TVD: The Original Family

Oh The Original Family!


How do you have a TVD Celebration without a post on the Original Family?!


Such an important part of the Vampire Diaries, gave SO MUCH history to Stefan and to Katherine, and history of “vampires” in general. Season three is one of my favorite seasons of TVD mostly impart to the fact that the Original family was in full force. They were so good they got their own spin off which has proved to have been an amazing decision and it’s such an incredible show!

Here’s some of my favorite Original Family quotes an gifs and reasons why I adore each of them so!



Klaus Mikaelson


  • Talk about a twisted soul… twisted but beautiful. He’s exactly the character that you’re suppose to dispise but you just can’t, you end up loving him instead ( or at least 99.9% of the time). Joseph Morgan does an out of this world job with this character and truly makes Klaus Mikaelson come to life.





Rebekah Mikaelson

  • I love this character SO MUCH. She loves hard. She fights hard. Nothing is more important to her than her family and he’ll do anything to protect them. You want so badly for Rebekah to find happiness and you’re always rooting for her to come out on top. I love when Claire holt plays her in TVD but also in the Originals she’s played by other people and the character still shines through because she is wonderfully written…. But make so mistake Claire Holt is Rebekah Mikaelson and always will be.



Elijah Mikaelson 


  • Definitely my favorite of all the Original Family members.
  • He’s so proper and classy yet troubled. He’ll wear a suit and kill you in in when his family is in danger. He wants love as much as you want him to find it but he believes he’s never good enough, or too dangerous and pushes it away.  Daniel Gillies brings such a unique class to Elijah.




Kol Mikaelson 


  • Oh sassy Kol, he is exactly what a little brother should be portrayed as. He’s cocky and annoying yet you love him anyways. We’ve seen other people play Kol on the Originals show but no one does it quite like Nate Buzolic, I think once you’re the original person to play a character like this, it’s hard for anyone else to do it, it’s the same thing with Claire Holt playing Rebekah, she was the first and brought the character to life which makes Nate and Claire have a special meaning to the characters.57e336972be4f27715cc63e8e193c985


Finn Mikaelson


  • I really did not care for Finn. I tried too but I just didn’t care for him. He was an important part of the family though because without him Esthers early plans would not have even come close to happening.





Esther Mikaelson


  • The Original witch. I liked her A LOT. I thought the concept of a witch turning her family into vampires because she was so desperate not to lose them is great. I think it’s also great that she realized how big of a mistake she made because she was only seeing the good that could come from it not that bad. Witches maintain order and Vampires disrupt that. Very cool concept that the Original Witch, is the witch who made the first family of vampires.



Mikael Mikaelson

  • Again what a great concept. A father who helped to turn his family into vampires, ( himself included) but then began to hate what he did so he decided to become a hunter to hunt the very creatures that he created… his own family and anyone who was made because of them. Sebastian Roche is such an OUTSTANDING actor and played the part so beautifully!




Thank goodness for this crazy, insane, diabolical, amazing Mikaelson Family huh? 😉




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