Wrestlemania 26-32 reviewed!

I spent the past weekend getting into “wrestlemania mode” by watching the last 7 wrestlemanias since I started watching WWE & since I started this blog and doing Raw, SDLive and PPV reviews I decided to do a post for wrestlemania week reviewing WM26-32! It was nice to relive some moments and matches but at the same time it wasn’t a great idea because I realized when you watch wrestlemanias in a row you realize they’re a lot of hype, and you’re reminded how much they rely on part timers. But anywayssssss, here we go.


Wrestlemania 26. 


  • While watching it I remembered how much I loved John Morrison in that opening match. Also remembered how great Big Show and The Miz were together!
  • Ted vs Cody vs Randy was a good match. I remembered how much it bugged me that Rhodes didn’t wear knee pads!
  • I remember thinking that Matt Striker was a great announcer… as I watched this bad I realized… he’s awful. Oh my gosh, it was bad.
  • I completely forgot that Jack Swagger won this years MITB. It was a great match, all ladder matches at mania seem to be fantastic. Cool moment of Kofi using the broken ladder like stilts.
  • Sheamus vs HHH is like my long lost favorite mania match. I feel like no one talks about it.. probably becasue HHH went over a young start up like Sheamus but regardless of that the match was OUTSTANDING.
  • CMPunk vs Rey holds a special place in my heart because it was the first feud I really got into. My memory is AWFUL but i’ll never forget watching Punk creepily singing happy birthday to Reys daughter in the middle of the ring and how much it enraged me! Great match too.
  • Bret vs Vince was okay. I kept watching because I didn’t remember it and I saw Natalya getting into it with a few slaps and such. Otherwise didn’t care for it.
  • Jericho vs Edge for the World title was fantastic. Two of the very best and two of my absolute favorite.
  • The 10 diva tag was fine. annoying of course, you know being reminded of the crap diva fans had to deal with back then.
  • Cena vs Batista for the WWE Championship was a good match as well.
  • And then theres the Career vs Streak match. I swear this match was the reason I truly fell in love with wrestling. It was my first wrestlemania with two big stars like this and it was the most incredible match up. I’m in aw every single time I watch it.

Wrestlemania 27.


  • Del Rio vs Edge for the world title was a good match. a week later I went to my first WWE Show which happened to be a monday night raw… the same monday night raw that Edge retired at so watching this match back knowing he had to retire a week later I was wincing everytime he took a hit!
  • Cody vs Mysterio was a fantastic match, besides the Taker match this one was my favorite of the whole PPV.
  • The Corre vs Show, Kane, Santino and Kofi was not good. It just wasn’t.
  • CMPunk vs Randy Orton was okay but I felt like with the talent the match could have been MUCH better.
  • Lawler vs Cole I didn’t even rewatch it. Before I rewatched this PPV I almost forgot how OBNOXIOUS 2011 Michael Cole was. I HATED HIM and through out the entire PPV I hated him all over again, I was so close to muting it because I couldn’t take him and Jerrys back and forth anymore. Just awful. I’d like to slap who ever thought this was worth wrestlemania or better yet, worth being a match at all.
  • Undertaker vs HHH in this no holds barred match was out of this world. Another gem I kind of forgot about, I think because the rest of the PPV just was not good.
  • Laycool and Dolph vs Trish/Snookie/Morrison. I didn’t watch it over because it wasn’t worth it. If i had to watch Snookie get a wrestlemania win over Michelle McCool again I’d scream. what garbage.
  • John Cena vs The Miz for the WWE Championship. It was a good match, could have been extra special for the Miz if he could have been able to get the win without the Rocks interferance.

Wrestlemania 28.


  • Bryan vs Sheamus for the world title made me angry rewatching it. 18 seconds my ass. Both of them and the world title itself deserved a hell of a lot better.
  • Kane vs Randy was okay, nothing memorable about it unfortunately.
  • Cody vs The Big Show was a decent match. I liked it because Big Show won, and he’s had such a crappy wrestlemania record. As a fan, it was nice to see Show get this win.
  • Eve and Beth vs Kelly Kelly and Maria. I’d have less of a problem with this match if Maria wasn’t in it. I’d have even less of a problem with it if Maria didn’t get the win by rolling up the divas freaking champion in beth phoenix. what a mess.
  • Triple H vs Taker 2 End of an Era match with HBK as the ref was quite the emotional match. It was such an amazing match and HBK emotion made it even better. fantastic storytelling.
  • Team Johnny vs Team Teddy was fine. Totally forgot that the Bellas were announcers were their opposite teams. Eve nailing Ryder in the crotch was unfortunate but kind of funny. I really did love Eve in that heel phase.
  • CMPunk vs Jericho was a great match. Lot of storytelling and a great personal story for a feud and match like this.
  • Rock vs Cena. Man I hated that the Rock got this main event spot. ESPECIALLY over the end of an Era match.  I didn’t even like the match all that much.

Wrestlemania 29.


