NXT Takeover Orlando thoughts & results! 

NXT Takeovers are so exciting. Its always just pure wrestling and you never really have to worry about any nonsense! Tonight was fantastic. Even though I have been terrible staying up to date with NXT simply because its conflicts with other things I was still excited and it didn’t disappoint. 

The six person tag match was beyond exciting. So much chaos! Sometimes I had zero clue who was legal but it was still exciting. Everyone involved put on a great opener. I like no way jose, so it does suck he wasn’t able to be apart of it but Ohno was a good replacement! Its is crazy how much Tye Dillinger loses but how over his is with everyone! He’s something special for sure. Congrats to Sanity on the win. 

Cien Almas vs Alister Black. First of all Alister’s entrance was amazing and his in ring abilities didn’t disappoint. I know a lot of people love knew him from the indies but I didnt and I got a wonderful first impression tonight. Cien was also fantastic! Looking forward to more Alister that’s for sure. 

I cannot gush about the tag team championship match enough!! Easily match of the night for me. DIY & The Revival are my favorite tag teams today and I LOVE watching them. I’m not big on AOP but they impressed me tonight. Tag team wrestling is certainly alive in NXT. I didn’t see AOP winning but congratulations to them, I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s next for DIY and The Revival! 

NXT Women’s Championship. Asuka vs Ember Moon. Wow. I wasn’t expecting Asuka to win but its very cool that she’s going to hit a whole year as champion. I also liked how it ended, it gives Ember Moon a good argument for another match. They’re both incredible wrestlers and put on one hell of a match. 

NXT Championship Roode vs Nakamura. I thought this started off a little slow, which wasn’t a bad thing, just different from what we’re used too. The two are incredible and have great chemistry together. I’m glad Roode retained because he’s doing great things, if this was Nakamura’s last for NXT then he said a great goodbye. I’m looking forward to seeing who steps up to Roode next! 

Oh and the new titles? Different is good, I do think I like the older NXT title better though 💁 

Drew McIntyre coming back? Oh yes pleaseeeee! 😍 I loved this guy, the look, the talent, looking forward to what he does in NXT! 


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