It’s wrestlemania week!

Favorite Matches and Moments of WM26-WM32!


It’s insane that wrestlemania is right around the corner! This time next week it’ll all be over! There have been so many wonderful wrestlemania moments for all the men and woman who perform over the last 32 manias. I’ve only been watching for six years, so WM 26 was my first wrestlemania and it was a good one! I decided over this past weekend to go back and re-watch WM26-WM32 to make everything fresh before coming into this week. Later on this week I’ll be posting a review of them all, because I figured if I’m watching these might as well take some notes for a post! I’ll also have a post up about my favorite things happening in WWE right now, favorite male and female superstars of the past, present and future as well as the finale Raw and SDlive review, and NXT Takeover and Wrestlemania predictions.

Besides reviewing them, I was re-watching the PPVs to relive some of my favorite moments and my favorite matches from those PPVs and that’s what this post is all about.


Wrestlemania 26.


  1. Sheamus first wrestlemania vs HHH. Before I watched it back I completely forgot about his match and what a shame that is because it was SO GOOD. Counter after counter, kick out after kick out, it was seriously an outstanding match.
  2. Kofi Kingston using the broken ladder as stilts was pretty cool, it obviously wasn’t going to do him any favors in reaching the MITB briefcase but it takes a lot of concentration and strength to do what he did, very cool.
  3. The Career vs Streak match will always and forever be my favorite match… probably ever. And no matter how many times I watch it, I’m in aw every single time.


Wrestlemania 27.


  1. Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio is another match I forgot even happened but when I watched it back it was actually a pretty great match.
  2. HHH Vs Taker. No holds barred match. Man, oh man, what a match this was. I forgot how incredible this match was honestly. I also forgot how terrified I was at the end of it when Taker had to be carted away. Undertaker will always be my all time favorite superstar.


Wrestlemania 28.  


  1. While the match wasn’t a 10/10, I put it on here because Big Show won the IC Championship and he finally got that wrestlemania moment and for me, being a Big Show fan, I loved that moment.
  2. If I thought that the Career vs Streak match, and HHH Vs Taker 1 brought out emotion, I ABSOLUTELY forgot about HHH vs Taker 2 End of an Era with HBK as the ref. The emotion on HBKs face through out the match brought so much to this match. The fact that Taker wanted redemption for not being able to watch out on his own last time. The match was absolutely incredible. I’ve already seen it and yet I couldn’t look away from the screen. When they all walked out together and it really was the end of that Era, it was such an incredible moment.


Wrestlemania 29.


  1. The Shield vs Randy, Sheamus and The Big show for being a six man tag match was actually a pretty damn good match. And it was the Shields first wrestlemania match so that alone makes it a special moment for me.
  2. CMPunk vs Taker I think got overlooked, or maybe it didn’t and I just forgot how good it was. It’s no Taker vs HHH or Taker vs HBK but damn this match was good!


Wrestlemania 30.


  1. Both of Daniel Bryans matches that night were great. Daniel vs HHH was fantastic and I loved HHH entrance with Sasha, Charlotte and Alexa. The Triple threat match was INSANE. Bryan had to work his ass off for the win and it was all worth it to see him overcome everything he’d been through to close out mania.
  2. I love that Cesaro won the first ever Andre the Giant memorial battle royal!


Wrestlemania 31.


  1. Tag Team Championship match on the kickoff. New day vs Cesaro/Kidd vs Usos vs Los Mataores. This was on the kickoff show, and man did it deserve to be on the main show. It was all around incredible. I love that Naomi and Nattie got to get in there and do some cool stuff too!
  2. IC Title ladder match was fantastic definitely a favorite!
  3. Randy vs Seth was so good and that curb stomp into an RKO damnnnnnn.
  4. I thought bringing in the NWO and DX guys for HHH vs Sting was a nice touch, cool to see that history when we never thought we would in this day and age.
  5. Bella Twins vs AJ and Paige I think is an underrated match! While AJ spent a lot of time outside the ring Paige and the Bellas put in some work inside that ring. I thought the match was pretty great ESPECIALLY considering the crap womens matches we had been getting in the past at mania.
  6. Bray vs Taker is another match that I think was really underrated. They worked great together and at the end with the creepy crab walk and the sit up, great stuff.
  7. Seth cashing in his MITB briefcase to become champion will never fail to make me happy no matter how many times I watch it. Incredible moment.


Wrestlemania 32.


  1. Team Total Divas vs Team B.A.D and blonde is another womens match that I think is underrated. All the women involved got some action and Brie putting Naomi in the yes lock was BEAUTIFUL, pretty great way for Brie to go out and great celebration at the end.
  2. The IC title ladder match again this year was fantastic and Ryder finally getting that wrestlemania moment was beautiful.
  3. Sasha vs Becky vs Charlotte was the womens match we’ve all been waiting for and it was great and what was even better was retiring that Divas title and finally getting that new womens championship.
  4. Shane vs Taker. Wow. Just wow. It was so much more than just Shane jumping off the cage that made it a fantastic match.


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