  • The Shield vs Sheamus, Randy and Big Show. I like this because it was the Shields first wrestlemania match.  Pretty good match for being a six man tag.
  • Henry vs Ryback I didn’t even rewatch it because honestly how good could it have been?
  • Dolph and Big E vs Team Hell No was a pretty good match. I was reminded how much I loved team hell no.
  • Fandango vs Jericho was a good match. Crazy to think Fandango debut match was at wrestlemania against a guy like Jericho.
  • Alberto vs Jack Swagger for the world title. I didn’t watch too much of it.
  • CMPunk vs Taker. I feel like this match is a hidden Taker gem that no one really talks about. It was an outstanding match, I loved the story behind it, the entrances, the moves, it was all SO good.
  • I forgot that Brock vs HHH even happened and that HHH career was on the line. Someone being Brock rarely happens but of course HHH is one of those people who got too.
  • The Rock vs Cena 2 was definitley better than the first one but I still wasn’t into it all that much. I did like the almost passing of the torch like thing that happened at the end though.
  • Forever angry that the Bellas, Cody and Sandow vs Funkadactlys, Brodus and Tensai got kicked off the show! I don’t remember if I was super psyched for it or anything but literally NO ONE deserves to have their hopes up and then crushed like that. You should make time for these things, plan for things to go over and give yourself time for things.

Wrestlemania 30.


  • Opening with a half hour of hogan… I mean really? why the hell was that necessary.
  • HHH vs Daniel Bryan was amazing. Loved the entrances, and Bryans Running knee for the win was badass.
  • New Age Outlaws and Kane vs The Shield was okay. Cook double powebomb for the shield to win though.
  • Memorial Battle Royal. I didn’t expect Cesaro to win, you know the first time around, So it was extra exciting to see it happen.
  • Cena vs Wyatt. I remember this match being better than I thought it was the second time I watched it. It was in no way a bad match, I just originally thought it was better.
  • Brock vs Taker. I didn’t rewatch it and I don’t want to talk about it.
  • Diva Invitational. Man. I thought this match was silly when it first happened. When i watched it back I realized AJ was barely in the ring. The rest of the girls got some great offense and exposure but I really hated it.
  • Randy vs Batista vs Bryan. What a match. I did realize that Batista seemed kind of messy? sort of. But what do I know? But rewatching Bryan finally get that moment was outstanding.

Wrestlemania 31.


  • The tag team titles never should have been on the kick off show… but damn did they kick off wrestlemania on a high note. I thought the fatal four way was outstanding! I loved that Nattie and Naomi got to get in there with everyone too! Miss seeing Tyson and Cesaro tag together.
  • Memorial Battle Royal. Big Show winning was perfect.
  • IC Title ladder match was great. Everyone involved gave their heart and soul for that match.
  • Randy vs Seth was fantastic. Great storytelling. Loved the curb stomp into the RKO.
  • Sting vs HHH was an okay match, what i did like was bringing in the NWO and DX guys to add to the story and the history.
  • Bella Twins vs AJ and Paige. I feel like not enough people talk about this match. was it the greatest match? of course not, but was it damn good, especially considering the crap women matches we’ve had? absolutely. Even with AJ on the outside 99% of the time… again. Paige did amazing on her own and the Bellas shined.
  • Rusev vs John Cena. Great Entrances, loved the tank Rusev drove in on.  Pretty great match too.
  • Bray vs Taker. This is other Taker match that I feel no one talks about enough. From the entrances to the storytelling, it was an all around fantastic match.
  • Brock vs Reigns. I hate Brock matches so i just skipped to the part where Seth comes in and cashes in his MITB. Man, what a moment for him, I really hope he gets another moment like that.

Wrestlemania 32. 


  • Kalisto vs Ryback for the US Title never should have been on the pre show. It wasn’t a fabulous match but it was for the US Title and should have been on the main show.
  • Team Total Divas vs Team Bad and Blonde was actually a great match. It’s special for me because it was Bries last match and I love me some Brie Bella. But more than that every lady in the match got to have their moment. It was cool to see Lana in the ring too! and did i mention Brie getting Naomi into that yes lock in the most flawless of ways?! yeah.
  • Usos vs Dudley wasn’t a bad match when I watched it over again but I remember the first time we’ve already seen it 100 times.
  • Once again the IC title ladder match was outstanding. Again everyone involved gave it their everything. I never expected Ryder to win but I literally cried when he did. He finally got that moment he always deserved to have.
  • Styles vs Jericho was great. It was so surreal to see Styles in at a wrestlemania match. Great match of course.
  • New Day vs League of nation. Two really great tag teams. LON could have been so much more than they were able to be.
  • Dean vs Brock makes me angry. It made me mad because the build up was actually very good. It could have been an amazing match and it wasn’t. Damn shame for Dean.
  • Sasha vs Charlotte vs Becky was exactly the match for the women we’ve all been waiting for, for SO LONG. it was outstanding in every way.
  • Shane vs Taker told an amazing story. It was a great match, and not just because of Shane jumping off the cage.
  • Seeing Corbin win the memorial battle royal was awesome for me because I’ve been such a huge fan of Baron Corbin in NXT.
  • Rock vs Rowen. I’m still angry that the Wyatts we’re booked for anything that year. How could that have even been possible…? But then Rowen gets slammed by the Rock in what 5 seconds… I mean come on.
  • Roman vs HHH. I will say the entrance for HHH with Stephanies promo in the beginning was fantastic. It was a great match and being a Roman fan I was very excited to see him win!

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