Meatless Monday! 

Zucchini hummus wrap! 

    Last week I was desperately looking to find new recipes and I did just that! This wrap was so easy I have NO idea why I never made it before. It look literally 20 simple minutes. 

    Here’s what I used. 

    1.  I large zucchini
    2. Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus 
    3. Drizzle of Olive oil 
    4. I tsp Salt 
    5. 1 tsp of Mrs.dash
    6. Wraps

    Here’s what I did 

    1. Peel and slice the zucchini 
    2. Toss zucchini in a bowl with olive oil, salt and mrs dash. 
    3. In a frying pan place zucchini in a single layer, I had to do it three times because I had to much zucchini and didn’t want the pieces too close together. 4.Cook zucchini until brown on both sides, probably my about 2 minutes each side

              5. Place the wrap in the pan for a few seconds to get it hot, take it out & then add the hummus and zucchini. And bam 😎 


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