So many book, so little time.

I wasn’t always a reader. In school I hated it because it always came with reading comprehension questions after and I was TERRIBLE at that. My memory is not good… so it took the fun out of it because I’d be stressing about whether or not I’d remember anything to answer the questions. I was a MESS. My love for reading came later in life, after I was out of school.

In my opinion there is almost nothing better than becoming completely engulfed in a story, where you find your mind completely submerged into it. Reading is absolutely an escape for me. Reading is FUN for me, which many people find crazy, but in all honesty, I’d rather curl up on the couch and get lost in a good book than go out at least 80% of the time.

I love to write. I’m not great, but I’m not bad either. I find that reading gives me all the inspiration in the world. If I’m writing a story or a scene of some kind and I get suck and nothing seems to undo the writers block, I stop writing, I pick up whatever book it is I’m reading at the time, and I’m automatically inspired and BYE BYE writers block! They say the best way to be a good writer is to be a good reader and I couldn’t agree with that more.


I’m not very picky with what I’ll read. I’ll be drawn to the book by the cover art, or the title, I’ll read the back of it, or the first few pages and that’s all I need to decide if I’m going to like the book or not. Lately my go to books are anything SYFY related, especially those special powers and vampire like books, I’m a sucker…. I love to find a good recommendation for a book that is literally life inspiration on paper or just someone telling their own personal story.


I put together a list of some of the books I’ve read recently that have become my favorites. If you’re a fan of SYFY, inspiration, life lessons, mystery or just looking for something new, this list is for you!



As you already know I’m in love with The Vampire Diaries. I watched the first four seasons on Netflix. While I was waiting for season five to come out, I found the books by L.J. Smith, that the show is based off of. You’ll learn quickly that the books and the show have some similarities but are almost nothing alike at the same time. L.J.Smith is an INCREDIBLE writer and as much as I love the TV Show, I fell in love with the books just as much.


Early last year, I swear I lived in Barnes and Noble, and while doing that I came across the author C.C.Hunter Shadow falls series.  The main character is sent to what her and her parents believe is a camp for troubled teens, with the referral from her psychiatrist, they quickly learn that this camp is not for trouble teens, but for something completely different. The whole series follow that main character and her camp mates, and eventually there are a few books that focus on those other camp mates! There are about 10 books in series not including a couple Novellas C.C.Hunter has also produced for the series, and then there are the couple of books that focus on the other camp mates, that I do still have to read! Really incredible series and I hope to find more books by C.C. Hunter because I certainly fell in love with her writing.


Much like how I found C.C. Hunters stories, I also found the author Tahereh Mafi, and again I fell in love. Shatter me, Unravel me and Ignite me are the names of the trilogy and like the Shadow Falls series, there are also Novellas that go along with the books. What caught my eye was this “Juliette has to make a choice, be a weapon, or a warrior” AND “Juliette hasn’t touched anyone in exactly 264 days” that was enough to make me pick up Shatter me and continue the entire trilogy. Really incredible writing.



The 5th wave series. I began reading this when I saw the previews for the movie on TV and man, that was such a good decision! Rick Yancey writing is outstanding and by the way the movies? Incredible. The 5th wave series to are books are survival. Having your live completely turned upside down, not knowing what you’re capable of until you don’t have a choice but to find out. Highly recommend you not only read these books but then also watching the movies!



Inspiring Books.

The promise of pencils. I cannot put into words how incredible this book is. As you also know I love Sophia Bush, she is one of my biggest inspirations and one day I noticed in her twitter bio it said she believed that a pencil could change the world. I can’t remember if there was a link, or a hashtag or a post but somehow that’s how I found this book and this incredible organization. Real quick, Promise of a Pencil is a non-profit organization founded by Adam Braun, that aids in building schools to Ghana, Laos and more. The true story can be truly felt by reading this book but to give you an idea, he started with a $25 deposit and now they have built over 300 schools for these children, these children whos’ only wish in the world was to have a pencil.

For more information on this cause you can visit their website & I know The Promise of Pencils book can be found at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.



Big Magic. I believe that it was Renee Young, WWE Announcer that posted a picture of this book and a few others I think as well. I can across it at Target, read a few pages and new I HAD to read it. This book, by Elizabeth Gilbert, I’d go as far as to say it’s the most inspiring book I’ve ever read. It certainly inspired me to write more, gave me the confidence to write more. If you feel you need a little more pep in your step so to speak, I highly recommend you pick up this bad boy.

Love Warrior- This book caught my eye just sitting on the shelf. I picked it up, read a few pages and the rest is history. I believe I currently have about 50 pages left to read of this book but it is outstanding. Love Warrior is a memoir by author Glennon Doyle Melton who tells the story of her self discovery. A lot of this is what she learned though an eating disorder, drinking and a divorce, and while I didn’t relate to those things specifically I certainly could relate to trying to find yourself. This book made me feel better, that it was okay if I hadn’t quite found myself yet. That it’s okay if everyone elses ideas of life aren’t your own. Finding yourself takes time and that’s okay. Incredible book.


Autobiographies written by wrestlers.

I love wrestling and how great is it that sometimes I can combine wrestling with reading?! The first wrestler written book I ever picked up was Dustin Rhodes “ Goldust” book cross Rhodes. It’s a tale of his life and his ups and downs and it was an incredible read. Chris Jericho has written a few books and each one is as amazing as the last. He’s currently working on his latest, and I’m incredibly anxious for it to come out. I also REALLY enjoyed Daniel Bryans book “yes”. Being a vegetarian, and environmental activist…(yeah I can call myself that) myself I really relate to Bryan so reading this journey in this book was amazing. Highly recommend those to start if you’re interested.



Other books I’ve read lately that I love would be Girl on the Train. I could NOT put this book down and the movie was just as incredible, but nothing beats reading the book. John Greens Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns are also high up on my list of must reads!


I’m always looks for recommendations for good books so please feel free to share.

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