Tonight all these worthy stars will officially become Hall Of Famers. I’ll be honest I’ve heard of all the inductees before but I didn’t grow up watching any of them except for Beth & I guess you could say Teddy Long too.

 Beth Phoenix, as you probably already know, is one of my biggest inspirations, she isn’t like all the other women of that time, in my opinion, she was stronger, she was extremely talented and I can only imagine what more she could have done if shed been apart of the womens division today. Beth broke down barriers and walls that no one thought could be broken for a women in wrestling in the WWE. I could go on all day, a few weeks ago I wrote a whole piece on Beth right here on the blog, so definitely check that out! 

I remember Teddy Long for the constant tag team matches he’d make and for his theme music! I have learned that he came up through the ranks from working on the ring, the being a ref and so much more before he became the GM of smack down! To me he’ll always be associated with SD & no one could make a tag team match quite like him 😉 

Kurt angle, I didn’t grow up watching him but I have seen plenty of his wrestling and man is it good. He’s easily one of the best I’ve ever seen, thank goodness for the internet and the wee network right?! Very excited to see Ceba induct him tonight, definitely full circle for them! 

Diamond Dallas Page. I’ve seen all over twitter how his DDP Yoga has changed peoples lives, including fellow hall of famers and I give him so much praise for that. I have not tried his program but it certainly seems to work! His work in the ring is nothing to look over either, that diamond cutter is fantastic. Definitely a well deserved induction.

Ravishing Rick Rude. I don’t know much about this guy, but I’ve certainly heard a lot and always seen that video package with him taking off his robe and the ladies go crazy. He certainly had a way with you crowd that is obvious! From what I hear, its definitely a long overdue induction so congratulations for that! 

The Rockers. From what I’ve gathered from social media these guys are the reason tag team wrestling exists and why many of our teams today got into wrestling and tag team wrestling which I think is very cool. 

I love the addition to the HOF with the warrior award. This year Eric Legrand is being recognized. Before this announcement I didn’t know who he was and then when I learned who he was I was blown away. What a strong spirit this guy has! I was so inspired by his story and I’m really looking forward to seeing him enter the HOF. 

I love the Hall of fame. Not only do these amazing wrestlers & people get recognized but I love the stories and even the tears because there’s always someone every year that gets me all choked up! I love seeing everyone come together in a different setting and man im a sucker to see what everyone is wearing! This HOF class is outstanding and I’m certainly looking forward to watching tonight! 

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