NXT Takeover: Orlando.

fdafasfsafsa NXT Takeover: Orlando Predictions!

I’ll be honest, I have been absolutely awful at watching NXT since the last takeover. It’s not for lack of interest, It simply just conflicts with other things, but with that being said I’m not any less excited for this Takeover, and why? because these NXT Takeover events always make me fall in love with wrestling all over again!

Asuka vs Ember moon- NXT Womens Championship


Personally I hope Ember Moon wins, I love everything about this lady, from her music, to her gear, to her wrestling moves, those contacts. It’s all seriously fantastic. I believe Asuka has been champion for what? almost a year right? and first of all, that is AMAZING, that is such a huge compliment. I am ready for change though. I understand before there was a void between the four horsewomen, alexa and carmella leaving and the other ladies just not quite there yet but now I believe those women are there. Ember Moon definitely is. I hope she picks up the win on saturday night.

Bobby Roode vs Shinsuke Nakamura- NXT Championship.


Their match at Takeover Dallas was insane! It was so good and we expected nothing less. Nakamura brought so much to NXT almost just like Finn Balor did. I have this terrible feeling that Nakamura is going to get lost on the main roster… He shouldn’t, he’s a stand out character, an amazing wrestler with a huge following, but I can’t help but be worried these days. Even with that being said I believe that Roode should keep that NXT Championship because man is he doing amazing things down there. That theme, that robe, that attitude, all mixed in with his incredible in ring abilities, he’s literally the total package.

DIY vs AOP vs The Revival. – NXT Tag Team Championship


I am so excited about this match. DIY and The Revival are two of my favorite tag teams ever. AOP I’m not completely sold on BUT I saw a match a few weeks ago that changed my mind a little, it was a great match. I think that the three teams are going to tear each other apart and it is going to be incredible to see. As far as the winner goes? It’s hard to choose. I’d love to see The Revival mix it up on the main roster but seeing the lack of commitment to the tag teams that both brands have been experiencing… again, I’m nervous. With that being said, I think I’m going to go with DIY to win, I hated that they had such a short reign and lost to begin with so DIY it is!

Six person mixed tag.


Dillinger, Strong, Jose and Ruby Riot vs Sanity should be one hell of a fight. Although I haven’t watched NXT live I have been able to watch a few things to catch up and because of that I know that these two teams have had quite the build up to this. I’m looking forward to it and I’m hoping that Tye Dillingers team gets the win.

Aleister black vs Cien Almas. 


I do like Cien Almas and apparently there’s a big mystery behind this Aleister black guy? So while I’m not super excited for this, simply because it’s unfamiliar, the mystery aspect of this does make it interesting.


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