WWE Fastlane Thoughts…

​WWE Fastlane Thoughts….

I almost didn’t write this. I didn’t see a point of writing about something that was so dreadful to watch but then I changed my mind and decided yes it sucked but let me explain why I think this was NOT how you go into wrestlemania. I got an email from the “wwe fan council” as I do after most PPVs, asking my opinions on the matches and such and for the first time 90% of my answers were poor or fair and when I was asked to pick my favorite part I had to seriously think about it, when usually I have at least one thing I loved.

  •     First of all I could not be less enthusiastic about Goldberg being our Universal Champion. Let me explain. 
  1.     He’s only the champion so he and Brock have something to fight for in their wrestlemania match.
  2.     Owens is a damn good champion and a damn good wrestler and one of the best guys they have and he did not deserve to lose in 22 to Goldberg.
  3.     It’s not that I’m necessarily angry that Goldberg is champion… I’m angry because of how and why he’s the champion. If they allowed Goldberg and Owens to have  REAL match, maybe I’d be less angry and NO Jericho causing the distraction does not make this better. While I’m excited to see Jericho vs Owens at Wrestlemania, It doesn’t fix this. Owens and Jericho should be the ones fighting at mania for the Universal Title, not Brock and Goldberg.  
  •     Throwing in randomness like Jinder and Rusev fighting for singles matches…. that is not for a PPV that is for an episode of Monday Night Raw.. which honestly that is exactly what fastlane felt like… another episode of Raw… and definitely not a good one. oh AND Cesaro is a main event guy, he has been for such a long time and I still can’t figure out why he isn’t in the main event picture. Rusev is more of a main event guy than the crap they have him doing now… it’s a total waste of both talents… even Sheamus is being wasted.
  •     Cruiserweight matches are always good. The cruiserweight divison is amazing, filled with incredible talent. I wish the matches felt more like the CWC and not toned down like they seem to be. I’m glad that Neville retained, not because I dont like Jack, because I do he’s one of my favorites, but becasue there have been many cruiserweight champions already since it debuted… also would love to see Jack and Neville get another match at wrestlemania.  The tag team kick off match was great as well. Tozawa and Swann are such a pleasure for me to watch anytime they’re in the ring.

  •     I’ll admit I didn’t pay much attention to the Gallows/Anderson vs Enzo/Cass match. It just didn’t have my attention. Enzo and Cass should have been champions a long time ago and when them moment happens I’ll be incredibly happy for them but I think WWE really dropped the ball here, coming right from NXT they were on fire and while the crowd still loves them, and I still like them, it’s obvious many of the WWE Universe is starting to turn the other way and you can’t blame them. I’m glad Gallows and Anderson retained this time, I hope in the weeks leading to Mania they’re booked as the champions they deserve to be and the Raw Tag Team division can shine at Wrestlemania.
  •     Roman vs Braun was actually an incredibly good match. They work really well together and both men should get more credit. I didn’t expect Roman to win but I’m not mad at it. It’s a loss Braun can easily come back from and if Roman is going to face Taker at mania he needs that momentum to make it believable.  Right?

  •     Charlotte vs Bayley was a good match. It was clear they both were FIGHTING for something which is something a lot of matches lack lately. I am disappointed that Charlottes PPV streak was ended the way it was. I thought they’d find a loophole, make the match end in DQ’d so she’d still win the match but not the championship…. to build up the PPV Streak and then have it end at a lack luster PPV like fastlane in a lack luster way… disappointing.  

  •     Samoa Joe vs Sami kicked off the PPV with an outstanding match. I’d love to see more from these two. I  love that Sami wasn’t squashed, that he was able to give Joe a run for his money and I also love that Zayn passed out and didn’t tap out. Good stuff with this one.
  •    Sasha absolutely needed that win over Nia. If she didn’t win her momentum would be even lower than it already was and if the fatal four for the womens titel is happening at mania, Sasha would look AWFUL going into it, and while she’s not my favorite, she’s better than that.  & my girl Nia will come back angrier which is really working for her! 

At this point it is almost impossible to think that Wrestlemania is in less than a month. It is almost impossible to believe that Raw and SDLive are both apart of the same company when they  couldn’t be more different. Never have I been so uninterested in a PPV that I didn’t even bother to hook my laptop up to the TV. I watched Harry Potter for the BILLIONTH time last night because I was more interested in that being on TV than I was the PPV playing on my laptop next to me. I’m PRAYING that Raw figures it’s shit out in the next few weeks. Raw has the talent they just have to do something with them or else you might as well call Wrestlemania the Smackdown exclusive PPV because that’s all Myself and probably a good amount of the WWE universe are going to be caring about.

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