Stefan and Damon. Stefan and Damon.

How about the other men huh?


Jeremy, Matt, Tyler, and Alaric are so extremely important to the show and they all had amazing storylines. The werewolf turned hybrid, the little brother turned hunter, the history teacher, turned hunter, and the human who stayed human. They all had little stories inside the big story and they were SO FUN to watch play out. I loved how we got to watch Jeremy go from a punk stoner kid to a vampire hunter, seeing Alaric become so many things, a teacher, a hunter, a vampire, a serial killer, a father, Tyler going from a complete dick to a wolf to a hybrid, and matt, the boy next door who managed to stay human in an entire world of supernatural beings.

At this point in the show, Tyler is dead and I honestly didn’t expect to be as sad about it as I ended up being when it happened! Matt is thankfully still human and a Sherrif… It’s so perfect. Jeremy is gone to “art school” which is code for hunting vamps, I honestly forgot about this… til right now… he’s died to many times… BUT i’m glad that I remembered he isn’t! And Alaric is a vampire hunter, supernatural fighting, badass father. It’s incredible. Not to mention all their crazy friendships and relationships, but that’s another post I have planned next week!

Here are a couple of my favorite gifs and quotes from the boys!


I say this in my head to myself at LEAST once a day. Sometimes it’s a persons biggest battle, and someday it’s mine.





This could not be MORE TRUE.


Elena and Jer are SO similar in this sense.




Hope. I think hope is what a LOT of TVD is based around, Don’t you think? Hope for love, hope for family, hope for life, hope for friendship, hope for survival.

Thank you Matt Davis, Steven R. McQueen, Zach Roerig, and Michael Trevino for bringing these characters to life.




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