TVD: My Favorite Episodes.

In the last eight years there have been some incredible episodes of The Vampire Diaries, whether they made you happy or sad, angry or excited we’ve seen it all.


I believe the first four seasons hold the majority of my favorite episodes, or at least that’s what I figured out when I tried putting this list together!  I figured the best way to do this is to go season by season, and as usual I know I will have missed some great episodes so bear with me!

Season One: 

  1. Episode 1- The reason I became so connected to TVD was well a number of reasons… And one being the way I could relate to Elena Gilbert. You see her lost after losing someone, writing in her diary and wondering if she’ll ever feel alive again…. I think that’s a feeling so many people can relate to, me definitely.
  2. Episode 8- Bonnie shows Elena that she’s a witch- I just thought that this scene was so sweet and sincere and such a special moment in their friendship.
  3. Episode 19- Elena dances with Damon at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant. SO in love with this scene. I THINK this is the first Damon and Elena scene where I realized that Delena would soon be a thing. 

After first watching this scene, I added this song to my phone and I LOVE when it comes on shuffle, you get all the early TVD & delena feels!


Season Two: 

  1. Episode Two: Stefan starts teaching Caroline how to live as a vampire without hurting humans. The start of an incredible friendship and soon to be amazing romance.
  2. Episode Six: Stefan and Elena break up. I loved this because Paul Wesley performance was out of this world! So good.
  3. Episode Eight: Elijah arrives. & Damon tells Elena he loves her… and then compels her to forget it. It was such a sweet moment. Damon called himself selfish but making her forget it made him selfless. AND Elijah is my Favorite Original which is why I put this episode on my list!
  4. Episode 22: I like you now just the way you are. I liked this scene so much I made that line my tumblr name! It was such a Raw moment between Damon and Elena.






Season Three:

  1. Episode One: Elenas Birthday. I loved this scene because through all the craziness Caroline and Damon were determined to help make Elenas day special. Damon gave her back the necklace Stefan gave her and we learned later that’s the moment Elena knew she loved Damon. BUT this is also the scene where Stefan calls Elena at the end of the day and she begs him to hold on to the fact that she loves him and that was a powerful scene.







  1. Episode Two: Damon realizes that Stefan can be saved. Stefan doesn’t let Damon die as they’re up on the mountain when they hybrids are going crazy and the antics between Elena and Damon are a treat as well! Also I loved when Tyler showed himself as a werewolf to his mother in order to save Caroline, it was a fantastic moment for Tyler and Carol.
  2. Episode 14: The Mikaelson Party. It had Klaus and Caroline. Matt and Rebekah. Damon and Elena. The anxiousness of not knowing what Esther had in store for Elena and for her own family.
  3. Episode 19: I could probably call this my favorite Delena moment in the entire show… yup I could. The angst in the motel was almost too much to handle. The motel scene was perfectly directed and Nina and Ian did an amazing job with it.  


  1. Episode 22: Elena becoming a vampire was insane. The way it happened, what happened after, it was such a turning point for the show.


Season 4

  1. Episode 1: The scene where Elena realizes that she’s in transition. Elena doesn’t want to be a vampire, Damon is basically in denial because he knows it’s the last thing she wants and Stefan wants to do everything possible to find her a way out. Really great scene between all of them.
  2. Episode 2: Releasing the lanterns. This was such a human thing to do in a world full of supernatural beings and it honors all the characters that they loved and that we loved. Really great scene.
  3. Episode 6: The Stefan and Elena break up scene. The moment most of us knew was coming and even if, like me, you wanted Damon and Elena together at this point, it still broke your heart. I’m one of those that loved Stefan but knew he deserved more than Elena and desperately knew Damon and Elena should be together.
  4. Episode 7: Damon and Elena finally giving into each other. Man, everything about this episode was amazing and Elena and Damon or Nina and Ian however you want to look at it made this scene so hot. We got a funny Klaroline scene too! Also loved how Caroline figures out that Elena is sired to Damon THANKFULLY we learn from Tyler that being Sired doesn’t change the way you feel about a person, you just do what they say. 


  1. Episode 15: Elena burns down her house. Nina Dobrev knocked this one out of the park! The way Elena breaks down after Jeremy dies is such a sad scene but also so amazing. Bravo to the writers, directors and Nina for this one.
  2. Episode 23: Wow. What a finale. We’ve got Rebekah and Matt. Klaus and Caroline. A powerful speech from Elena that she loves Damon. Everyone graduates, which is another totally human thing to do and I honestly didn’t know if we’d ever get there! Bonnie is dead but she brings Jeremy back and they had an incredible scene together. Wonderful Lexi and Stefan scene as well as a great Stefan and Damon scene AND an Alaric and Damon scene. And even better than all of that Katherine Pierce of all people is HUMAN NOW. What. Really though, what an episode. 


