The Glamazon ❤ 

Beth freaking Phoenix is going into the WWE hall of fame! This is particularly exciting for me for a few reasons, one being this is, as of right now, the first person to enter the HOF that I can actually say I grew up watching. I’m a late bloomer I didn’t start watching WWE until 6 years ago. While I’ve watched tapes and matches of all the wrestlers that came before I started watching Beth was one of the women ( along side Natalya) that I got hooked on the moment I started watching WWE TV. I was 17 years old, I wasn’t skinny by any means like the rest of the Divas… And then there was Beth Phoenix, fit & strong & beautiful & kicking everyones butt. She was the first women that made me realize that muscles were cool. She made me realize that being skinny wasn’t the goal being fit was. I’ve had ups and downs through out my fitness journey and I’m no where near where I want to be but because of Beth Phoenix I have the goal to be strong and be fit and especially when I was 17, that was so important. 

Anyways enough about ME let’s talk about HER! 

Beth Phoenix was breaking the mold before anyone knew it was possible to do. The things she was able to accomplish at a time where the women weren’t as respected or given time as they are now is incredible. I cannot even imagine what she could do in today women’s division. 

Beth was apart of the first Womens I quit match with Melina and the womens first ever tables match teaming with Nattie against Laycool, we think that Charlotte and Sasha in HIAC and Nikki and Nattie in no DQ matches are a big deal now, Beth being apart of those matches THEN was even bigger. 

Beth has three womens championships, a divas championship, diva of the year slammy award & a participant in the 2010 royal rumble under her belt. She’s had feuds with the likes of Kelly Kelly, Eve, Laycool and Melina as well as a kick ass partnership with Natalya labeling themselves the Divas of Doom 💪 

The GlamSlam is still, to this day, one of my favorite moves & when she gave one to Eve off the top rope… Damn. 

Beths HOF induction makes her the youngest HOF as well as the fastest female to be inducted after retirement. 

In my opinion Beth was the womens revolution before anyone even knew there was a revolution to be had. As I said before the thought her Beth being apart of today’s womens division gives me goosebumps and I wish it was something we could see. 

As far as I’m concerned it was PERFECT for Beth’s finale match be against Natalya. 

I couldn’t be happier and more excited to watch Beth be inducted into the HOF next month. She is beyond deserving and most certainly had herself a hell of a career. 

I was lucky enough to see Beth in the ring one time back in 2011 & I’m grateful for it. 🙄 


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