Wrestlemania 33 Predictions

Happy Wrestlemania Day!


There have been some great wrestlemanias but there’s something about this one that feels even better. Leading up to this WM, I went back and watched the last few WM and with that fresh in my mind, this WM card blows them right out of the water. I’m genuinely excited for all the matches ( except Brock and Goldberg but that’s personal) and in the last seven WM that’s never happened. So without further ado here’s my WM33 predictions!

  1. Aries vs Neville- Cruiserweight Championship. 
  • let me start with that Aries and Neville are going to steal the show before the main show even starts. I don’t believe they should be on the pre show, even with Aries sounding like he’s okay with it, i’m not. This feud has been incredible, Neville and Aries are outstanding and I easily expect a five star match from them. I love Neville and I especially love this badass attitude he’s adapted and he’s been one hell of a champin as he always deserved to be. With that said i’m rooting for Austin Aries to come out of wrestlemania on top. I’m been a fan of Aries for, what feels like my whole life, and I’d never thought that he’d be in WWE and to see him a champion in WWE would be amazing, and let’s not forget he absolutely deserves it.

2. Andre The Giant Memoral Battle Royal.

  • I’ve never been so keen on who should be the winner of this. Braun Stroman went from a guy that I cannot stand to a guy I actually like to watch, I don’t know how or when it happened but it did. I honestly was assuming he’d have a one on one match with someone… someone like Big Show especially considering the Shaq thing didn’t work out and months ago I would have hated that idea… but now I wish that’s what we were getting. nonetheless I do hope that Braun wins this battle royal.

3. Raw Tag Team Championship. Cesaro/Sheamus vs Gallows and Anderson vs Enzo/Cass

  • I have to root for Enzo and Cass with Cesaro/Sheamus a close second. When Enzo and Cass came up to the main roster I was over the moon happy for them. Yes, maybe they’ve gotten a little old.? dare i even say that? but regardless of all of that, Those two deserved to be NXT Tag team champions and they certainly deserve to be Raw Tag Team Champions. I know all three teams are going to rock this ladder match and I believe that when Enzo and Cass win, tears will be shed because they’ve gone through so much to get that moment.

4. Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens. – US Championship.

  • This is one of the matches that i’m most excited for. This has been a long time coming and both of these guys are so incredibly talented with an insane amount of chemistry. I hope that Owens comes out on top though. I feel ridiculously strongly on the fact that Owens should be fighting Jericho in the main event for the UNIVERSAL championship. Winning the US title is not the same as heading into mania as the main champion, in the main event, after you’ve busted your ass all year, and been one of the most entertaining parts of monday night raw, but the win sure would help a little right?

5. Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin- IC Championship

  • Remembering that Corbin debuted last year at mania in the Andre the giant memorial battle royal and is now fighting Ambrose for the IC title is incredible. I’ve always been a fan of Corbin, he’s improved so much, and Dean and himself are so similar but still different and i’m really looking forward to this match. It’s so hard to pick who I want to see win though. Ambrose has been in need of a wrestlemania moment you know? I think he’s really gotten screwed over the last few years so him winning would help. On the other hand this could successfully launch Corbin with some major star power. I’ll be happy with either winning but I think I give Ambrose the edge here and him coming out with the win.

6.  Alexa Bliss vs All available SD live women. – SD Live Womens Championship.

  • First of all, I think it’s fantastic that so many people got behind the idea that the SD Live women deserved better than being on the Pre-show and getting the shit end of the stick against the Raw women, and I love that it made WWE put them back on the main show. I have my fingers crossed that this does backfire on us and they lose time or whatever but nonetheless they deserve the same spot as the Raw women if not even a better spot considering those women built a division from the ground up and in my opinion have been far more entertaining than Raw. Alexa Bliss is an amazing champion and no one should forget that… with that being said, now that Naomi has been cleared I am all about her getting her championship back, one she never should have lost by the way, and even regardless of the fact its in her hometown, she DESERVES THIS so much.

7. Charlotte vs Bayley vs Sasha vs Nia Jax- Raw Womens Championship. 

  • I love that they added Nia into this match but I hate that it is now an elimination match, I really really hate it. I also can’t pick a winner. If this wouldn’t make Charlotte a 5x womens champion already i’d pick her in a heart beat. I love Nia, I love that she’s in this match but I still question if she’s ready. I think Bayley has something to prove… that she deserves to be champion. I think Sasha has something to prove that she can win at a PPV. I’m not the biggest sasha fan, besides her theme music which is my ringtone, and I like Bayley but i’m not the BIGGEST fan of hers either. and when I say that that doesn’t mean I don’t think they’re good because they are.. they’re incredibly talented, they’re just not my cup of tea? yeah let’s go with that. As for a winner…? I think i’m going to go with Bayley retains.

8. Nikki Bella and John Cena vs Miz and Maryse.

  • This match was one I hated just from the rumor of it and now? I could not be more excited. It is so personal and the build up has been amazing. I’m also looking forward to Maryse wrestling again because I was a fan when she wrestled back in the day and I also hope that she comes out to her own theme because I loved it and it’d be a crime for her not too! I cannot pick a winner. In my heart I’m rooting for John and Nikki, but then I think do Maryse and Miz need the win more? probably yeah. I’m just looking forward to the match but secretly or well not so secretly I’m rooting for John and Nikki.

9. Shane McMahon vs AJ Styles

  • I definitely hope that AJ comes out on top. This is another match that I hated at the rumor but now I think it’s going to be really good. I am interested to see how Shane does in a match where he can’t really jump off of things… not that, that will stop him from doing so but you get my point.

10. Triple H vs Seth Rollins.

  • There are a lot of different things that could happen here. Samoa Joe is a HUGE factor. Will Stephanie be a problem? Could Rollins have help? from Finn? from Roman or Dean or both? I’m rooting for Rollins all the way here no question and I SERIOUSLY hope that Rollins is okay, besides the fact that he’s sick which really really sucks, I hope his knee is okay. I hope it’s better than they’ve been leading up to believe that it is… I mean there’s no way they’d do this if it wasn’t.. right?

11. The Undertaker vs Roman Reigns.

  • I don’t believe I’ve ever rooted again Roman in any match he’s had since the beginning, especially not at a PPV, until today. I’m absolutely 100% team Undertaker. I cannot imagine how he’s going to get down that ramp but that’s besides the point. I think that this match will be better than we’re expecting and i’m looking forward to it.

12. Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar- Universal Championship.

  • I cannot pretend I care about this match. I’d rather Goldberg retained because at least I like him more but that wont happen. Lesnar will win and that’ll be that.

13. Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton- WWE Championship

  • In my very strong opinion, THIS should be the main even of wrestlemania… the real main event… the last match of the night. This feud has been insane. From enemys to brothers all to be revealed as an elaborate plan to destory Bray from the inside. Randy and Bray have some incredibly chemistry and no matter who win this match will be out of this world. Wyatt being the younger guy and only holding the title for a short time, should win this match, hands down.


Let me end this with expressing how I am still angry the Usos don’t have a defense at wrestlemania. They won the titles and they’re the only champions not defending. They could have American Alpha fight them, Breezango, any of the SD live tag teams but nope, they’re all in the battle royal and I think it’s bullcrap. NOW aside from that this card like I said before looks outstanding. I hope no ones matches get cut with time because of the unnecessary musical performances. If they can manage to leave all the unnecessary crap aside… like in ring talking segments, backstage crap, and so on, this could be the best WM in a while… with the Universal Championship situation aside of course. 😉 & our hosts? they are sure to be entertaining.


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