Raw and SDLive reviews!


Raw and SDLive review 3/27-3/28

I did these reviews quick, right after smackdown because I didn’t plan on going into TOO much detail, because I wanted to save it for when I do my wrestlemania predictions, but here we go.


Monday Night Raw

  • This is definitely unpopular opinion but I’m not a huge fan of Bayley on the mic. It’s not that she’s bad exactly is more of her voice. The tag match that they had on Raw was a good match, great time and I am looking forward to their mania match… I wish it wasn’t an elimination match, but I’ll take it.  IMG_20170328_222838.jpg
  • Aries vs Noam with Neville on commentary was a great match, as all cruiserweight matches are. I’m beyond angry that Neville vs Aries is on the WM kick off instead of the main show though, like really really mad. The two of them are going to steal the show before everyone is even in their seats and the show even starts though, so theirs that.
  • The Rollins and HHH segment was good. They always are. I love the addition of Rollins wanting to be who he used to be, and the whole creator and destroyer story.  I do hope Rollins is actually okay to go and this sanctioned business is just for show.  IMG_20170328_222816.jpg
  • The Big show vs Mahal, Dallas and so on was kind of silly. The point was to announce Braun in the battle royal and quite honestly if he doesn’t win then it’s a shame. I honestly would rather have Big Show and Braun in their own one of one match than either one of them be in this match.
  • More cruiserweight action as Neville takes on Jack. Great match of course. Funny segment with Aries and then New day post match. I’m REALLY looking forward to this cruiserweight championship match on sunday.
  • Roman Reigns segment was good. The taker video package was outstanding. I wouldn’t say i’m excited for their match but i’m looking forward too it… does that make sense? IMG_20170328_222722.jpg
  • Big Cass and Enzo vs Gallows and Anderson didn’t even happen with Cesaro and Sheamus interfereing with Ladders as payback for Gallows and Anderson attacking them backstage earlier. It obviously was setting up to make the match at mania a ladder match. Did you see Sheamus eye later? damnnnn. ouch.
  • Owens vs Sami again was great. It always is even if its so repetitive. Glad Sami gets to keep his job, and REALLY looking forward to Owens and Jericho on sunday as well.  IMG_20170328_222706
  • They should have ended with the Owens/Sami/Joe/Jericho business instead of Goldberg and Brock… I mean did anyone honestly care? Did that segment make us excited for wrestlemania? I mean I’m looking forward to every single match on the card for sunday EXCEPT for this one. I couldn’t care less.


  • All around Raw wasn’t TERRIBLE but it was in no way good… in the sense that it is the last Raw before Wrestlemania good and it doesn’t even feel like wrestlemania season.. at all.


Smackdown Live.

  • The Promo work between Shane and AJ for the contract signing was great. I see a lot of people wanting a stipulation put on this match and I don’t necessarily agree. You see Styles was kind of right… this is a traditional match and with the matches Shane has had they haven’t exactly been traditional right…? so for shane this kind of match is almost like a stipulation in itself. This is one match i hated at first and now i’m interested. Good work guys.
  • The SD womens title picture is great. The segment was a little out there only because of all the FREAKING COMMERICIALS! man, I know commericals are necessary but so many in one segment? come on now. The singles match, and the tag match was great.  I was expecting Tamina to return tonight because I saw a picture of her being backstage and so when Naomi came back it was completely unexpected and that made it even more amazing. It makes my heart SO happy that she’s back and healthy and can fight in her hometown for the championship she never should have had to give up.  IMG_20170328_222633
  • Miz TV. As a huge John and Nikki fan i should probably HATE these total bella spoofs but they’re hilarious probably because they’re so ridiculous. I liked this one the most because of the end.  When this feud started I hated the thought. I thought it wasn’t worth a wrestlemania spot at all. AND now? well I couldn’t be more excited for it. I don’t know if it’s just because of the four of them are so good, or the fact theres a lot of personal feelings involved or what but this mixed tag team match is one that i’m most looking forward too and tonight they really brought it home strong. IMG_20170328_222614.jpg
  • The 10 man tag match was fine. AGAIN i’m angry because the Usos are in the battle royal instead of defending their titles. Like WHY do the 3x champs the Usos get a spot against American Alpha or my god whoever you want, when they more than deserve too. It’s a mess and it’s not fair.
  • Luke Harper vs Bray Wyatt. First of all glad, Bray was on tv, like actually in the ring… was it a coincidence that Goldberg was on Raw so they could let Bray out.. nope I don’t think so. I swear they were keeping Bray limited to video promos because it made it look not so bad that Goldberg wasn’t on tv. IMG_20170328_222537.jpg


  • anyways, SDlive was good this week. It felt like wrestlemania is in 5 days, just like it should because wrestle freaking mania is in FIVE DAYS!

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