Season Five:  

  1. Episode 4: Bonnies funeral. I just rewatched the scene and I’m currently crying. I will never not cry watching this. What a freaking scene and not just the funeral Jeremy telling Damon and their moment. Elena freaking out. Stefan and Caroline even though Stefan still had no memory. Beautifully done.
  2. Episode 7: I loved this episode because it had the scene with all the dopplegangers together with Tessa. I can’t imagine what that was like to film but Nina did OUTSTANDING still continuing to make them all different even though they were all in the same scene. Really amazing.





  1. Episode 15: Katherine says goodbye to Nadia, Stefan kills her and then she ends up being dragged to hell. A whole lot of Katherine and we said goodbye to quite an amazing character that truly started it all.
  2. Episode 22: Lexi gives up the chance to come back because she knows bonnie dies a little more every single time someone passes through her and they haven’t found Damon yet. Elena finds out they can’t bring Damon back & Stefan and Caroline have a moment reflecting on Damons death.




Season Seven:

  1. Episode 1: Damon and Bonnie being in the prison world was crazy but we got some amazing scenes and they had an amazing friendship. Loved Damon making Bonnie pancakes the most, such a simple thing.




  1. Episode 2: When Elena gets Alaric to compel away her memories it was such a emotional thing because that’s how much she loved him. She loves him so much that it hurts SO MUCH to have lost him and she’d rather forget it than deal with the pain. That’s a crazy kind of love and that’s why this episode is on the list.
  2. Episode 5: This was such a full episode! Bonnie makes it so that Damon can go back even without her…. Stefan and Damon reunite and I always love a brotherly love scene!
  3. Episode 14: this entire Liz Forbes dying thing killed me. Between Damon and Caroline dealing with the fact she is dying and then when she finally passes… so much emotion and so beautifully done.
  4. Episode 15: Liz funeral wrecked me. Damons Eulogy was amazing and then Caroline turning her humanity off was never explored or quite frankly even thought about… I never thought she’d do it. and ALSO Stefan realizing that he does feel something for Caroline.
  5. Episode 17: I put this episode in here because it’s when Momma Salvatore comes into play and while I hated her on many occasions I loved the dynamic of Stefan and Damon interacting with their mother after all this time.
  6. Episode 22: again with the finale. This one was extra bitter sweet because not only was Elena going in the box but Nina was also leaving the show. Her goodbyes with Caroline and Bonnie was insanely emotional and I loved the whole writing everything down in the diary thing… Alaric, Tyler, Jeremy, Matt, Stefan, Damon, everyone had such amazing goodbyes and I’m not sure I didn’t just constantly cry the entire hour! So great.


Season 7. 

We’ve jumped three years into the future and I tried writing this out like I did the rest of the seasons but I ended up confusing myself so I’m just going to list the my favorite moments of season seven not just the episode because this is easier.

  1. Everything Enzo and Bonnie
  2. Caroline getting to be a mother and Alaric getting to be a father and Jos babies being born.
  3. Stefan and Caroline, not being able to be together because she’s under a spell and Stefan can’t touch her, to the spell being broken and they can finally be together.
  4. Caroline calls Stefan but Klaus answers and tells her that he is going to keep Stefan safe and they banter about life. Really wonderful moment and I’m glad we got it in this crossover.



  1. The finale when Damon and Enzo get taken by Sybil


Season 8:

First of all I LOVE that they named all the episodes in honor of phrases or words that were said in the start of the show.

  1. Episode 2: This is one of my favorites because it’s the first time Stefan proposes to Caroline and she accepts.
  2. Episode 4: Damon kills Tyler which sucks but I picked this episode because of Matt’s raw emotion of knowing his best friend is dead. Great job by Zach here.
  3. Episode 11. Stefan kills Enzo. I cried like a bitch because I love Enzo but Bonnie also made Stefan human and that was something I didn’t see coming!
  4. Episode 14: this is my favorite episode of the whole season so far, it brought out such a raw emotion for me considering how invested I am in the show and I haven’t felt that way that strongly in a while. Everything from believing that Damon was dead to bonnie saving him to Stefan killing cade, so amazing.
  5. Episode 15: this will always hold a special place in my heart because this is the episode that Stefan and Caroline actually got married. I didn’t even think the ceremony would happen because of Katherine and they were actually able to go through with the whole thing, when you are so invested in two characters on a show like this its rare you get this high of an accomplishment to happen and I’m super happy it did. I also loved that the twins were able to protect themselves and bonnie when Kelly Vicki and Katherine tried to destroy everyone, those twins are certainly something special.




Tomorrow is the season finale. And I’m certainly not ready and I never will be. I can’t imagine how it’ll end and I’ve done everything that I can to make sure I don’t accidentally read anything that might spoil anything because I was to be completely surprised and destroyed by this finale. I’m both extremely nervous but also super excited for Tomorrows episode.


P.S. these videos that I shared I found while searching on youtube. These are not mine, credit goes to each person who made these, all of which I envy cause I’m not technically savy enough to figure out how to even put a video on youtube… maybe one day 😉


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