Raw & Smackdown review! 

Raw and SDLive 2/27 & 2/28 

 I’m going to start this weeks review backwards because how do I not start with the way SD Live ended?!?!?! 

Thanks @/totaldivaseps for this gif I found on tumblr!

In all the years I’ve been watching, and all the years and all the promos and stories that Randy Orton has done… this was probably his best work… like ever. AND BRAY WYATT give this man an Oscar… no seriously… his emotion was spot on, so dramatic and so good and Randy was so vindictive and crazy and ugh, I was like mesmerized, I couldn’t even blink, I have goosebumps just relieving it in my head. Cannot wait to see where this goes. 

The other amazingness on smackdown live? Lets see. 

How about that Miz TV huh? Holy shit. Miz has always been good and I’ve said before that this past year he has seriously exploded and it’s been a wonder to watch. 

I thought I was going to hate the idea of this mix tag at wrestlemania business… I thought yeah I like all four participants, but is it really meant for Mania.. SD maybe but Mania… nah. Last night MIGHT have changed that. Miz and Cenas animosity toward each other, Nikki and Maryse real life problems, as well as their eagerness to defend their man, I think I’m going to like this.

 I got so hyped when Nikki came out after Maryse slapped John… they do this right and this can really be something special… and even wrestlemania worthy. 

Styles vs Harper was a great match. Harper doing drop kicks and suicide dives are some of my favorite things about him. I’m SHOCKED that Styles won and I wish that it didn’t look like Styles and Shane was actually happening but none of that takes away from a really good match. I just wonder what is next for Harper, he was on such a role and I hope it continues regardless of the loss.

I’m so fired up for Ambrose vs Corbin and if I get it anytime before Mania I’m going to be angry. I know it’s a month away and that’s 30 days of them just fighting with words maybe a few brawls but no match. These guys have the potential to have one INCREDIBLE wrestlemania match, something Dean hasn’t been allowed to yet and something that could do wonders for Corbins young career. It can be for the title… I wouldn’t care who won, I just want the match. 

 Apollo vs Dolph was decent. It was quite the change to see Apollo be the one to do the sneak attack and it was welcomed as well. It’s the first real feud that Apollo has had and he’s had a great chance to show off. His agility and talent were on full display and although he lost the match it didn’t take anything away from the performance he gave.  

The only thing I’m slightly upset with was the 2 out of 3 falls match between Mickie and Becky. I don’t know if its because I hyped them both up too much, or what, but I just wasn’t satisfied, I expected more. It just seemed lack luster and it shouldn’t have been given the talent that both of them possess.  

Nattie and Alexa had a brief moment and I’d love more than anything that it means Nattie is getting thrown into the title picture with Alexa. I’d love more than anything for this year to be Natties year to hold a championship again.   

John and Nikki will face Carmella and James next week, It’ll be a good way to see how Nikki and John work as a team and more opportunity for progression as Miz and Maryse could interfere.  

Really good smackdown over all, I’m going to a show on the 21st and with the way the show is going I’m over the moon excited.  
On to Monday Night Raw.  

Graves interviewing Rollins was great. Graves did a great job and Rollins emotion was so real. We were left still completely unsure of anything except for the fact that Rollins was pissed off. HHH coming to the ring to mock him was excellent. No matter what anyone says HHH can still throw out a hell of a promo… he’s incredible. HHH and Rollins chemistry is so good and I for one am hoping that Rollins ends up being okay and can fight at mania… and well If no theirs plenty of PPVs for Rollins to #slaytheking  

Braun and Romans contract signing was pretty good. Scary when the top rope broke and snapped back at Reigns though… ouch. Fastlane is on Sunday and I’m not all that excited for it… oddly enough I’m looking forward to this match over most of the rest because their build has been interesting.  

Joe vs Cesaro… This is what I stayed awake for if I’m being honest. It didn’t do what I was expecting. This also should have been a match that should have had a real feud attached… it should have been built up and then executed. They have history, they’re incredible athletes and I think they did it too soon.

  Sami always reaches so high when going after someone he doesn’t care how big they are he gives them everything he has and at Fastlane I’m interested to see how it all goes down. 

The only thing I cared about in the womens tag team match was the fact that Nia was the one that got the pin on Bayley… It makes me so angry that that’s all I cared about… I should care about all the women talent and everything they’re doing but it’s just the same thing over and over and I get it they only have five women but in all honest SDLive had six to start with, Alexa and Carmella being completely new to the roster and they have made it all work. I want Raw to succeed with its womens division just like SDLive does and that’s what makes me so angry. 

Everything else on Raw…? Eh. Goldberg and Owens was good but just eh. The obnoxious amount of Oscar jokes was SO ANNOYING. I’m always glad when Xavier Woods gets to be in the match and gets the pin so that was good. 

Steph and Mick backstage all just leads up to Mick leaving the GM position I assume but I don’t care enough about that either. Both cruiserweight matches were good but they seemed rushed and just fill ins and I hate that. The match doesn’t have to be 20 minutes, with crazy spots but it can have a little more spunk or something to it.  Big Cass getting the pin on Gallows was great momemtum for them but it also squashes the champions for the third week in a row so if Enzo and Cass did win on Sunday it’s great that they are champions but Gallows and Anderson look like chumps which they most definitely are not. Titus vs Sheamus was blah. Big Show vs the shining stars was fine, I always like seeing Big show… that’s about it. I almost think that Beth Phoenix video package for her HOF Induction was the best part of Raw… 

FastLane is on Sunday it’s the last PPV for both brands before wrestlemania and I just don’t think Raw is going to hit it home… but I guess we’ll see. Predictions should be up Saturday night or Sunday Morning! 


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