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If you’re a TVD fan theres always the question are you Stelena or Delena… I’m one of the very few people who loved BOTH. When I started watching TVD I loved it because I loved Stefan and Elena. I loved watching them fall in love… and many might call me a traitor for this BUT as the show went on I started loving Damon and Elena even more, with that said I realized that Stefan deserved better… and that’s where my love of Stefan and Caroline came to be…. and yes, I liked the Klaus and Caroline affair as well! I’m a hopeless Romantic and that’s why I think it’s hard to pick side or be totally against a ship, I just love them all! I wasn’t the biggest fan of Caroline and Matt but they were definitely cute, I loved Caroline and Tyler even more than I realized I did at the time. I loved Alarics pairings with Jenna and Jo. I loved Bonnie and Jeremy and when that ended I absolutely fell in love with Bonnie and Enzo. Matt and Rebekah was definitely a relationship I wish we could have seen more of!

Here’s some of my favorite scenes with my favorite TVD Couples!

Stefan and Elena


I truly think Stefan and Elena relationship made me love TVD more than I ever would have without it. He was exactly what she needed at the time no one can ever deny that.





“Thank you for bumping into time that day in the hallway. I thought I’d never be happy again, and then, and then i met you. You changed everything for me… you… you quite literally saved my life.”



Damon and Elena


Oh sweet sweet forbidden Delena. As bad as I felt for Stefan through season two and three, with all he’d gone through, I couldn’t stop myself from falling in love with Delena.


Rose: You’re too young, you don’t see what i see. It’s not just the she brings out the best in him. He changes her, challenges her, surprises her. Damon’s either the best thing for her or the worst.”

“I like you now, just the way you are” This has been the name of my tumblr for as long as I can remember, so in love with everything about this scene.



Image result for damon and elena quotes season 4 because you are my life

This is one of my favorite TVD moments in all 8 seasons. It was incredible.


Stefan and Caroline


In the moments that Stefan and Caroline grew closer and closer I knew that Caroline was who Stefan was suppose to be with and vise versa.


“Caroline, you’ve been my friend my conscience, y sounding board. You saw light when all I saw was darkness.You saved me from despair. You told me once that I would fall back in love without realizing it and that’s what happened. Day by day, bit by bit, year by year… with you”


“I have a lifetime of work to do to make things right. but, i can’t imagine doing it without you. being human means i get to grow old with my best friend, means i get to help my wife raise her two beautiful children and their children after that, means i get to fight to bet hem an that you deserve until the day that i die. I love you. Will you marry me?”



” I think a part of me has ben ready for this day since the moment i first saw you. the new mystery guy in the hallway at school.”


Klaus and Caroline

  • I know they we’re in an actual relationship but their antics were too much not to talk about here!


Talk about a forbidden romance. Klaus did everything in his power to seduce Caroline and she did everything in her power to avoid it. It was almost like a game of cat and mouse, which made it so enjoyable to watch. You wondered if Caroline was ever going to give in and eventually she did and while it was only a short scene it was worth the wait.


Jeremy and Bonnie


What was their ship name? Beremy right? I can’t remember. Anyways, This relationship was so sweet. Falling in love with you best friends brother/ sisters best friend is always a fun dynamic to explore I think and It was such a sweet relationship.


Bonnie and Enzo


Man if there was ever a relationship that I fell madly in love with quickly it was Benzo. It took Bonnie so long to find true happiness and when she does its with a vampire of all things? Crazy right? Or maybe just perfect.





Caroline and Tyler


If I truly shipped anyone with Caroline other than Stefan realistically it would have been Tyler. The way she helped him through being a werewolf was incredible to watch and to see him so different around her than he ever was before was great to see. She definitely made him a better man.


Alaric and Jo & Alaric and Jenna


I never thought I’d like to see Alaric with anyone other than Jenna until Jo Parker came around. It was always so sad to see Alaric fall so deep in love only to have it ripped away though…. Both of them dying terribly, Alaric sure got to short end of the romance stick didn’t he….


Caroline and Matt


While not my favorite couple, they definitely were cute to watch and had some sweet moments.


Matt and Rebekah


These two characters are so different its impossible to think they’d be a good pairing but instead they were perfect or at least so I thought. Talk about opposites attracting. I REALLY wish we could have seen more of them.



No matter what “ship” you love for the ones you don’t, TVD was always good at making you fall in love with watching characters fall in love with one another. You loved watching them lust after one another, go through their ups and down and be perfectly imperfect.

Let me end with the gif and quote I used as the header for this post. I’m sure i’m not the only person who, in their real lives, wants a love that consumes them, with a little passion and adventure… maybe without the danger though 😉






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