10 favorite things in WWE right now.

In a time where, if we’re being honest, WWE isn’t at its best, I think it’s important to showcase the ones that are doing some fantastic stuff right now.

  1. Alexa Bliss. This woman has been doing amazing things since getting drafted to SDLive back in July. I’ll be honest, at first i was a little worried that it was too soon for Bliss to be coming up, yes she was already establishing a great badass attitude in NXT but was she ready for this? oh man, oh man, yes she was. I truly believe if she had went to Raw it would have been a huge mistake but because she was drafted to smackdown, Alexa was allowed to thrive. Her heel character, her sass, her facial expressions, her attitude, all wrapped up with her wrestling ability, she really is the future of this womens divison and deserves all the credit in the world. tumblr_oix57qIxCV1rmv1vdo1_400.gif
  2. Kevin Owens. The only negative thing I have to say about KO is his title reign, and it’s not even his fault. I wish the universal champion KO was as badass and legit as NXT Champion KO was. KO deserved that, and he DID NOT deserve to lose that universal title so that two old timers can renew some half assed rivalry. He was one hell of an NXT champion, a badass IC champion and did everything he could to be a kick ass Universal Champion. He is unbelievably talented in the ring and on the mic and he deserves to be treated as the future.  EssentialObviousHoneyeater-size_restricted.gif
  3. Cruiserweights. the CWC tournament was outstanding, I personally love this kind of style and because of this tournament I found new favorites like Perkins, Ali and Gallagher, to name a few. It’s reved up Nevilles career, this cruiserweight division was exactly what he needed to be able to truly show how outstanding he is in that ring. I think without the cruiserweights Raw would be in worse shape than it already is.  tumblr_odiyrfD8eg1u1ljrzo2_500.gif
  4. Braun Stroman. When Braun first came on the scene, I honestly didn’t care about him. As more time passed I wanted him to do something that was worth anything. He’s finally doing that. He’s getting better in that ring, he moves great for a guy his size, he’s getting better on the mic and I don’t HATE seeing him anymore. I was even looking forward to seeing him get a one on one match at wrestlemania… They’ve got something good with him, if they don’t mess it up.   17.gif
  5. Chris freaking Jericho. Man, this guy can’t do anything wrong I swear. I mean this guy got a LIST to seen as the greatest thing ever… who does that? Chris Jericho that’s who. I’m really NOT looking forward to him leaving again… no matter how much I do love his band, fozzy, him going out on tour means no Raw and that’s going to hurt them BIG TIME.  tenor.gif
  6. The Miz. This guy has been amazing for years, I just don’t think anyone really truly noticed, but in this last year he has exploded. The way he can work the microphone and the crowd is almost like no other. There isn’t a lot of people who can go toe to toe with him. He captivates you when he’s talking… or screaming… either way… and i’m just really happy that he’s being recognized by more members of the WWE Universe for it.  Oh and this addition to Maryse really does help.  tumblr_oeuvmt2KUz1uvyu9yo6_400.gif
  7. Talking Smack. The team of Renee Young and Daniel Bryan is fantastic. They mesh so well together, they talk buisness but they have fun as well. The 45- 1hr that the show is on the wwe network is just more inside to the wonderful product that smackdown live is. You get the see the guys and gals get a chance to talk a little more, to celebrate a little more, to get their honest feelings, air out grievances. It’s really great stuff. ReneeKnowsWhatsUp.gif
  8. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. They work so incredible together. and this Iconic duo business is so FUN. They’re evil and vindictive and its fantastic. The two of them as a duo or apart are headed for such great things. They are future womens champions, and definitely the future.  tumblr_om9fndYLnI1w4dc0so1_500.gif
  9. Bray and Randy. There was a time there where the Wyatt thing was getting a little stale, there just wasn’t anything left to do. Then this whole Randy business happened and somehow it ramped it back up and then Randy went from fighting the wyatts, to joining them, to pulling off an incredible screw job on Bray and this brought out something new in Bray, something extra creepy and extra wonderful and having Bray as the WWE Champion, FINALLY, even better.  mlklkoko.gif
  10. Heel Usos. The Uso heel turn was another very welcomed suprise. They too, were becoming stale.. and that’s coming from me, I’ll love them hot, cold and stale, but this heel turn was exactly what they needed. Did it turn the wwe universe back towards them? that, i’m not sure, but did it give them something fresh to do, absolutely and I for one am loving it.  tumblr_omu2u4zcZQ1u1ljrzo1_500.gif


Other wonderful things:

  1. Nikki Bella and John Cena. As this “it couple” and just doing their own thing. True leaders.
  2. Baron Corbin is coming into this own especially in this Ambrose feud.
  3. Rollins and HHH have been doing some amazing things. Their rivalry has been going on for so long, but it’s never fizzled because they are both just so incredible.
  4. Tye Dillinger. I was at SDLive last week and the amount of Tye Dillinger shirts that I saw in the state of CT was incredible. I love hearing them chant 10 and I just love how over he is, and he really really deserves it, he’s fantastic.
  5. The Revival. Talk about an incredible tag team. It’s like it’s impossible for them to have a bad match.

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