t close the show. I didn’t care about the match going in, didn’t care about the match while it was happening and I feel nothing but annoyance at Brock being champion right now.

12. Alexa Bliss vs all SD Live women.

  • This felt a little rushed, BUT even given the spot between two main events they did what they could with the time they had. Natalya got in her double sharpshooter, Mickies attire looked OUTSTANDING, Becky taking care of ellsworth interference, Carmella got some nice moves in, Alexa is beyond outstanding in everything she does, and my girl Naomi. She didn’t just get the win over Alexa she made Alexa tap out. So proud of Naomi for getting her title back that she NEVER should have lost to begin with. Ready for the real reign of GLOW!


13. Roman Reigns vs Undertaker.

  • I almost don’t wanna talk about it. I still can’t handle it. I still can’t wrap my head around it. Undertaker is my favorite wrestler ever and I am a Roman Reigns fan. Not in a million years do I blame Roman Reigns for the reason Taker retired. He may have been the man to pin him but this goes so much father than that. I was so afraid that this was it for Taker and the moment that he paused leaving the ring and got back in and started taking off his glove I LOST my shit. Ugly crying was happening and it was happening HARD. I was a hot mess. I still feel so sad. I think we all knew this day was coming but regardless of the notion, it broke everyones hearts to see him actually leave everything in the ring. I could cry right now thinking about it honestly. The match was fantastic, i’ll be honest but we all know how important Undertaker is to the company and to Vince… and with that in mind I feel as if MAYBE Taker picked Roman, MAYBE this was all Takers decision. You cannot blame Roman for being the guy Vince is chosing to push and the guy that was put in the position to beat undertaker last night. I’d bet my life that what Roman had to do last night was one of the hardest things he’s ever going to have to do in his career… I’m serious. What I think we all need to find a way to understand is that his isn’t about Roman or how much many of you HATE him, this is about The Undertaker and his almost 30 year career. Focus on Undertaker because quite honestly nothing else matters.
Thank you Undertaker.

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