Top 7 Wrestlemania Entrances!

One of my favorite things about wrestlemania are the entrances. There have been some incredible ones over the years! Sticking with my theme for this week I went though WM26-WM32 and picked out my seven favorite entrances!

  1. Sasha Banks. Snoop Dogg singing her theme song was more than just Sasha getting a cool entrance for a big match, She was the first female to really get any attention in that area and that is something HUGE.


2. CMPunk WM29. I’ve always loved Punks theme song, I still to this day have it on my playlists so having his theme played out live for his match with Taker was pretty cool to me.


3. New Day WM32. Coming out of that big box of Booty O’s was so over the top and it was perfect for them. Very cool, very smart, very creative.


4. Rusev WM31. I could not stand Rusev at this time, ( times have now changed!) I didn’t see any redeeming thing about him, but this entrance was very very cool and creatively perfect for his character.


5. Shane McMahon WM32 with his kids. I loved this because 1. it was super cute. 2. it added to the story of why Shane was fighting to begin with, so that those boys would have something to inherit. Again very creatively smart and adorable.


6.  Undertaker. Takers entrances on a simple monday night raw gives me chills and his wrestlemania ones are even more special. Whether he’s lighting caskets on fire, hands coming at him from holes in the ground, or he’s just simply walking through the fog, Takers entrances will always give me chills.


7. Triple H. Besides the Undertaker, HHH entrances has one of those entrances i’m always looking forward too. WM30 when he had Charlotte, Sasha and Alexa in it was pretty great. WM31 with the terminator theme was awesome and so different. Then at WM32 having stephanie do that promo sort of thing at the beginning before he came out… man that was badass and she looked FANTASTIC.



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