WWE Fastlane Predictions! 

Considering this is the last PPV before wrestlemania I should be more excited for this… I’m most certainly not & its a shame BUT nonetheless here’s my predictions! 🙄 

Kickoff Match. 

Tozawa & Cedric all the way. 👏 

While I don’t understand why this match needs to happen again… Sasha losing again wouldn’t be a good idea… I’ll be rooting for Nia because she’s my girl but I think Sasha finds a way to with. 

Really looking forward to this match actually. I love Gallagher but I like the whole Neville at the top of the mountain thing so I’m good with whoever wins here. I say Gallagher & then Neville gets at WM Rematch? 👌 

I wrote before that I hate the way the tag champs have been portrayed these last weeks… So weak and its a damn shame. Its almost like if Enzo and Cass did win on Sunday it wont be as special as it would be if Gallows and Anderson had been being portrayed as the badasses they should have been. BUT with that said Enzo and Cass should have been champions a LONG time ago so in rooting for them. 😉

This one is tricky. While I like Charlotte better as champion, I don’t want the back and forth hot potato business again… So I’m just going to enjoy the match and not worry about who wins. 

I’m expecting Undertaker to cost Roman this match. Sets up Mania and keeps both men looking strong… I’m looking forward to this because I think Braun and Romans work lately has been great. Should be a great match. 

These two have had a great build up since Rollins got re injured. Definitely looking forward to this one. A part of me is hoping Cesaro gets involved giving Sami the win and sets up Cesaro and Joe to have a real feud because the match on Raw was not what they deserved. 

I do not want Owens to lose but we all know its happening. Whether Jericho gets involved or not I can’t imagine this match lasting very long which is a shame because I think Owens and Bill could put on a pretty decent match. 


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