20 Years of Buffy. 

On Friday it marked the 20th Anniversary of Buffy The Vampire Slayer! Im a little late on this post because I was celebrating the end of the vampire diaries which is the show that is responsible for me starting to watch Buffy! I fell in love with vampire TV through TVD & even more in love with it because of BTVS. 

Buffy was one of the strongest female tv leads I’d ever seen at the time. She had the weight of the world on her shoulders, literally & she kicked ass. She was strong and brave and everything  young woman should inspire to be. 

I loved Buffys friendship with Willow and Xander. It was very strong and loyal.

I loved her relationship with Giles, her love with angel and her time with Spike. I loved that while she was so strong and so brave she was also just like every one else. She was vulnerable, she wishes she had a normal life, she finds an escape in spike that she probably shouldn’t, she gets angry and bossy because she’s stressed but shes just doing the best she can. 

I loved that BTVS had Willow and Tara as a couple. I think it was way ahead of the times and I love what Whedon went there and did such an amazing job in doing so. 

Spike and Buffys relationship was complicated but i liked it. It was the complete opposite of her and angel.
Angel and Buffy had such a sweet, forbidden relationship that only continued to bring that Buffy was a slayer but also a human being who cant help but love.
The mentor/ student relationship that Buffy and Giles had was fantastic. Considering Buffy didnt have a father figure, Giles ended up being the next best thing.
I loved Dawn being introduced. It made Buffy take on another role in life as a sister but it also gave a very interesting storyline in Dawn being the “key”
I definitely had a love/hate relationship with Anya but she certainly was a treat.
These three were crazy and sometimes obnoxious but they brought a certain something to the show that you didnt know you needed until they showed up.
If i had a love hate relationship with Anya i definitely had one with Cordelia but she eventually rubbed off on me and she turned out okay.

Some of my favorite episodes from the series, just to name a few… 

  1. S2 E13&14. Surprise/Innocence. 
  • It was a major turning point when Buffy and Angel had sex and Angels cure kicked in and he turned into Angelus. 

      2. The Body. S5 E16 

  • When Buffy lost her mom…. Damn. Such a powerful episode that was absolutely fantastic. This is also the episode where Tara and Willow first kiss and starts an incredible story. 

      3. Becoming.part 2 S2 E22 

  • In this episode Joyce learned what Buffy is. Spike and Buffy team up for the first time to try & stop angel. Willow does her first spell AND Buffy kills angel. So much amazing in one episode. 

     4. Seeing Red. S6 E19 & Villians E20. 

  • I love this episode cause of Taras death. It was so sad and so powerful and a HUGE turning point for a heartbroken willow. & in epsiode 20, seeing the vengeful willow with so much power was scary and exciting. I also like the make up moment between Xander and Buffy.

     5. Hush S4 E10

  • I love this episode because it was so different. A demon comes into town and steals everyone’s voice and they still have to find a way to communicate. 

    6. Chosen One. S7 E22 

  • The finale of the series was BEAUTIFULLY done as far as I’m concerned. Buffy saved the world and destroyed the hellmouth at the same time. Not everyone made it out alive but everyone left there hearts and souls into saving the world. Great way to say goodbye. 

I cannot believe its been 20 years since BTVS debut and its crazy to think how different things would be for women in TV if BTVS hadn’t happened. I think it really changed the game. 

So thanks Joss Whedon & Sarah Michelle Gellar and all involved in making this kickass show! ❤ 


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